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Modular fixes for Dawn of Skyrim, making it compatible with Anniversary Edition and various modern mods.

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Dawn of Skyrim is an awesome mod.
However, it's getting a little long-in-the-tooth and makes the world a bit... broken.
There are clipping issues and broken navmeshes galore.

This is a personal project of mine to bring DoS Director's Cut into the modern modded Skyrim scene, one worldspace at a time.
I'm striving to repurpose existing worldspace items to ensure that, wherever possible, patches can remain ESL-flagged.

Patch types include:
  • Main Patches
    Fixes clipping and alignment issues between Dawn of Skyrim and SSE/AE. Includes hand-crafted navmeshes.
  • Compatibility Patches
    • City Overhauls (Also includes hand-crafted navmeshes)
      • Capital Whiterun Expansion
      • Dark's Whiterun market
      • JK's Skyrim
    • Creative Club Content
    • Dynamic Things Alternative
    • Interesting NPCs
    • Legacy of the Dragonborn
  • Enable Thievery Patch
    Just for fun, allows items in market stalls, shops, and homes added by DoS to be stolen.


Current Patches:
  • Whiterun
    • Main
    • Capital Whiterun Expansion (Unfortunately, the CWE navmesh can't be ESL-flagged)
    • Capital Whiterun Expansion NPC Sleep Fixes
    • CWE No Planks - Zero-effort esl to remove planks. Matches other mods better.
    • Dark's Whiterun market + CWE
    • Dark's Whiterun market + JK
    • JK's Skyrim
    • JK + CWE
    • Dynamic Things Alternative
    • Fishing CC (with or without JK's Skyrim)
    • Interesting NPCs
    • Legacy of the Dragonborn
    • Enable Thievery
  • Riften
    • Main
    • JK's Skyrim
    • Fishing CC
    • Interesting NPCs (+ JK patch)
    • Legacy of the Dragonborn (+ JK patch)
    • Enable Thievery

Installation Notes

You DO NOT NEED to install the following patches, as the fixes are either already included, or conflict with my changes:
  • JKs Skyrim PATCH (From the Capital Whiterun Expansion page)
  • Whiterun Market - JK skyrim patch (From the Dark's Whiterun market page)

You SHOULD install other patches provided by JK's, LoTD, etc.

Anniversary Edition is only required for the Fishing patches so far. I'm not entirely sure on changes to flora in update.esm between SE and AE though.

Mods that edit the outside of Riften are fully compatible, eg: Riften Docks Overhaul, Riften Extension - Southwoods District, Riften Eastern Road.

Future Plans

I'm kind of making it up as I go along!

Next up:
  • Windhelm
To do eventually:
  • Fortified Whiterun (In a state of flux currently, will start patching when it settles a bit)
  • Riften - Guild City of Thieves


Please let me know in the "Bugs" section if you find more things to fix, I'm only 1 set of eyes