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With this mod creek, lake, marsh, pond, river, and ocean water are once again visually and aurally distinct from one another.

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Realistic Water Two

The classic Skyrim version of RWT is no longer supported, however, it can be found here:


One of the many upgrades to Skyrim Special Edition is the new water flow system that allows water to bend around turns and change speed depending on the environment. While the water is much improved over the original edition of Skyrim, flowing water was applied to nearly all bodies of water, indiscriminately, resulting in odd looking water in certain situations, such as small marsh pools that flow like rivers. Realistic Water Two's (RWT) goal is to correct these issues; thus, providing realistic bodies of water. Lake, marsh, pond, river, and many more waters are provided to create visually distinct bodies of water.

  • Lakes and ocean water share the same water, visually. This fixes most distant LOD issues.
  • Lakes, ponds, marsh, and small bodies of water no longer flow in any particular direction.
  • Ponds, marsh, volcanic, and other waters have unique colors.
  • Lakes, rivers, and oceans have new, ambient sound effects. Ponds are silent.
  • Animated water for blacksmith troughs.
  • Icebergs and ice chunks will sometimes crack and gurgle.
  • Smaller icebergs floating in the water will now animate and gently bob around.
  • Waves from the Dragonborn DLC have been added to the coastline of Skyrim.
  • MCM to support RWT features and to expand those features to other mods.

  • Large waterfalls now have improved textures, smoothed 3D geometry, faster animation, added particle splashes, expanded steam cloud particles, color edits, and increased effect distances.
  • Waves were slowed down, retextured, and now have a crashing water sound effect. The splash/foam effects were made more visible.
  • Foam effects have been retextured and were generated from a high resolution 3D water simulation.
  • Splash effects have been retextured and captured directly from high quality 3D particles.
  • Fog and steam cloud textures have been retextured.
  • Rapids have been changed to remove ugly lines and seams. Particle splashes have also been added to rapids near rocks.
  • Churning water and fountains have been edited to reduce visible seams. They have also been retextured.
  • Character splashes have been retextured and reworked. Their 3D model has also been tweaked to provide further realism.
  • Rain ripples will no longer slide across the surface of the water. They've also been retextured and transparency has been increased.
  • The green reflections emitted by some meshes when viewed at a certain angle is a bug that was introduced with Skyrim Special Edition. This bug is now fixed.
  • New meshes for volcanic water vents that have a heat wave effect.
  • New sound files for water, waterfalls, waves, and ice.
  • New mesh for animated, small icebergs.

Optional Options (available in the main archive)
  • Waves: New hand-placed waves added along the coast of Skyrim at locations that make sense. Additional waves have also been added to Solstheim. MCM only.
  • Extended Ambiance: Extends the lake and ocean ambient looping sound effects from 30 seconds to 50 seconds long.
  • Half Res Texures: These optional textures are provided for users playing on low settings. Textures are 1K; half the size of vanilla.
  • Smaller Water Drops: These optional textures will produce a smaller water droplet for water drip effects. This is provided for users you feel the droplets are too large in vanilla, however, this could make them difficult to see.
  • Landscape Fixes: This optional is provided to fix bugs where the landscape is the cause of a problem. Currently, it only edits an area along the shore across from the Solitude harbor. This is to fix some water seams where the cell borders were cutting two waterTypes in half. The plugin is flagged as an ESL.
  • Watercolors: Three options for changing the color of the water are available. Colors are "Classic Teal", "Blue", "Blue Fantasy".

Version Scheme
Since I (TechAngel85) started managing several mods for various authors, I adopted a standardized managing style to keep myself organized while doing so. One of the changes I typically make is to regulate the version scheme with something that is structured and makes sense. The new scheme will be as follows:

  • Major = major changes to assets which alter the look and feel of the mod, new scripts (if applicable), new meshes or textures, etc.
  • Minor = compatibility updates, new patches, larger bug fix roll-outs, existing mesh or texture edits, etc.
  • Hotfix = hot-fixes, single bug fixes, update to installer code, etc.

Installation / Updating / Uninstall

Manual Install:
Manual installation is not supported. Use a mod manager. No support will be provided for these users.

Mod Managers:
Download the file and add it to your respective manager. Install using the provided installer. File structure supports BAIN.

We are no longer supporting retired mod managers! This means no support for NMM or MO. Your issues with these managers will be ignored.
MO2, Vortex, and WB are still supported.

ENB Textures:
Download and overwrite the main file. Ensure enbseries.ini file reflects the following:

EnableCaustics=true (optional but adds a nice effect)

The remainder of the [WATER] settings are user preference. Users can adjust them to their liking.
Add to your library and enjoy.

Create a save before updating to newer versions. Uninstall the previous version and install the updated version. Wrye Bash users may need to Anneal some mods.

Use your mod manager to remove the mod. It is not recommended to uninstall mods mid-game.

Plugin Load Order
  • RealisticWaterTwo.esp
  • ealisticWaterTwo - Feature.esp (any optional feature plugins)
  • RealisticWaterTwo - ModPatches.esp (any patches installed)
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Watercolor.esp


General Mod Compatibility
This mod must be placed AFTER any mod that modifies a cell near a body of water!
This must be done to avoid seeing "seams" in the water. It is recommend placing this mod VERY low in the load order (towards the bottom) and use xEdit to make any necessary patches with other mods.

Not Compatible
The following mods are not compatible with Realistic Water Two:

SSEEdit Script - Fix Oldrim Mods Waterflow - (link)
This mod checks for the existence of "RiverWaterFlow" on cell records. RWT intentionally changes some of these records to provide the various water types. This script can not be ran on any of the plugins provided by Realistic Water Two; doing so will break intended edits.

Compatibility Patches
The following patches are provided for compatibility during installation:
  • Beyond Reach (link)
  • Beyond Skyrim Bruma (link)
  • iNeed and Realistic Needs and Diseases - (iNeed) (RND)
  • Falskaar - (link)
  • Paper World Map for SSE - (link)
  • The People of Skyrim Complete SSE - (link)
  • Wyrmstooth - (link)

The following patches are provided by other authors:
  • Telengard - (link)
  • The People of Skyrim 2 - (link)

Mod Install Order Recommendations

Majestic Mountains - (link)
Install Majestic Mountains before RWT.
Majestic Mountains includes three meshes that conflict with RWT. Users should overwrite Majestic Mountains with RWT.  They are two creek meshes and one river rapids mesh. Majestic Mountains' changes to these meshes are mainly to the rocks included within them to make them look more wet. RWT makes additional edits to these meshes to fix certain issues.

SMIM - (link)
Install SMIM before RWT.
SMIM has one mesh that conflicts with RWT. Users should allow RWT to overwrite this mesh when using both mods or delete/hide the file from the SMIM installation. RWT fixes a green glow on this mesh caused by certain lighting conditions. The SMIM mesh was used as the base for the included, fixed file so users are still getting the SMIM fixes/updates.

ENB Particle Patch - (link)
Install ENB Particle Patch before RWT.
RWT needs to overwrite a lot of effect files in ENB PP. If you don't overwrite ENB PP, you will be missing a lot of visual upgrades and features in RWT. The ENB PP fixes for glowing assets are also contained within RWT's assets, so you will be getting the best of both worlds by overwriting ENB PP with RWT.

Recommended Mods

The following mods are recommended to help support a stable game:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - (link)
An essential mod for everyone.

SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) - (link)
This mod will fix several issues within the game engine, including some FPS issues with tree LOD, but it's recommended here because it also includes a fix for the new water flow system being tied to the game's timescale. Without this mod, lowering the timescale will slow down the movement of river water. This mod fixes this so that the water flow speed will remain consistent across all timescale settings.

Bug Reports

A quick statistic: I pruned over 70 bug reports and 90% of the reports were user error!

Before reporting any bugs please ensure the issue has been narrowed down to Realistic Water Two and is not a conflict between mods. To do this:
  1. Remove all the mods except the game's content, the unofficial patches, and Realistic Water Two.
  2. Ensure RealisticWaterTwo.esp is loaded last. If you have other plugins from RWT, follow the load order above.
  3. Run the game.
  4. At the menu screen, open the console (~)
  5. type in: coc riverwood
  6. Once in game, open the console again and type in: tmm 1
  7. Open your map and travel to the location where the issue was presenting itself. If combat is an issue, you can turn it off with the console command: tcai

If the issue is no longer present, it is either your mod list or your save file that is the issue. If the issue is still there, you've likely found an issue with the mod. Please report the issue using the "BUGS" tab above. If you're able to narrow the issue down between RWT and another mod, please report it so that I can look into making a patch.

Else, if you're not sure whether or not it's a RWT issue, you should simply post in the POSTS section. If it's a bug, we can move it to the bug reports later.

Due to the statistic above, users who do not follow these procedures to narrow down the issue before posting a bug report, will simply have their bug reported deleted. This is because these users didn't take the time to follow these procedures, and wasted ours by having to do it for them. We don't have time to sort through bug reports who's source cause is user error. We will help any users who have diligently attempted to narrow down the issue to RWT.

Common Issues
Below is a list of common issues found with updating Realistic Water Two mid-game.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have put together a FAQ for users. This should be the first item users check when investigating issues. Read it before posting a bug report!

Water Seams
If you have water seams, first ensure none of RealisticWaterTwo.esp's records are being overwritten by anything other than the provided patches. Use xEdit to do this by loading your entire load order, Apply filter for Conflict Losers, and checking for any overwrites in the RealisticWaterTwo.esp. Forward any changes that need to be made. Alternatively, for a more thorough check users can manually check all the records in RealisticWaterTwo.esp.

The above is the only way to ensure users find 100% of the potential issues around water seams, however, we understand this can be too advanced for some users. In this case, other users have reported success from the mod, Water seams fix.

Missing Water / Mismatched Water
The majority of these cases fall under one of two issues:
  1. Users have mods installed that edit exterior cells and are overwriting RWT's changes. Thus, reverting RWT's changes back to a vanilla state or worse.
  2. Users have exterior cell data cached causing some visual issues.

In the first case, this is displayed in the game as two mismatched water types next to one another (ie. marsh water next to lake water) or missing water. Following the same process to fix the water seams, in xEdit, will fix these issues as well.

If the above doesn't work, it could be the data is simply cached. Users do have a couple options. Exterior cells normally reset every 30 in-game days. Users could simply wait it out; especially for areas that aren't visited much. Else, users could go to an interior location and use the wait menu until 30 days have past.