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For those who think the Institute is missing out on sampling and experimenting on the surface. Here are several snapping Institute build pieces, workbenches, furniture, generators, connectors, decor - the whole shebang of what I could figure a group of Institute researchers would want.

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  • Russian

See the video for a quick run-through of the full kit, the Institute build kit is at the end of the Structures menu. It contains:

* Floors
* Hexagonal Floors (also triangular and diamond)
* Ceilings/Floors
* Hexagonal Ceilings/Floors (also triangular and diamond)
* Walls
* Stairs
* Misc
* Doors (and doorways)
* Partitions
* Furniture
* Power
* Workstations
* Guards
* Specimen Cages

Enjoy creating some Institute Research & Reclamation centers on the surface!


Version 5:
Fix: Flickering/z-fighting on the 3 supported floor-hex pieces
Fix: Broken floor and ceiling snaps which were causing the corners to snap together
Fix: Floors and ceilings now snap properly edge-to-edge

Version 4:
Fix: Bar vendor table
Fix: Workbench appearing in the main workbenches area
New: Lockers
New: Brahmin trough

Version 3:
Fix: Shelf now sticks to walls (and is Do It YourSHELF compatible)
New: Institute stores (very cluttered)
New: More chairs
New: More containers (ammo and medikit boxes)
New: Institute planters (Creative Clutter compatible)

Version 2:
Fix: Floors/ceilings no longer disappear at the edge of vision.
Fix: Floors/ceilings no longer have visible seams when snapped together.
Fix: Brahmin Cage now uses wireless power.
Tweak: Slight change to the model of the Water Condenser.
New: Scavenging Station.
New: Hex floor pieces with supports.
New: Support pillars that snap top and bottom and to the corners of the floor/ceiling pieces.
New: Doors now auto-close after 30 seconds.


Huskaron has made an optional fix so that the glass rooves will stop rain from passing through. Very cool!


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: XBox?
A: Yes:

XBox Version Here

PC Version Here