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I lead the team for Creative Clutter, have various mods of my own, and provide both support and new content for two mods originally created by other mod authors, Modular Kitchen and Do It Yourshelf, whose creators have retired from modding. I also provide support (not content) for the Sim Settlements community (forums and discord) and Settlement Menu Manager. 


Modding interests: mesh manipulation and level design. I'm terrible at scripting and texturing. I'm interested in learning 3d modeling. I also enjoy helping people learn new modding skills.  At this point I vastly prefer modding to actually playing the game.


Non-modding interests: some gaming, reading, spending time with people I like.  


Modding will: Please contact me by PM on Nexus with any permission requests. Please don't send requests on comments pages as those are too easy to miss. If I am inactive and not responding to PMs on Nexus for more than 30 days you may consider my permission given provided my general rules are still followed:

  • Please do not ever use my content for commercial purposes.
  • Please give credit.
  • Please check the mod page's credits details and check for content I may have used or altered by another mod author, if so you will also need their permission to use those items as well.  
  • Please do not host my content on the Mod Drop site or any future site created by the owner/creator of the current Mod Drop site.
  • If you wish to use items in Creative Clutter specifically and cannot reach me please try reaching all other members of the mod team first before assuming permission. Most likely at the time that the core active members of Creative decide to retire from supporting that mod we will publish specific permissions for that mod at that time and those rules will overrule what I have in my profile here.
  • This profile will is my default minimum requirements. Any additional requirements posted in a modding will on a specific mod page will also need to be met for that particular mod.


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