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Some extra kitbashed floors and ceilings, and extra snap-points upon many vanilla wood/metal build-items.

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I got irritated with some vanilla pieces a while ago, where stuff that *should* snap together - simply didn't. So the outer walkway walls (for example) you couldn't snap steps or balconies or the like to them. Or snap some stairs to themselves, to extend their length. Having the roofs snap only to make exact squares was also irritating.

It was annoying enough that I made a personal set of snapping nif file replacements. (No CK work required for that - they're simply the base game meshes with extra snap-points added.) I've been using them for a while - a little fiddly at times, I got used to it though.

For a while I've been getting irritated with the roof-pieces, too. Why on earth would someone want to look up at thin wooden rafters and rusting, holed metal? And that's the halfway decent pieces, not the ones that're missing a big chunk out of them! And that balcony piece - why does it sit a hair down below the surface of most of the floor pieces? Not something I can fix directly, however it would be possible to make my own custom piece to fix that.

Finally, I thought it would be kinda neat to be able to stack some of this stuff. In the middle, as well as offset to the sides like a big ole makeshift staircase. Also the concrete foundation block - snapping them on top of each other has been a small improvement to building.

I was doing a bit of kitbashing for someone else when Karvoc wondered at the possibility of getting an outer shack wall with a doorway in it. So you can have stairs and stuff going down. I looked at it and said that it would make more sense to rip a whole wall out of one of the pieces, let the player slap whatever doorway or other items into the thing. Basically make a cut-in-half prefab shack piece, open all the way around.

So I did it. This includes a half-prefab piece. Also several floor and roof and balcony pieces which have had wood "nailed" up underneath to form a fairly decent-looking ceiling. Not cruddy plywood though - someone going to this much effort isn't going to slap a chunk of half-rotten ply up to look at. They want a little bit of satisfaction in their work, y'know.

~~~Version 2~~~

Now uses Settlement Menu Manager to put into it's own menu category: Structures > Extra Pieces

New pieces added:
* triangular bridge/floor
* pentagonal bridge/floor
* hexagonal gazebos
* new roof options

I will not vouch for the navmesh always working. While I've done my best, it's a nightmare to deal with.

Video showing the gazebo's off, with walls from CREAtive Gardens:

~~~Where to Find~~~

They're in the vanilla Wood menu area:

* Half-prefab: tail of the prefab section
* Floor/balcony: tail of the floors section
* Roofs: tail of the roofs section
* Greenhouse Roof Valleys: tail of the roofs section
* Extra snap-points: scattered all through the wooden section. Roof, floor, walls - fiddly, but you can get used to them.
* Sanctuary doors: tail of the doors section
* Mats and Rugs: tail of the floor covering section - these are new because why would you make something that looks like it's been in mud for 210 years
* Mats and Rugs - Existing: some could be set up with snap points, others could not
* Wardrobes: tail of the containers section

New Stuff:
* Wooden Walls: tail of the Wood > Walls section (lots of walls, new doorways, and walls with windows)
* Window/Glass: tail of the Wood > Misc section, snaps into the above
* Postwar Sanctuary closet and pocket doors: tail of the doors section
* Wooden Sanctuary closet and pocket doors: tail of the doors section
* Footpaths: tail of the Concrete > Floors section

More New Stuff:
* Walls: vertical half-wall
* Window/Glass: added 4 more pieces of glass
* Balcony Railings: added after the window/glass above
* Supports: added horizontal and vertical support post with lots of snap-points

And Even More:
* Walls: half-wall and full-wall trellis with diamond and square types (now with polygon's reduced)
* Floors: half-floor piece

More (version 1l):
* Balcony Railings: added trellis railings
* Bridges: added a set of various non-rickety bridges
* Navmesh: re-navmeshed everything from scratch

Version 1m:
* redid all navmesh, hopefully for the final time

~~~Polygon Counts~~~

When building a settlement the game engine (and your PC) has a limit to what it can display. There's two basic limits:

1/ The number of items drawn (wooden parts, metal parts, cloth parts, etc of a built item)
2/ The number of polygons drawn (aka triangles - this helps determine how detailed the item appears in game)

Most settlements have a limit of the following: 1500 items drawn and 1500000 polygons drawn. Sanctuary has 3000/3000000 - which can cause problems. While you'll note that the number of polygons is 1000x the number of items drawn - so each item "could" have 1000 polygons - we still have to be very careful about that.

The polygons of what you're building are the real performance suckers. (Hi-resolution textures also, though that's another topic by itself.) With enough high-polygon items built, say goodbye to performance: the AI will start to bug out in that settlement and you'll find yourself walking around in there at 20fps or worse. Assuming that the game doesn't just crash on you.

The trellis polygons were the mistake in version 1j, now reduced in 1k. Even so, don't go too crazy with building up trellis - they're still high-polycount (even though they have a very nice 3d shape). Here's the original and now polygons:

Trellis Piece -- Original Polygons / Fixed Polygons
Diamond half -- 1440/768
Square half -- 756/528
Diamond full -- 2760/1256
Square full -- 1392/984

I'll try to keep a better eye on these things, and thanks to damanding of the Creative Clutter team for bringing it to my attention.

~~~Will There Be More?~~~

As the mood and inspiration strikes me.


Q: You broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier game.

Q: I hate XXX about this mod, it's YYY!
A: See above.

Q: Would you change ZZZ of what you've done for me?
A: No.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Only from people I've known for a long time. If I decide to, I'll make it however I want to, aka in a way that makes sense to me. I'll take my own sweet time about it too, 'cause I've got a lot on both in real-life and modding.

Q: No requirements? Not even SMM?
A: Technically Wasteland Workshop is a "soft" requirement. If you're not using it, the extra snap point on the small concrete steps won't matter.

SMM is (currently) not required. All pieces use vanilla game keywords and appear at the tail-end of the regular menu's. It made more sense to do it that way.

Q: Is this stuff navmeshed properly?
A: Yes.

Q: XBox?
A: Not yet. Maybe never. We will see.