Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Most expansive and compatible version of Whiterun, which combines the best of the best: JK's Whiterun, Dawn of Skyrim, EEK's Beautiful Whiterun (plus his dragon door mesh), T'Skyrim, Eli's Breezehome and Halla (to make compatible with the Provincial Courier Service), the BBLS and ICAIO -- all the while improving performance.

Permissions and credits
This started out of an effort to make T'Skyrim's Whiterun exterior more compatible with the BBLS (moving the Enchanter's Forge and the farm/stables apart to make more room. It then expanded to making JK's, DoS, EEK's Beautiful Whiterun and T'Skyrim play nicely together as they all added multiples of the same objects, causing many duplicates as well as decreasing performance. It was at this point EvilEyedKyo joined the project as my mentor (this is my first "real" attempt at modding) and who has been instrumental in the finer aspects of this project. Once the majority of the duplicates were eradicated, I moved on to the interior of the city, as I did not like (a) that Dawn of Skyrim NPCs had very basic AI packages and without homes and (b) the homes added by mnikjom were vacant and had no NPCs assigned to them...yet. The Dawn of Skyrim NPCs were fleshed out and were assigned homes. That then led to the creation of brand new NPCs with backstories (but not yet with fully fleshed-out dialogue)  who then were assigned the remaining balance of homes added by mnikjom's mod. Once that was done, I could not help but design interiors of each home -- based upon that character's socioeconomic station and employment. At the time of this writing, all homes in the interior of the city and the eastern exterior expansion from T'Skyrim have NPCs assigned with AI packages. (Only the southern expansion does not as mnikjom is still working on T'Skyrim -- v0.18 currently. Those without interiors have had their doors marked as inaccessible for now.)

What is more, navmesh has been completely redone from scratch -- inside the city and out. 

This is still very much a work in progress, but after months of work, I am releasing the mod to the public for testing. Expect errors. The mod has not yet been cleaned in SSEEdit as when I select "undelete and disable references," it adds back a lot of the deleted content from the master mods. Also, Eli's Breezehome has errors which -- per my understanding -- are unable to be fixed. So deal with it.

Moreover, this mod is not for the feint of either machine or heart.

Per recs, I have a upper mid-level machine (i7 6700k @ 4.0 GHz, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 on Windows 10 64-bit). When running around full-sprint in the city, I'm averaging 48-54 fps.

It also has a VERY SPECIFIC load order which will require you to hand sort in LOOT using re-date plugins function. If you are unable to do this (either by pre-existing knowledge or inability to use Google/YouTube), please do not come running to me and asking, "Why? But why?!). This is a PATCH with expansion. Based upon Nexus rules, I cannot include the master mods in this patch as it would violate rules. Only EvilEyedKyo has provided a replacement ESP of his EEK's Beautiful Whiterun. Part of the effort was to create a patch that would allow maximum flexibility when the master files were updated to new versions (namely T'Skyrim as it is in active production).

01. Skyrim
03. Dawn of Skyrim - Director's Cut (DoS)
04. JK's Skyrim
05. JK's Skyrim - DoS Patch
06. Bathing Beauties or Beefcakes - Luxury Suite (BBLS)
07. Eli's Breezehome
08. Eli's Halla
09. Halla - Alternate Placement (my mod)
10. Immersive Citizens and AI Overhaul (ICAIO)
11. EEK's Beautiful Whiterun - JKs - DoS - ICAIO - Eli's (replacement version by EEK)
12. T'Skyrim Whiterun (currently 0.18)
13. Z'Whiterun

Obviously, this is manual installation only. No NMM click and install (given the re-dating issue above). Don't like it? Sorry. I've already given months of my life to this project. If someone else can figure out how to do it, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to have you educate me and get a version that helps everybody.

Also, this is not modular. If you don't want to run x, y or z mod, that's not my problem. This is a patch for the above mods. Period. I think they all complement each other really well and each is best-in-class. If you only want JK's, DoS and T'Skyrim, I'm sure someone else can do it for you. If all the bugs get worked out, I can see about removing dependencies for BBLS and Halla (as I only needed them for placeholders). But that will come later.

As for permissions, the only mod which has been included is a standalone of EEK's Beautiful Whiterun (along with the mesh for the awesome dragon door) which was made for Z'Whiterun by EEK himself (who is a co-author). Dos and JK's are referenced but not altered. Same goes for T'Skyrim (although mnikjom is aware of our efforts and has been providing guidance). Elianora has a blanket permissions on her pages which allows patches of her mods and use of resources if credit is linked back to her. (And who wouldn't know her work?! It's awesome.) USSEP, BBLS and ICAIO have not been altered; they are simply masters.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is very much a work-in-progress. As mnikjom continues to flesh out his version, work will continue on NPCs and interiors. As he is aware, my NPCs and interiors are free to use in T'Skyrim. But no other mods as I see this mod as the next evolution of his (mnikjom does not use DoS so this mod will continue to be developed in parallel of his own, which is not currently compatible with DoS).

1. Noble Skyrim (2k)
2. Luxor's Whiterun HD (4k)
3. Realistic Aspen Trees

Also complements very nicely with EEK's Whiterun Interiors and Skyrim Radioactive Interiors (which I converted from LE).