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Czasior - robertgk2017 - monkeyangie

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Collection of patches for the mod RedBag's Falkreath

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A collection of patches for the mod RedBag's Falkreath, esl flagged. All the mods' requirements are for their individual patch.


Use a mod manager/organizer to install or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder. Patches should have their appropriate masters set and should be loaded after any mods that they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects and may require a new save.

It is recommended that your Load Order follow this instruction to not have problems in-game.

-Main Game/Other Mods-
RedBag's Falkreath
Immersive Citizens Patch
SFCO Patch
Northern Roads patch

for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Darkfox127 for A Cat's Life
abstractprimal for An Abstract Falkreath - Ruined Kingdom
Arthmoor for Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE
agd25 for At Your Own Pace
kelretu for Additional Hearthfire Dolls
mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul
UNI00SL for Amulets of Skyrim
Kronixx and kryptopyr for Atlas Map Markers
BadGremlin for BadGremlin's Collection
aviform, EpicCrab, DoubtSuspended, PhysicsFish, and Daniel Hodge for
Cheesemod for EVERYONE
Nazenn for Cloaks of Skyrim
Oford Gabings for Debaser SE
Sokkvabekk for Distinct Interiors and Outlaws Refuges
rms827 for Dawnguard Sentries Plus SE
grVulture for Dragonstone - The Life of Skyrim
MannyGT for Drinking fountains of Skyrim for SSE
kinggath_creations for East Empire Expansion
mindflux for Embers XD
AceeQ for Enhanced Landscapes
SarthesArai for ESO Imports and Radiance Locations
TechAngel85 for Farmhouse Chimneys
NordwarUA and DanielUA for Guards Armor Replacer
T4GTR34UM3R for Happy Little Trees
Mike Hancho for Helgen Reborn
isoku for Holidays
Shurah for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
nerdofprey for Immersive Laundry
lordkoz for Immersive Wenches
nimwraith for Interesting NPCs - Melea Entius Tweaks and Memorable Bounties - Witcher Inspired Quests
code1k for Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
wizkid34 for Lanterns of Skyrim II
icecreamassassin, SirJesto, and the LOTD team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
mathy79 for Medieval Lanterns of SkyrimSkyrim 3D Signs
abramcf for More to Say
MihailMods for More Chicken Variants- Mihail Monsters and Animals (SE-AE version) (''bird'') and Chicks- Mihail Monsters and Animals (SE-AE version) (''chicken'')
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
RubberSpaghetti for Spaghetti's Cities AIO
icecreamassassin for SUDs - Skyrim's Unique Drinks
megapatato for Thieves Night on the Town
Sluia for Wait Carriage in Towns