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Hate wires? Here are a few of the basic and DLC workshop items converted to use wireless power.

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Hate wires? Here are a few of the basic and DLC workshop items converted to use wireless power. (An old version with just basic items is still available.)

NOTE: Uses Settlement Menu Manager.

~~~Wireless Items Available~~~
Lightbox - cannot be controlled by a terminal, cannot be programmed, uses power, does not use 1 power per light though
Construction Light - toggle off/on manually by player

Terminal - cannot be used to control wired items (you cannot wire to it - useful for holotapes though)

Laser Turret
Shotgun Turret
Spotlight Turret
Heavy Laser Turret
Missile Turret

Large Water Purifier
Industrial Water Purifier

Settlement Recruitment Beacon

All items use an extra 1 copper/1 ceramic over what the vanilla items use.

~~~Wireless DLC Items Available~~~
Tiny Lightbox (as above)
Street Lights (x3)
PA Display Stands (x4)
Marquee Sign

Vault-Tec Population Management System

Water Pump

Decontamination Arch

In your Powered items, at the end of the menu, is the new Wireless Workshop section. This holds the lot: lights, terminals, turrets, resources, and settlement objects.

~~~Suggested Companion Mod~~~
Not mine, yet very handy: PCPO - Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul

Uninstall and revert to an earlier save. If you must uninstall and do not want to go back to an earlier save:

Since it uses SMM for the workshop menu you should be able to uninstall this mod without major problems. If you have workshop menu issues after uninstalling, see the Settlement Menu Manager FAQ for how to use that to fix issues with menus.

Make sure to scrap items provided by this mod before uninstalling.

~~~Modpack Users~~~
Talk with the modpack maker.