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**** I am going to be re-releasing this as a bigger MERGED mod** on a new page, This is Considered to be the lite version. Keep up to date with the new version here
READ DESCRIPTION very important!

Permissions and credits
This mod is still rugged. This is officially the LITE version. It may still have bugs, I don't really have the time to check and continuously update. If you identify a bug and you fix it. 
send the update my way I'll update the page and mod same goes for patches I'll give you credit for them as well
I don't have time to update this while I work on my current project which is the redone version and my massive Solitude overhaul. Your are more then welcome to make patches with out my permission

The bigger version will come out when its done. Please don't ask for me to update the old patches. Your more then welcome to patch this mod.
What has changed.

- The Only required master is JK. skyrim "The ONLY Requirment" 

- Second main requires both JK, Dawn of skyrim, and  JK/Dawn patch for themselves.  No other patch needed for merged mods between all this

- I released a Jk's Whiterun only version So the mod would only affect the whiterun area 

- I cleaned and undeleted the navmesh 

- I fixed a few floating objects and fixed a few pathing issues 

- questions?

1. Does this mod work with mod A. or B. 
 answer- If it changes the whiterun landscape most likely not.

2. There's a BUG.
answer- post it in the bug section please do not email me about it please and thankyou
 also if this mod works fine by its self with no other mods active and the bug is not repeatable then its a conflict with another mod and is not a bug. Conflicting mods need a patch. If you want you are more then welcome to create one. 
Let me know I'll be more then happy to share the link on my page.

3. Will there be an update to this?
answer-  I don't know. I don't want to get stuck on this one project and continuously update especially when I have something bigger and better coming. 
My life gets in the way of my passions.

This is A huge combination mod combining currently 6 mods with all permission from their current mod authors And one required master.  Credit goes to them. This is a complete overhaul of the Whiterun area and city both exterior and interior. This was My first attempt at modding  so there may definitely  be issues. I have looked at some and tried to fix a few issues. This is a performance heavy mod. I do not fully know what mods are compatible with this mod. 

Shout out to MXR, Henry and Jeannie for inspiring me to mod.

Shout out to Syn for the amazing video 

Current Updates to, terrain and textures, navmesh for NPCs, well in the main market area, A LOT less clipping and less floating objects and people.
All patches I have gone through to make sure they play nice with each other.

  •   JK's Skyrim   or "RENAME JK's Whiterun" To JK's skyrim so it matches the needed esp name. this allows you to just keep everything it Whiterun.

------------------------------------------------------------- Important----------------------------------------------------------------------------- These patches no longer work for the 2.0 update because masters are merged except JK skyrim. Go give these modders love and support with out them I wouldn't be where I am now. Credit goes to the Current 7 modders

JK's Skyrim by jkrojmal
Darks Whiterun Marker by DarkMaster06
Whiterun expansion redone by marob307
Whiterun Capital expansion by Surjamte
Whiterun Valley by willybach
The walls of Whiterun by nesbit098
Fortified Whiterun by skyfall515