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Small apartment in Windhelm's Gray Quarter

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Bal Ruhn SE

This mod is a port of my original Skyrim mod. It was given a facelift for SE.  Oldrim version can be found here:

This is a small apartment in Windhelm's Gray Quarter. It's perfect for a dunmer who wants to hang with his own or the more practical adventurer who doesn't care for the giant, nearly empty rooms at Hjerim. This home is suitable for two with bunk beds (top bunk is player owned), plenty of storage, static decorations, alchemy lab, enchanter and staff enchanter, spider bomb crafting thingie, a few weapon racks, a large bookcase, and one armor manequin. You can make all the Hearthfire breads and goodies at the baking stone over on the fireplace. 

The deed for Bal Ruhn can be purchased at Sadri's Used Wares. The base price is $1000 but of course, the actual price will depend on your character. The deed will reveal the location of the key. You can always just look for the key yourself if you don't want to bother with the deed. It's not hard to find. 

If you're behind Candlehearth Hall you'll see a set of stairs to the right going down. Follow those stairs and at the first right turn you'll see the door. There is a screenshot provided in the images section with a more exact view of the door's location. 

Download and install with your favorite mod manager or simply extract the esp and bsa files into your Skyrim Special Edition data folder. 

Resource Credits:

Insanity Sorrow