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An enhanced Skyrim cities and towns overhaul all in one.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German

Mod Description
A lore-friendly and script-free Overhaul of the cities and towns of Skyrim.
The vanilla theme of the towns has been greatly expanded upon giving each a unique, more immersive atmosphere; Riverwood (lumbar), Rorikstead (farming), Falkreath (graveyard), Dawnstar (port), Dragons Bridge (defensive outpost), etc.
New buildings and vendors have been added to the villages making them more vibrant and useful.
Town allegiance (banners, guards) dynamically change as the Civil War progresses.

Cities and Towns Overhauled
The overhaul covers Skyrim's 5 major cities; Whiterun (and Whiterun exterior), Windhelm, Solitude, Markarth and Riften.
The towns of Riverwood, Dragonbridge, Ivarstead and Rorikstead.
The small open cities of Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar, Winterhold and Skaal Village.
Sky Haven Temple Exterior unlocked during the Main Quest.

Mods that significantly change the above mentioned towns and villages will most likely not be compatible.
Mods altering the exterior of Windhelm, Solitude, Markarth and Riften are fully compatible.
Whiterun's exterior has been modified inside the walled area. The stables have not been modified.
All texture mods are fully compatible.

Arthmoor's Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge and Ivarstead  - Compatible with patch provided
Better City Entrances and Better Docks - Compatible with patch provided
Bring Out Your Dead - Compatible. Load after JK's Skyrim
Dawn of Skyrim - Not Compatible. A patch is planned but this will take some time so be patient
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - Compatible with patch on mod page
Friendlier Taverns with Baths - Partially Compatible. Use the Friendlier Taverns version which doesn't change tavern exteriors
Gildergreen Regrown - Compatible
Greater Skaal Village - Compatible
Holidays - Compatible with patch provided to fix clipping decorations
Immersive Citizens - Partially Compatible. Possible NPC pathing issues in Falkreath and Rorikstead
Immersive Laundry - Partially Compatible. Minor clipping in some towns. Patch is being considered
Justice - City Exteriors - Compatible
Open Cities - Not Compatible. A patch is planned but this will take some time so be patient
Paradise City for Vanilla Skyrim - Partially Compatible. Use the 'No Rorikstead' version. Some minor clipping in Whiterun
Realistic Water Two - Compatible with patch provided. Aligns Blacksmith's troughs in Solitude and Markarth
Windhelm Exterior Altered - Compatible

Exterior Lighting Overhauls
Compatible. Use the optional file JKs Skyrim_No Lights_Patch which removes all lights and lighting markers from JK's Skyrim setting the lighting back to vanilla. This is designed to be used with all exterior Lighting Overhauls for full compatibility. Main file JK's Skyrim is still required.
Bal Ruhn - Compatible. Snowdrift obscuring doorway lowered in previous update.
Breezehome - Compatible. Load Breezehome after JKs Skyrim
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition SE - Partially Compatible. Clipping in Windhelm city entrance
Leaf Rest - Compatible with patch provided to remove conflicting pathways in Riverwood
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Compatible. No issues reported
Mirai - Compatible with patch provided to remove clipping outside her Markarth home
Sky Haven Temple - Gardens Compatible with patch on mod page
Unique Vampire Dens SSE - Compatible with patch on mod page
Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (CFTO) - Compatible with patch provided to remove clipping in Dawnstar and Morthal
Realistic Boat Travel - Compatible
Touring Carriages - Compatible
Thunderchild - Compatible with patch provided moving Pillar of Lightning Shield in Dawnstar 20 metres to the right.

*If a mod already has a patch for JK's Skyrim classic which they host please ask the mod author to update. I do not intend to obtain permission, recreate and host patches when the work has already been done.

Modular Versions
I may look at making a Major Towns only and Villages only file like I did for the classic version once everything has settled down and all bugs are fixed and patches are done. I won't be making separate downloadable versions for each town. If you want to remove an individual city follow this guide....

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FoodContainer Resourceby Blary (used in the Rorikstead overhaul)
Harvestables by ChickenDownUnder (used in the Rorikstead overhaul)
Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource by Markus Liberty (used in the Dawnstar overhaul)
ENB used in the screenshotsSomber 3 ENB by Maeldun0