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A compatibility patch that fixes clipping, minimizes shadow pop in, eliminates unnecessary lighting, and improves overall lighting aesthetic while using both ELFX Exteriors and JK's Skyrim without reverting back to vanilla lighting.

Permissions and credits
Leafeater's JK's Skyrim - ELFX Exteriors Patch

JK's Skyrim is by far one of the most (if not THE most) popular city overhaul for Skyrim SE. Combined with Enhanced Lights and FX, you can have some amazing cities. However, for those who love using ELFX-Exteriors.esp with ELFX, outside you get clipping, lighting duplication, horrendous shadow pop ins, and light sources with no light whatsoever. This was extremely noticeable during the night time. For me, it ruined the experience and shadow pop ins ended up giving me a headache. Sure there's a patch that reverts JK's to vanilla lighting, but there were still issues when using ELFX Exteriors as that .esp does more than simply changing around areas and adding light sources

What does this mod do?

Lighting fixes

This mod will change lighting sources' placement from ELFX Exteriors, JK's Skyrim, and even some vanilla lighting to give off a better atmosphere that not only fixes clipping and elimination of unnecessary light sources, but it also will help minimize that pesky shadow pop in that Skyrim is notorious for having.* (Really Bethesda? You couldn't make us see more than 4 light sources... come on..) 

I also tried to change some lighting to look better with the type of light being displayed on certain light sources and placement. I always hated that a small candle lit lantern will light a whole room but a brazier lit ablaze will cast half the light. So I changed some of the lighting sources around to give off a more realistic vibe. However the changes shouldn't negatively impact the way you see the beautiful world of Skyrim, nor do they directly change any values.

What does this mod not do?

Issues with Torches

This mod can only help minimize pop ins and eliminate nasty shadow lines. It is not perfect, but the change should be drastically better in all cities. However, this mod has not changed lighting issues caused by torches. I recommend that if it gets too bothersome, to install a mod that disables guards carrying torches around at night. You will notice an enormous improvement when there isn't a torch around, but the issue may come back once a guard walks passed on patrol with a torch in hand. However, I still tried my hardest to help eliminate such nasty shadow lines (or lack of light reflection at all for that matter)

Illumination and pop ins with smoke
Smoke from braziers and campfires have always been finicky since the dawn of Skyrim's creation. This mod tried to help minimize pop ins on smoke during night time but they are still noticeable. The only fix is to install a mod that eliminates smoke altogether or to deal with it.

Change ELFX Lighting and Interiors
This mod does NOT change anything related to ELFX and how it looks. It merely changes the placement and even elimination of some light sources when using ELFX Exteriors. Light values are not changed nor are their radii. (etc) I also didn't touch anything indoors as I really had no reason to. That wasn't the purpose of this mod.

This mod is compatible with most overhauls but if they change lanterns directly through a .esp you may have some consistency issues as I had to move and place new lanterns and light sources. Blowing in the wind is now compatible with the patched version in the files section. However, anything that changes the lanterns mesh/texture wise is perfectly compatible.

This is now compatible with Blowing in the Wind!
Due to JazzKiwiFruit's effort, Blowing in the Wind is now compatible with this. You will only need ONE file. Also note, if you are using JK's Skyrim Blowing in the Wind patch, remove it, as it is no longer needed with this new file. You will still need the "Blowing in the Wind - ELFX Exteriors SSE.esp" patch from Blowing in the Wind (to cover everywhere in the game that's NOT JK's cities)

This Does Work with ELFX Exterior Fixes!!!
This plugin is completely compatible with the mod "ELFX Exterior Fixes" by WizKid. Not only is it compatible, it is highly recommended to use his version instead as it greatly fixes many annoying issues and provides the best experience.

JK's Skyrim (Duh)
Enhanced Lighting and FX (also duh)
ELFX-Exteriors.esp (enable it in the installer)

Load Order

ELFX Exteriors.esp
Enhanced Lights and FX.esp

JK's Skyrim.esp
JK's-ELFX Patch (this one)
Put this mod toward the bottom of the load order. This is to ensure that all lighting edits made in this mod are carried out when you load the game up.

If you are using the BitW version, this should be your load order:
ELFX Exteriors.esp
Enhanced Lights and FX.esp
JK's Skyrim.esp
Blowing in the Wind.esp
Blowing in the Wind-ELFX Exteriors-SSE.esp
JK's-ELFX-Blowing in the Wind.esp (This one)

But Leafeater, Why wouldn't you just use the patch already on JK's Skyrim to revert back to vanilla lighting?

Because that doesn't change the clipping caused by ELFX Exteriors. All it does is get rid of light sources enabled by JK's and I didn't like that. A modded Skyrim shouldn't have to revert back to vanilla lighting when we have the resources to prevent it. Plus, ELFX Exteriors changes not only the placement of vanilla lights, but also the lighting textures of Enhanced Lights and FX themselves. I found them match my ENB better and to be a lot more realistic, such as making the window lights more visible from a distance. Plus, I wanted to. Why not right?

Will this work without ELFX Exteriors?
Why are you here if you aren't using ELFX Exteriors? (The original or the one by Wizkid)

What cities are effected?

I fixed all 9 holds to the best of my ability as well as their villages. Everything touched by JK's Skyrim should be fixed. If I missed a spot or you notice shadowy pop ins (not related to smoke, ENB, or torches) then I will be happy to help!

Any mods that alter JK's or add onto them are not altered. This means if you have another city overhaul or additions to cities other than JK's you run the risk of having shadow pop ins. As of this moment, I do not plan to make a patch to a patch for another patch to make your overhauls compatible and not have shadow pop-ins. The amount of work and .esp's needed would be so far off the rocker that it is completely unnecessary for me as I only use JK's Skyrim and ELFX Exteriors. That isn't to say that you cannot use this to improve your experience if you are using add-ons with JK's, as you may still notice a considerable improvement.

You do NOT need ELFX Enhancer to use this mod

Some areas may appear too dark or have a lack of light sources. (Windhelm, for example). Places that I changed were changed strategically to fit the atmosphere while also eliminating shadow pop in. You may notice that Windhelm has a few poorly lit paths and walkways that are covered in shadow (kept most vanilla lighting but still). I did so on purpose. A shadowy necromancer serial killer can't make stealthy strikes if every square inch of the area is lit up now can he? Not only that, but every light I completely eliminated was done so because that particular light was causing a shadow pop in. 

Everyone will have different experiences with their Skyrim. It's what we all love and hate about it. With that said, You should notice an increase in visual satisfaction regardless of your load order. Just remember, torches and smoke are something this mod did/cannot fix.

I STRONGLY suggest using an enb that enables complex particle lights as they help with candles that emit enough light when that particular enhancement is enabled. You can still use this plug in without it, but you will notice that some candles don't emit light. I didn't want to (or wasn't able to) waste a light source on candles that were already realistically lit enough for me with Complex Particle lights.

JK's Skyrim and its creator for making such a beautiful overhaul
ELFX and its creator for making my lighting look amazing (for the most part)
My supporters. I know I don't have a lot, but they gave me the inspiration to build this and work with the creation kit.
JazzKiwiFruit for uploading the Blowing in the Wind version.

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