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About this mod

Warehouses Extended is a complete warehouse and industrial build set. This adds over 600 pieces to your workshop with numerous variations of the warehouse pieces in the game, over 30 pieces of machinery, snapping pipe system, new electrical configuration, frames, and much more.

Permissions and credits

Warehouse Extension set
Complete Industrialization for your settlement

As of version 3.01.01, this now requires Settlement Menu Manager to function.
See sticky post and change log for more details.

For anyone that has asked for a clean version of this mod, check out this mod from Phoenix46

Now you can build your own train yard and depot, waterfront shipping and storage, and warehouses only limited by your imagination!

This will add over 300 400 500 items to your warehouse menu, including over 100 different wall options - Everything seen in the game, plus much more, is now craft-able. See photo section for some examples of what is possible, and all completely compatible with the current warehouse menu. (Note - The DLC roof pieces use a different pitch than the vanilla roofs.)

What's Included

- Complete warehouse build set with many additions.
- Floors, stairs, railings, and basement levels.
- Unique cinder block build menu. *NEW* Thanks to bobblunderton for the ideas!
- Three complete railroad track systems and train cars*NEW*
-  Industrial machinery, almost 40 pieces altogether
- Pipe set and electrical conduit set - all snapping and made to fit anywhere.
- Greenhouse
- Many, many other pieces too numerous to list. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself.

To install, download with your mod manager, create a fresh save, and it will install when you start your game. To uninstall,
simply disable in your mod manager and uninstall. That's it! Thanks SMM!

Please remember to endorse if you enjoy it so that others will see it.


  • The menu is at the end of the build menu
  • There are a couple of pictures where the wharf has Support poles - The poles were removed so it didn't look as "uniform"
  • It is easier to set your tracks, then place gravel mounds underneath in the Railroad menu. Gravel now included with the track.
  • The mega loader and bucket loader are animated, but with no real function. The loader can be placed and used as an elevator, but that's all for now. Will do something in the future with them.
  • I tried to come up with every combination of wall and roof pieces to make it as flexible as possible, but if someone has an idea or sees a need (within reason) for additional pieces I'll put them in.
  • Everything is navmeshed, has collisions and navcuts, and uses the same snap points as the DLC warehouse pieces.
  • There are some set dressing pieces that are already in the WS menu, but I included for convenience. 
  • The large warehouse doors with the doorway cut out are not animated.
  • If you enjoy, please endorse.

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