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81 new settlement objects: brewery/distillery, dirty water, oil, refined nuclear waste. Includes 2 cooking stations (no perk required), several styles of planters, several farmland layouts, 6 hydroponic misters that tend nearby plants (pick every 24 hours), and several planters (some are Creative Clutter compatible).

Permissions and credits
~~~ Note ~~~

Version 7 - Updated for NextGen. Recompiled scripts and repacked into ba2 archives.

Version 6 - added 4x new fertilizer plots and now has a new menu option (at the end of the Wasteland Resources menu) that allows regular food crops to be planted in any settlement (including Home Plate etc).

Version 1.5 - Finally fixed a workshop crash for XBox, made the brew-stations more "brew-like".

Version 1.3 - (hopefully) Fixes a workshop crash for XBox, adds Creative Clutter snap points to the Garden Gate and Walled Garden farm plots.

Version 1.2 - Allows Creative Clutter plants to be rotated to any angle, added the missing meshes for the clean/dirty water buckets.

Version 1.1 - You may need to rebuild your settlement menu if not everything is visible (from the Settlement Menu Manager holotape).

~~~ Overview ~~~

Several workshop craftable items for your settlements. These can: gather common wasteland materials, convert leftover food and water to alcohol, create fertilizer, allow pickable plants without settlers, etc etc etc. Some of the original items have been toned-back in output because they were too overpowered.

Here's the categories and what you can build - there are many new items and categories now:

Brewing (ferment some leftover crops from the workbench - better'n dirty water):
* beer (homebrew ftw!)
* Gwinnet (the brewmeister spread the recipes):
** ale
** brew
** lager
** pale ale
** pilsner
** stout
* wine (made from tarberries - for the Upper Stands elite, mmmm!)

Distilling (the generators can run on the heads, "white lightning" is what you drink):
* bourbon (...sorta...)
* moonshine (the Bobrov's are running a bar, not making 'shine)
* rum (rumor has it that Navy rum was alcohol-free - see for yourself)
* vodka (made from tato's)
* whiskey (aged in really old barrels)

Dirty Water (it beats dying of thirst):
* rain catcher
* dirty water pump
* dirty water pump - powered
* dirty water refinery
* bucket of clean water (you can drink from it)
* bucket of dirty water (you can drink from it)

Junk Stuff:
* cooking pot (outdoor cooking station - no perk requirements)
* enamel cooking pot (cooking in a battered enamel bucket - what could possibly go wrong?)
* compost heap (turn it over every couple days - plenty of fertilizer)
* rendering station (leftover animal flesh and fats render to cooking oil)
* oil pump (pumping up the dregs from an old oil well)

Farms (new):
* several long and wide farms (suitable for external placement)
* a walled brick gate with planting areas and snap-points
* a walled brick garden with planting areas and snap-points

Greenhouse (new):
* two greenhouse tables
* several base-game greenhouse planters with plants in them
* 3 Vault-81 greenhouse planters with plants in them (if you complete the Vault 81 quest in a good way)

Planters (filled with dirt for planting):
* garden plot (decorated)
* greenhouse planter
* greenhouse planter (decorated)
* retaining wall planter
* retaining wall planter (decorated)
* metal planter
* metal planter (decorated)
* circular metal planter
* circular metal planter (decorated)
* narrow planter
* narrow planter (decorated)
* sidewalk planter
* sidewalk planter (decorated)

Hydroponics (sorta new, no settlers required - player can pick every 24 hours - the Vault-Tec and Institute ones have larger area):
* three on metal pole (basic blue, Vault-Tec red, Institute grey)
* three mountable on wall (basic blue, Vault-Tec red, Institute grey)

Hydroponic Bays (from Far Harbor - new):
* four hydroponic bays (these have Creative Clutter snap-points in them)

Refinery for nuclear waste (why dump that crud back in the water? store it for later use!):
* Nuclear Refinery
* Nuclear Refinery - Industrial

Furniture (repurposed junk from around the wastelands - new):
* free-standing safe (Do It Yourshelf compatible)
* wall-safe
* safes with the door pried off, filled with dirt (Creative Clutter compatible)
* wall shelf with light (Do It Yourshelf compatible - though a bit narrow)
* two busted-out TVs with a fire built inside them (settlers should warm their hands at them)
* two Institute bench planters (can't sit - Creative Clutter compatible)
* two Institute seats (can sit - Creative Clutter compatible)

~~~ Requirements ~~~

Far Harbor
Nuka World
Wasteland Workshop
Workshop Framework (optional yet highly recommended)
Settlement Menu Manager

~~~ Brewing and Distilling Note ~~~

This requires excess food and water at the settlement where the item is placed. You don't need to assign a settler (the process of brewing and distilling is mostly passive). If you don't have enough excess at the settlement (this mod does not check supply lines) then you don't get anything that day.

~~~ Gathering Note ~~~

Unlike the vanilla resource system, there is no cap to what is gathered. If you go nuts with several compost heaps you'll find fertilizer piling up. Ditto for dirty water, oil, and nuclear waste.

If you go too crazy with things, you might end up with such a glut that it's a problem. Never fear - use my Shipments Expanded mod to turn some of that excess into shipments and sell them at a profit! If you get really cray-cray - a few hundreds of items in a settlement - the CTDs are entirely on you. Note that this shouldn't be a real problem, the mod uses it's own custom resource-generation script.

~~~ Settlement Attacks / Turning Off Production / Sitting ~~~

Several of the items are destructible, like the base pumps and water purifiers in the game. Repair as normal. They can also be turned off and on - for the breweries and distilleries, store in your workshop if you don't want them eating up your excess resources.

Several items have sitting / other animations that your settlers should use when idling. Most of these you can sit and "T) Wait" as normal.

~~~ Plant Mods ~~~

The hydroponic misters will function with base game and DLC foods, both normal and wild. If Creative Clutter (Bethesda.net) is installed, the small food-producing plants will also be affected.

~~~ Credits ~~~

The following people helped in many ways (advice, doing things for this mod, scripting, teaching):

1000101 (E)
Captain Coots

If I've missed you, give me the heads-up and I'll add you in.

~~~ Known Bugs ~~~

Player home settlements like Home Plate do cause the script some issues. You might have been out wandering for days, yet plants in here quite often won't be ready for harvesting when you get back.

Sleep for 1 hour - that seems to kickstart it. I'm still trying to figure why there's an issue.

~~~ F.A.Q. ~~~

Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall and revert to an earlier save.

Q: Some of the items look very similar?
A: That's due to my beginner kitbashing skills. I'll improve them over time and try to make these better-quality assets.

Q: Why'd you release it now then?
A: Because otherwise I'll be nit-picking everything until the Brahmin come home and it'll never get released. I'm also aware of some people looking for the hydroponics and alcohol items.

Q: Can these things be destroyed?
A: Some of them, yes. Not all the destroyed animations are working right as yet. However, damaged items will not produce resources.

Q: Some of the animations are a bit stuck?
A: Working on that. Hit W or E to get out of them, as per normal.

Q: XBox? And stuff on BethNet?
A: Here.

XBox on BethNet

PC on BethNet