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Patchemonium is a place where I can dump my miscellaneous patches created over time. It is also open to community contributions. Pandemonium ensues. (Current Patch Count: 14)

Permissions and credits
♠ Patchemonium

This is a place for me to dump some of my miscellaneous patches. These are usually just me fixing issues from my load order in a way that works for me, so I can't vouch for best practice when creating them. Let me know if you find any issues with my patches, or any areas I might miss when creating the patch.

You are more than welcome to take these patches and improve on them yourself. You are welcome to re-upload your improved version however you like, though I'd recommend shooting them my way so I can add them here instead. It's better for the community to not have multiple patches floating around doing too similar a thing. I will of course credit you should you do so.

I do not accept requests. I create patches as I personally need them. You may port these patches to if you wish to do so. Just be aware that it will become your responsibility to support and maintain the patch for that platform. You may contact me via DMs or through the Discord servers mentioned on my profile if you have any questions.

Skyrim Wayshrines Grass Clipping Patch:
This patch fixes grass clipping around the S.W.I.F.T wayshrines. I released this patch before I opened the Patchemonium so you can find the patch on its own page.

Amber Guard - ESO Imports Patch
Removes the wall added by ESO Imports to the same area. [ESPFE]
Credit: Schlitzohr - Amber Guard, SarthesArai - ESO Imports, Dras (Patcher)

Amber Guard - Hold Border Guards Definitive Edition Patch
Removes the objects, guards and markers added by Hold Guards from the area due to severe overlapping and conflict. [ESPFE]
Load in this order: Hold Border Guards >> Amber Guard >> Patch
Credit: Schlitzohr - Amber Guard, Enodoc - Hold Border Guards - Definitive Edition, Dras (Patcher)

Amber Guard - Interesting Roads Patch
Moves the interesting feature added by Interesting Roads across the road so it doesn't clip with the newly added building. [ESPFE]
Credit: Schlitzohr - Amber Guard, Kralyks - Interesting Roads, Dras (Patcher)

Better Blue Palace Courtyard - BlubboDE's Aspen Trees Patch
BlubboDE's aspen trees are especially big. This causes a good amount of clipping issues around the rift, and also with any mod that uses aspen trees in their level design. Aint nobody got time to patch all of that, but I could at least patch the aspens added from the Better Blue Palace Courtyard mod. This simply downsizes the aspens so they are more tidy. [ESPFE]
Credit: forsworncowboy - Better Blue Palace Courtyard, BlubboDE - Aspens Replacer, Dras (Patcher)

Capital Windhelm Expansion and JK Skyrim - United - eFPS Patch
Requires the eFPS patch for Capital Windhelm and JK's Skyrim from the eFPS Official Patch Hub. This patch deletes/moves a few problematic plane added by the JK's Skyrim occ patch that was causing scenes to de-render in Capital Windhelm Expansion areas. [ESPFE]
Credit: TheNizorro - Capital Windhelm Expansion and JK Skyrim - United, nicola89b & Firegtx - eFPS + eFPS Official Patch Hub, Dras (Patcher)

COTN - Falkreath - JK's Skyrim - eFPS Patch
Removes occlusion plane markers that were causing culling issues when using COTN Falkreath, JK's Skyrim, Janquel's compatibility patch for the two, and eFPS (including it's COTN Falkreath and JK's Skyrim patch which are both also required for this patch to work). [ESPFE]
Credit: JPSteel2 - Cities of the North Falkreath, jkrojmal - JK's Skyrim, Janquel -
Cities of the North - Falkreath Patch Collection, nicola89b & Firegtx - eFPS + eFPS Official Patch Hub

ETaC Complete - Nature of the Wild Lands Patch
Currently only touching Riverwood. Lowers floating trees. Removes/moves trees away from the footpath and out of buildings and objects. Hopefully look a lot more tidy now! [ESPFE]
Credit: missjennabee - ETaC, fxckthisworld - Nature of the Wild Lands, Dras (Patcher)

Granitehall - Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley
Removes or transplants trees added by Alpine Forest that were clipping into the buildings and rock formations of the new location. If you also use Granite Hill by the same author, this patch has soft compatibility with that mod by removing a few trees in that location, but this patch does not require Granite Hill to be used. [ESPFE]
Credit: Schlitzohr - Granitehall, mtreis86 - Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley, Dras (Patcher)

JK's RedBag's Solitude + eFPS Patch
Attempts to eliminate occlusion plane rendering issues. Currently covers the balcony area where the statue is, and the house area between the balcony area and the path up to the fort area. This patch just tries to remove culling issues. No new planes were added. [ESPFE]
Credit: RedBag - RedBag's Solitude, jkrokmal - JK's Skyrim, Czasior - JK's RedBag's Solitude, nicola89b & Firegtx - eFPS + eFPS Official Patch Hub (you will need JK's Skyrim and RedBag's Solitude patches), Dras (Patcher)

Linalten - Trees Addon Patch - Moved
Moves the large tree added by Trees Addon to better suit the area. Without it the tree floats above the farm. There is a 'Removed' version available that simply deletes the tree for those who prefer that. [ESPFE]
Credit: Schlitzohr - Linalten, winedave - Trees Addon SE, Dras (Patcher)

Linalten - Trees Addon Patch - Removed
Removes the large tree added by Trees Addon SE. Without it the tree floats above the farm. There is a 'Moved' version available for those who would like to keep the tree and have it moved to a better spot. [ESPFE]
Credit: Schlitzohr - Linalten, winedave - Trees Addon SE, Dras (Patcher

Markarth Entrance Overhaul Fixed - eFPS Patch
This is an tweaked version of the 'City Entrances Overhaul - Markarth eFPS patch' supplied in the eFPS - Official Patch Hub that works with the Markarth Entrance Overhaul Fixed mod (which is a stripped down and more compatible version of the original). This patch removes a few markers added by the original patch that were causing culling issues with the Fixed version of the mod. [ESPFE]
Credit: Fixer040 - Markarth Entrance Overhaul Fixed, nicola89b & Firegtx - eFPS + eFPS Official Patch Hub (Do not use the Occ_Skyrim_City-Entrances-Overhaul-Markarth_patch.esp patch that is provided on the eFPS Official Patch Hub page. The patch on this page replaces it.), Dras (Patcher)

Provincial Courier Service Grass Clipping Patch
At one point Provincial Courier got an update that moved the courier's office to a new location, rendering previous grass patches for the mod redundant. This patch should help deal with the grass clipping at the new location. I'm not sure if a patch for this has been released yet. If there is one, let me know. [ESPFE]
I've been told there is an updated Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods + Provincial Courier Service patch that has been available for some time, so this patch may be redundant if you use that one. I haven't confirmed it myself yet.
Credit: Arthmoor - Provincial Courier Service, Dras (Patcher)

RedBag's Solitude Docks Updated + eFPS Patch
Cleaned up problematic plane markers and deleted a bunch of collision markers I found on a single building near the docks that were frankly unnecessary. Those collision markers were likely causing crashing when opening up the map near the docks as well. [ESPFE]
Credit: RedBag - RedBag's Solitude, Fe4therstone - Solitude Docks Updated , Czasior - Redbag's Solitude Docks Updated, nicola89b & Firegtx - eFPS + eFPS Official Patch Hub (you will need the Redbag's Solitude patch and Solitude Docks patch), Dras (Patcher)

Solstheim Ugly Snow Tree Remover
You will notice when using tree mods that there is a certain tree in Solstheim that sticks out like an ice cold thumb. It looks just like a vanilla snow pine, but it's unique to the Dragonborn DLC and so rarely gets covered by tree mods. This patch simply scales the tree's model and collision geometry to 0, effectively removing the tree from existence. Heavy Burns can vouch for this one. [Mesh]
Credit: Dras (Patcher)

more to come...

♣ Permissions

All patches provided on this page have open permissions unless otherwise mentioned on the respective patch. This means you are welcome to improve upon the provided patches, and you are also allowed to produce derivative patches as you so please, so long as you provide credit of course.

Any patches made by myself or a third party uploaded on this page that contain custom assets from other mods would have received written permissions to do so from the original mod author before being uploaded.