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Old SCOLs or Static Collections I put together when I was first learning how to mod. Some folks liked the design of these things & while they're only for direction, requested them for their settlements.

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So I started out as a PS4 player on launch & worked with what I could given the limitations when we eventually did get mods. About two years later, by the time I needed to buy a new PC anyway, I decided to keep playing on PC & start modding. And while I knew these things wouldn't necessarily work, I decided to cobble together these SCOLs for PS4 players because it was something you could get away with on PS4.

Now granted, these are very rough static collections of random pieces I found as I was just starting to learn how to mod. They are a bit resource heavy. If you don't have place anywhere, some of them are a pain in the ass to place. But, people saw them & requested them anyway. And so I decided to offer it as an additional plugin to my Kuro Tab mod.

You'll need Kuro Tab (higher in your load order than this) for them to show up as Add-ons in the back of its menu. Enjoy!