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Turns Whiterun into a more vibrant Economic hub. In Version 3.0 there are some 90+ Buildings and structures and 260+ NPCs added across new districts, towns and camps. It adds a Trade network of tradeposts, couriers and merchants as well as citizens, hunters, herders, guards, farmers, workers, followers, hirelings, beggars, trainers and animals.

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What Whiterun Valley does...
  • Overhauls Whiterun Hold, turning it into a more vibrant economic hub
  • Adds two new districts to outskirts of City
  • Adds three additional and distinctive towns / villages / camps (or whatever you want to call them)
  • Adds an 'Apothik' Guild (Apothecary)
  • Scatters various Hunter and Herder camps around the plains surrounding the city
  • Includes in total around 250+ NPCs
  • Includes in total around 90+ buildings, interior spaces and structures
  • It adds Followers, Hirelings, Traders, Merchants, Citizens, Guards, Hunters, Herders, Trainers and more
  • Adds a Trade network, incorporating TradePosts, Traders and Merchants, Warehouses, delivery mules and stables
  • Includes some of my own sign and clothing textures

The Marsh District


In recent decades the City of Whiterun under the astute stewardship of the Jarl Balgruuf has returned to its status as undisputed centre of trade and industry of the province of Skyrim. To accommodate this increase in interest from the other great cities and even further afield, The Marsh district has spring up to service the merchants, couriers, tradespeople and guards who now frequent this outskirts of the city. Whilst the district is still firmly under the auspices of the Jarl, its unsavoury character has meant that it often goes unnoticed in the eyes of the authorities.

The result is a fairly corrupt barracks of guards who perhaps frequent the local brothel and beerhalls more often than duty requires, a powerful Merchant guild which largely holds sway over the district and is controlled by the wealthy Chunderwitt family, thieves' dens, illicit skooma dens, fences, poverty, homelessless, lawlessness and debauchery. But there are certainly also those who seek a more honourable living; craftsmen and women, a market proudly displays its wares, and other stores and services of a more reputable standing. The district has also become a hub in recent years of adventurous souls in search of rare items and treasure, and news of potential quests. 

The Marsh District includes:

  • An expanded guard area including; storage room, wash room, contraband office , walkway and stables, modified walls and extra gateways
  • The Whiterun Tradepost
  • A three-story Warehouse
  • The Chunderwitt manor
  • The Wayfarer's Guild
  • A rundown area
  • Traders housing that houses some 7 traders
  • Various housing for other citizens
  • A Bowyers and Fletchers
  • A Tailor (who dabbles with the occult)
  • A Musical Instrument maker
  • The Merchant Guild Hall
  • A brothel (Madame Lasivius' Parlour)
  • A Barracks and outdoor training area
  • A small holding cell and office
  • Baths
  • The Wayhouse - An Inn with expansive underground rooms that houses almost twenty NPCs
  • A Cooper (Illegal tunnel access point for Thieves Guild)
  • A Basket Weaver (Fence)
  • A Potter
  • A Locksmith (Owns lots of stolen keys / Picklocks)
  • A Candlemaker (Looks a little shady however)
  • A Shoemaker
  • A Jeweller (Horrible man, third richest in the district some say)
  • A Toolsmith
  • A Carpenter
  • A Retired Artist/Actor (Trainer)
  • The District Library
  • A Healer
  • A School
  • An Orphanage
  • The Bird's Nest Inn - Thieves Guild
  • A Sewer network connecting various buildings

The Greenfields District


Predating the sprawling Marsh District, the Greenfields district has long been the centre of agricultural trade, where animals are regularly brought to sell or be slaughtered. Here are to be found farms and fields of glistening wheat  and the other vital links in the chain that ultimately sees food on the grubby tables of the citizens of Whiterun; Millers, Bakers and various other craftsmen and women, all reside in the shadow of the great city. You'll also find artisans in some of the more functional aspects of life not least of which is the local Gravedigger. 

The people of the Greenfields district tend to distrust the folk of the Marsh District, considering them too self indulgent and amoral to undertake a decent days work. As such they tend to limit their time in the City, preferring the slower pace of life down in the valley.

The Greenfields District includes:

  • Expanded Whiterun Stables
  • Maiden Loom's Manor is now in game (will need patch if using Cutting Room Floor)
  • Whiterun Mill
  • A Bakery
  • A Butchers with back knackers yard
  • A Stone Mason with work area
  • A Wheelwright with work area
  • A Graveyard, Gravedigger's house and work area
  • A Mausoleum
  • A Gardener's Shack with gardens, Greenhouse and Appletree Orchard
  • Hildor's Farm (rival to Pelagia farm)
  • An animal market area with auctioneer stand 

The Town of Hvidfal


The town of Hvidfal nestles amongst the ruins of the old Hvidfal keep that once dominated this strategic crossing of roads and waterways. Now four major local Businesses and powerful families have brokered an uneasy alliance in this burgeoning market town, and business is flourishing. The Honningbrew Meadery takes advantage of the local supply of hops and honey in the area, The local Fishery is a place of work for many, and then there are the two main landowners of the area; the Nazeems and the Battle-Borns. Business is so good infact that these four powerful groups share the upkeep of a local militia of guards, charged with protecting their assets at all costs. The Jarl tolerates their fascade of independence, as the city benefits greatly from this outcrop of commerce and enterprise. However, there is an uneasy eye kept lingering over their activities, and the knowledge that power ultimately corrupts...

View from above

Hvidfal Town includes:

  • A Fishery that straddles the riveron stilts with a processing area, other fishing areas and traps and boats
  • The Hvidfal Tradepost with storage barn and stables
  • An expanded Honningbrew Meadery exterior with lots more clutter and life
  • The Wintersand Manor where the Nazeems live
  • The Fishery Owner's Manor
  • Hvidfal Mill, a distinctive local oddity
  • A main square complete with bunting and seating areas
  • A small marina for mooring boats and unloading supplies
  • A rundown player house (more for storage, it's a dump!)
  • Some 8 other houses for local residents
  • A Beekeeper and Apiary
  • A local militia
  • Rundown fortifications of Hvidfal Keep some of which are still defensible

Fiefdom of Aeldsten


Deep in the Mines of Aeldsten, there are to be found the remains of a mysterious ancient culture. Who these people were nobody knows, but they have left behind great monoliths and subterranean structures as their testament. Strange markings scrawl across their surface, attracting the attention of local scholars as well as the hardy men and women who eek out a meagre existence in the deep dust-filled tunnels. The site has, however been prosperous for some, and the once scattering of houses has burgeoned into a small town. The wealth has also made its owner increasingly ambitious, and he has financed a small local soldiery to defend the riches of the town. Whiterun tolerates this brazen confidence because she relies on the steady and sizeable supply of ore and weaponry and equipment from the towns large Workshop. As such the Jarl has opted to pander to the Lord of Aeldsten's ego and granted the town 'Fiefdom' status. A vassal city within the Hold. So long as the ore flows, and the Lord keeps the prices low, there will undoubtedly be peace. 

View from above

Aeldsten includes some 16 Buildings and structures:

  • 9 Houses to house the various Miners, Blacksmiths, craftsmen, traders and guards (some have multiple floors accessed from separate doors)
  • A Workshop
  • A Mine
  • A Tradepost
  • A storage barn
  • An outdoor kitchen area
  • An outdoor Smelting area
  • A stables
  • A dock
  • A toilet
  • The Hystorrean's House
  • The Lord's Manor

The Apothik Guild


There has always been the Apothika. The women of the poultice and balm, the magic of the leaf and root. Sadly they have not always been welcome in Skyrim, and have been largely itinerant vagabonds for decades, accused of being witches or the worshipers of forest spirits. 

Ever since the Grandmaster Hilinda healed a local Millworker, the Apothik Guild has however been welcome in the village of Riverwood and invited to set up home on the villages outskirts. Their numbers have swelled over the years. Locals still whisper from time to time, failed crops, inclement weather, all are at times blamed on the presence of such a mysterious and secretive order, buried as they are deep in the burrows of their home in the hillside. But, the current Guildmaster is an astute politician as well as healer, and knows when to reach out to the farmers and millworkers with timely gifts of medicines and poultices. 

In the Guild it is said, there is always a bed available for an inquisitive soul, a would-be Apothecary. 

The Apothik Guild includes:

  • The Guild itself, a large underground complex of many rooms and tunnels
  • An outdoor eating area
  • An outdoor greenhouse

Skalsgeld Encampment 


Ever since the establishment of the Tradepost in Rorikstead, an increasing number of hunters, trappers and leatherworkers have chosen to lay down more permanent roots in the area. A virtual village, Skalsgeld, of ramshackle shacks and tents has risen up on the outskirts of Rorikstead. Their unofficial leader, Sturgrimm, has managed to largely keep the peace with the neighbouring farming community but there are certainly cultural 'differences', and the people of the once mostly peaceful hamlet of Rorikstead watch with growing concern as the camp of Skalsgeld attracts an increasing number of opportunistic hunters and their wild ways. There is whisper that these 'savages' worship their own gods, or spirits of the forest. That they perform strange rites and ceremonies that would turn most people's stomachs. 

Top-down View

Whiterun Tradeposts


The establishment of the tradeposts across Whiterun has been perhaps Jarl Balgruuf's most astute initiatives and has led to greatly increased wealth and resources in the City itself. Today, traders can be seen traversing the many paths and roads of the Hold, relatively safe in the knowledge that they do so under the protection of the Jarl himself. There can be found tradeposts at Riverwood, Aeldsten, Hvidfal, Rorikstead and Whiterun city. Principle material such as Ores and wood can more more freely than ever before. 

Hunter & Herder Camps


The plains of Whiterun have long been home to a wide variety of Herdsmen and women, who brave the harsh winds and rain, as well as the ever--present threat of a violent end, that Whiterun Hold is famous for. Patrols of soldiers try their best to protect these hardy citizens, but these folk must always realistically be armed and prepared to take the law into their own hands. For there are worse things out there than just mere bandits. 


Version 3.0

Footage of Whiterun Valley starts around 2h30m

Version 2.0 

VIDEO: Courtesy of Metalyard.


Designs of the Nords SSE (Improves Banners)

Whiterun HD / Skyland - Whiterun
Epic Gate of Whiterun
Beautiful Honey Signs / Signs of Skyrim SE / ElSopa HD Hand Made Signs


In this mod I have used some modding resources from the following:

STROTI - Converted by TAMIRA - Various packs including Hobbit House Resource and other buildings
YUGHUES - Converted by TAMIRA - New Plants
NERDOFPREY - Immersive Laundry

TARSHANA - Winterbrook Furnishings
SWEEPSWIRL - Wood Frame Backpacks SSE
IXWIND - The Witcher Cards
JET4571 - Jet Resources
CLOUDEDTRUTH - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
HANAISSE - Hanas Blank Roadsigns - A resource
AULIE - Melt in the Mouth - Sweet Resources
JOKERINE - Misc resources
TAMIRA/PHITTS - Lanterns Mod
TAMIRA - Assorted Resources
MIGHTYNINE - Tap Warehouse
NORTHBORN - Northborn Fur Hoods
0Prime0 - Blades Samurai Armor and Kinono
OARISTYS - Modder's Resource - The Witcher Extension
LORSAKYAMUNI - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
NORAIMIRONHAND - Mule Skinner's Farm
HIFOO - Basket Backpack
TREASURECHEST - Furbag Backpack
JACKNIFELEE - Velvet Robes and Cloaks
ELINEN & ZTREE - Hoddminir Plants and Trees
MIHAILMODS - Various Creature Mods
CD Projekt RED
KELRETU - Alchemist Backpack
MATY743 - Noldor Content Pack
BLUEBOAR - Broad-Brimmed Hats
ORIN04 - Decoration Bag
REFURBMADNESS - Simple Outfits for Men
MM137 - Skaal Santa Suit
LEODOIDAO - Petrogliph and Cave Painting Resource
APEPIofDUAT - Apepi's Art Assets
KRAETEN - Stormcloak Cabin Resource
TESTTIGER2 - TestTiger's Mesh Resources
RUSEY - More Triss Armor Recolours
BUDDY1011 - Mega Resource Pack
DARKRIDER - Celtic Decor for Skyrim I
BLARY - Various Resources
FLINTTONE - Orient Set
ELIANORA - Elianora's Extra Resources
SCARLA - Scarla's Toybox - Modder Resources
ELINEN - Whiterun House Foundations
MAHTY - Hip Bags
JAYR848 - Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer
MINNGARM / KRITTAKITTY - Realistic Horse Breeds
xXTAINXx - Pierced Ears - Earrings
NICKJORASU - Religious Resources of Tamriel
PHYSICSFISH - Tasheni Saddles Redguard Collection SSE

Big thanks

Translations/Extra files available


German translation by Znerol (big thanks), available here: Znerol's German translation




M A R S H   D I S T R I C T

Minor tweaks here and there to the actual external layout of the District.
Moved Chunderwitt manor next to the Warehouse.
Replaced that manor with new Wayfarer Guild (Adventurer's Guild where you can invite a variety of Followers to join you on your quests!)
Removed probably around 30 item from the Marsh district, mostly redundant things that you'd never notice or even old object buried under buildings. 
Added gallows with poor unfortunates hanging from them
Expanded Warehouse greatly, it now has three floors rather than the one!
Added Whiterun Tradepost, replacing outdoor area.
Reworked front gate and walls 
Reworked The Wayhouse, which now has large expansive underground rooms to house many of the districts itinerant NPCs
Added several Follower NPCs
Added new Sewer system to the district that connects The Wayhouse, The Wayfarers Guild, The Merchant Guild and Chunderwitt's Manor (this will hopefully reduce the number of NPCs moving around above ground when you fast travel to the area)
Added 'King of the tramps' to Sewer, and made other tramps sleep in the sewers
Reworked rundown area and made Sewer entrance
Replaced all the Market stalls with single meshes (so fewer items to load in - hopefully a performance improvement there)
Reworked Healers interior completely, now also has tower with three levels.
Reworked Bookstore largely, also has tower with multiple floors
Reworked Market area, now also has gate that connects with Whiterun City's Wind District.
Reworked AI packages for most NPCs in the district. 
Reworked many building interiors to add detail or improve in some way. 
Moved Traders into the same building
Moved Gelder sisters back into the district
Moved Speech trainers house next to the Wayfarers Guild
Added new shop - Fletchers & Bowyers + Shopkeeper
Added several NPCs 
Reworked rundown area
Removed lots of coloured light and lighting from the open market area, this was leading to light overlapping that apparently can cause performance issues. It was critical levels in several places according to the Creation Kit. 
Looked at Mules, and found I'd left out a few things - for example Mule skeleton - so they should now walk more realistically.
Reworked entranceway, removed exterior desk and replaced with Whiterun Tradepost building
Reworked some of the clutter in entranceway
Replaced the gates to Marsh district with new gateways and new portcullises 
Replaced the dog skin of Nordennus

G R E E N F I E L D S   D I S T R I C T

Removed Windwalker's house (she now lives in newly expanded Apothecary Guild)
Replaced WIndwalker's house with new Millers
Added Miller and wife
Reworked exterior area of Gravediggers house and graveyard
Reworked exterior area of Stonemason
Reworked exterior area and moved house of Wheelwright's house
Reworked Animal market area
Completely reworked exterior of Gardener's House, now has Orchard and Greenhouse
Reworked Hildor's Farm exterior
Re-introduced Maiden Loom's Manor (just as Cutting Room Floor does, so you'll need a patch!), opposite the Stables
Removed the Goat Pen
Removed the Apiary (Beehives) and moved them to Hvidfal

H V I D F A L   D I S T R I C T

Introducing Hvidfal!
Technically a new district on the outskirts of Whiterun (where the brewery is) but it has wealthy merchants who pay for a local militia
Added some 10 buildings in additional to those already in the area
Added fortifications and new guards
Added a unique looking Mill with Miller
Added Hvidfal Tradepost
Added Trader NPCs
Added a FIshery to expand greatly on original Fishing area
Added several boats and other clutter
Added several Fishermen (you'll recognise them, they have distinctive beards!)
Moved Nazeem back into his Wintersand Manor with wife (and now a kid!)
Added Fishery Owners Manor
Added Waterfront area with walkways and boats
Moved Shepherd out, he's not a Herder out in the wilds with his sheep
Added Beekeeper, with Apiary
Moved rundown play home to the area
Added Guard houses and Brewery workers house
Expanded on the exterior of the Brewery
Gave farmer on Nazeem' farm a wife
Expanded Battle-born farm slightly
Added rooves to bridges

A E L D S T E N   F I E F D O M 

Introducing Aeldsten fiefdom!
Reworked Aeldsten mine, making it into a fully fleshed out town. 
Expanded the old mine to be around three times as big with more interesting interior
Added some ancient standing stones that offer the player powerful blessings
Added Aeldsten Tradepost with docking area
Added stable area and toolshed
Added toilet
Added Warehouse
Added large Workshop
Added around 9 houses, housing the various traders, miners, warehouse workers, cooks etc
Added probably around 12 worker NPCs
Added 6 guards with new uniform and 'Aeldsten' shields
Added the Steward and his wife
Added the Lord's Manor
Added the Lord, his wife and son
Added a family Mausoleum
Added a beacon 

S K A L S G E L D   C A M P   +   R O R I K S T E A D   T R A D E P O S T

Introducing Skalsgeld Camp!
Completely removed the old Skinner camp to create this new encampment / village on the outskirts of Rorikstead. 
It keeps the Skinner family from the old camp, moves several of the vagabond hunters and Horse herder there and also adds around three new ones: a Shaman, a Bowyer and a Fletcher. 
Added some seven huts.
Added a spirit tent
Added an outdoor working area and a stone circle
Added an empty hut for the player to stay in and perhaps role play as a hunter. 
Added the Bowyer and Fletchers.
Added Rorikstead Tradepost opposite the encampment. 

H E R D E R   C A M P S

Completely reworked Herder camps, now with larger circular tents with interior spaces to visit. 
The areas have more clutter and look more realistic.
The Goat herder has been moved and now lives in a small camp of three tents and a small family unit of 4 NPCs.
The Mammoth herder now has a house and revamped outdoor area
Wim the Woodcutter now also has a new home, with reworked area in stead of the old Treehouse. 
The Shepherd is also now a herder out in the wilds and again like the others will take his flocks to various locations