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Access on some roofs and heights, special weapons and player's hideout

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Updated 22 november 2022
The version 2.0 and following are NOT compatible with previous version. Please empty all your storage in the hideouts before updating. Possibility of conflicts with your previous save games.

For thieves/assassin gameplay, this grant you access to a few heights that where not available before.
- Prepare your equipment outside the city
- Enter the city as an honest traveller
- Find the hidden lairs and weapons
- Do the job, avoid the guards and citizens  by using Deadly Shadows path
- Escape the city via alternate access

Five cities made for now: Riften and Markarth, Windhelm (video at bottom of this page). And Whiterun. And Solitude.
Unlike the Deadly Shadow for vanilla Skyrim (with obvious path), I tried to blend with JK's work. Some of his cities already have partial roof acces (Riften and Windhelm), that mean less work for lazy me.


Riften: the roof of the meadery, behind the Mara's temple
Markarth: the river
Whiterun: by the river under the drawing bridge
Windhelm: West of the city, near the wall
Solitude: Up the wall, near the Roggvir's execution scene

Hidden Lairs:

Riften: La Cloche, very small, with alchemy lab - anvil - bed. Two shivs to find.
Markarth: Pelatarth Lair, abandoned since a long time. Alchemy lab and bed. Two shivs on a table.
Windhelm: Joyeux Repos, forgotten, dark and empty. Alchemy lab, bed, cooking station. Two shivs.
Whiterun: Chez Mumuth, a nice and exclusive place. Kitchen, bed, alchemy and enchanting stations. Behind Bannered Mare.
Solitude: Le Boudoir, very cosy. Kitchen, anvil, grinding, armor workbench, cosy bed, alchemy lab.

Weapons: Shivs. Enchanted shivs. One to paralyze your target, the other cause a lethal bleeding. A bit overpowered.....Try them....

SOLITUDE is an extension, as some people (like me) prefer other mods for this city. It can be used with Dawn of Skyrim.

ONLY USE WITH JK's Skyrim, version for Legacy of the Dragonborn under Optional file. Install only one.

My other Deadly Shadows mods (shameless publicity):
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Shacks and cabin, when travelling from a job to another, a complement to the cities hideout:
DS Lairs (including Solitude Shack and Cabin in the Reach)
DS Solitude Shack
DS Cabin in the Reach

For stealth archers:
Muted Sneak attack sound

A new Land to discover:

Gameplay video in Windhelm, not edited.