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Addons to Fences of Skyrim for a few city overhauls to ensure visual consistency.

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Fences of Skyrim is a fantastic mod that provides a nice variety to the fences around Skyrim. Instead of just one model the fences will now use nine different models (10 if you count the base model). Thanks to its use of Base Object Swapper it doesn't need any conflict resolution patches, as the models are swapped at runtime. However, some town/city overhauls add new fences to the game, which will lead to a small visual clash where fences using both the swapped and default model are placed in the same area.

This collection of additional swap files will fix this for a handful of mods, matching the added fences to the ones already used in the area by the base FoS mod. The exceptions to this rule are JK's Skyrim and The Great Town of Shor's Stone. JK uses a lot of fences placed on platforms and walkways, so I used some more appropriate models for them regardless of what models were generally used in the area. The vanilla version of Shor's Stone doesn't have any fences, so there I chose the model based on my own preference.

Mods covered:
JK's Skyrim addon is identical to the one in the optional files of the FoS page. Great City of Solitude has had a few swaps added for fences I originally missed.

Fences of Skyrim
Base Object Swapper

The FOMOD will automatically pick the right patches for you.

KarlSchorf for Fences of Skyrim
powerofthree for Base Object Swapper