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An ESP replacer that gives Adobe House Kit its own workshop menu. No more conflicts and all items in one place.
Requires Adobe House Kit 1.2 and Settlement Menu Manager.

Permissions and credits

This mod is just a simple ESP plugin replacer that gives
Adobe House Kit (by 
Tookie Jones) its own menu using Settlement Menu Manager. 
If you've tried to use AHK before but the objects didn't show up due to mod conflicts then this may be for you.
If you prefer to have your modded workshop items in their own categories then this may also be for you. 

I made this ESP replacer a long time ago and posted about it on the AHK posts page. 
Lots of people have messages me since then asking about

the SMM replacer. I've tried contacting Tookie Jones and 
offered to send him the ESP so he could upload it as an optional file, but he doesn't seem 
interested as he hasn't responded. 
So I've decided to upload this 'patch' myself. 

Advantages Of Using Settlement Menu Manager

- Fully compatible with other workshop mods
- Doesn't break vanilla menus when uninstalling
- No uninstall item or chem required; just remove the mod and you're done!
- All items are in one place and easy to find

Where To Find

The new Adobe House Kit menu will be at the end of the structures category.
If items are invisible then you did not install Adobe House Kit 1.2 correctly. 

The original mod is needed for the assets. 


Settlement Menu Manager - This must be present in your load order because my patch uses the
SMM scripts to inject the custom AHK menu.

Adobe House Kit - You need the original mod for the assets. Otherwise items will be invisible. 
Contraptions DLC - Required by Adobe House Kit


Install Settlement Menu Manager 0.1.4 as normal.
Install Adobe House Kit 1.2 as normal.
Install my Adobe House Kit - SMM Override and let it REPLACE the 'Adobe House Kit.esp' from the original Adobe House Kit mod. 


Do not try converting to ESL unless you know how to change the script properties for the menu install script.
My plugin already has the ESL record flag so it won't take up a plugin slot.
Changing the file extension to .esl is unnecessary and will result in problems. 


Tookie Jones for Adobe House Kit

cadpnq for Settlement Menu Manager

My cat for never giving up on me
edit: rest in peace little one ;(