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Farm Living for the Commonwealth

Big shout out to Phoenix 46 - without his help the bug report had a lot more potential.
Thanks Buddy!!

In the screenshots, I used Kraggle's Structures for leveling the terrain. Very handy mod and it also includes an extensive pier set that compliments the pier shacks well. Download his mod here

Also in the screenshots, if you like the look of the textures I'm also running Sweet HD FO4 by kkthebeast which can be downloaded  here

And lastly, this mod now requires Settlement Menu Manager to install which can be downloaded here

Please read description and change log in it's entirety before installing!!
This mod has been reworked with many changes. If you're in the middle of a play through and don't want to lose any work - wait til next time to update. Primarily this affects the colored wall sections as every form ID has changed. If you don't mind some rebuilding download and have fun!

What's included:

  1. All the barn pieces from the Far Harbor DLC as well as approximately 100 - 120 new pieces including more roof options, haylofts, extra deco items, etc.
  2. Options to build red, bare wood, green, or white barns.
  3. Full greenhouse set matching each of the above.
  4. Pier shacks with a few added additions with correct snapping.
  5. Stalls, interior walls, hog pen - in other words barn stuff.
  6. Balconies, stairs, fence and railing as well as supports
  7. Concrete and wood flooring
  8. 19 different fascia and wall cut pieces to fill any gap.
  9. Everything has been navmeshed, tested, has navcuts and collisions.
  10. For every windowed wall, there is an unbroken version.
What's not included:

Anything that doesn't have dick-all to do with a barn.

Install/ Location
To install, just download via NMM. To remove just delete it from your load order. SMM takes care of removal and protects your menu.
This is now located in the main build menu.

*There are chickens and rabbits included in the deco menu. They pretty much are harmless unless you shoot one. Then they're still harmless but   settlers will wipe them out. Yields you a chicken breast for the slaughter.
* The main crossbeam snaps to the tops of walls and floors. Much easier to place if you do it first then floors to it.
* Trim corner pieces for the walls can be found in the support menu as well as inside corner trim.
* The shingled sets have been removed and will remain that way unless there is an overwhelming request to put them back in.
* See the change log for all additions and changes.
* Auto doors patch in the optional file section.