About this mod

Adds content to the surrounding area of Whiterun: a market with several stalls, 60+ new colourful NPCs, a warehouse, a Mayor, a Metalworks, a Butchers, Townhall, houses including the Mayor's grand mansion, an Inn with beer garden and a Leatherworking camp. It adds traders, herders, hunters, workers and guard patrols.

Permissions and credits
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I always loved Whiterun and I found myself trying an increasing number of mods to 'flesh out' the surrounding area. 
This is my attempt at adding a little extra life to Whiterun, whilst ensuring that the surrounding area is fully compatible with some of the more popular mods. It will hopefully work well with all the mods that I feel when used in conjunction make Whiterun the kind of place you find yourself not leaving for hours on end. 


Several stalls selling mostly raw materials (so as to not reduce the need to travel into Whiterun itself)
A Market place overseen my Mayor Chunderwitt
A warehouse to be broken into if so desired
The Great Sword of Whiterun - possibly obtainable at some point lol
A Butchers, visited each day by different Herders providing meat.

Some locations to explore beyond the Market place:

Several houses for the new residents
The Whiterun Inn complete with basement and beergarden
Whiterun Metalworks
A Guard House
Leatherworking Camp
A Town Hall
A fishing Dock
A small woodland and treehouse
A Butchers
A Dwarven artefact Shop

Over 60 new NPCs:

Some trainers
Some followers
Some traders who ferry 'imaginary' good back and for from the Market to Riverwood etc
Herders who bring their flocks into town periodically
The Mayors Family
Nordicus the Dog
Some random Drunkards
The workers at the Metalworks
A mystic
A Hermit

Also - additional dialogue to spice things up a little from Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Find new species of creatures native only to Whiterun Hold (cos I'm too lazy):

The Nargrenkle
A wandering pack of Wild Dogs
The Blodfish
The Hellfish
Tame Slaughterfish and Mudcrabs

 Future Content / Plans

>>>What's still to do?<<<

A small quest to get the sword on the stone in the square.
Additional Quests maybe
Additional Dialogue and Conversations
An alternate, optional version of the mod which moves is elsewhere in Whiterun Hold, to create a small town (mostly to avoid other mods)
Perhaps additional district outside city wall, (a slum) with resident thieves/beggars/gangsters etc


Compatibility / Recommended Mods

RS Children Patch available here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13409/?

I originally planned the areas that the mod would alter to best fit it in with several other Whiterun mods, however several of them will still need patches for minor clipping.

Mods that seem to be compatible:

Guards of Skyrim
Skyfall Estate
(WRV MUST to be AFTER it in Load order otherwise big tear near the Inn - strange!?!)
Cannabis Skyrim SE (WRV needs to be after it in Load order - not sure if possible to work with Whiterun Stables Tweaks+WRV)
Elysium Estate
(MUST be AFTER WRV in load order otherwise there is a big tear)
Provincial Courier Service
Candy Shops of Skyrim
Dragonborn Village

Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite SE
Western Watchtower Reborn
Whitewatch Tower Reborn 
(Very slight clipping but really doesn't matter)
Forests of Dibella (Very minor issues and there is a patch, but it's more aesthetic, and a couple of trees clipping the treehouse)

*WRV needs to be quite late in Load order due to it altering external Navmesh. Other mods seem to replace them, and so NPCs collide with objects.
This is definitely the case with Skyfall and Whiterun Stables Tweaks. If Skyfall is after WRV there is strangely a big terrain tear near the Inn.
Elysium Estate MUST be AFTER WRV however, as it probably redoes the entire Cell that it occupies' Navmesh. If it is not after WRV there will be a tear in front of the house.

Mods that NEED and already have Patches:

The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold - needs original mod here: The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
Cutting Room Floor
- needs original mod here: Cutting Room Floor
JK's Whiterun Outskirts v.1.4 - needs original mod here: JK's Whiterun Outskirts
Forests of Dibella - needs original mod here: Forests of Dibella
Whiterun Stables Tweaks - needs original mod here: Whiterun Stables Tweaks
Whiterun Walls Restored - needs original mod here: Whiterun Walls Restored

Mods that I'm hoping to have Patches for soon:

Candy Shops of Skyrim (just minor issues)

Mods that I will check compatability:

Whiterun Home
Immersive Citizens
Ebonvale (hopefully a small patch that links it into simulated trading network)

Mods that will definitely conflict with this one:

Holds The City Overhaul
(would love to get my mod working with this one, but that would be A LOT of work, possibly moving several of my buildings further down the road etc etc. Possibly one day...)

This mod only touches the cells outside Whiterun, so will be fully compatible with Whiterun City overhauls, such as:

JK's Whiterun
Kato's Whiterun
Better Cities SSE
Perfect Whiterun

Translations available

German translation by Znerol (big thanks), available here: Znerol's German translation


Installation - Recommended Load Order

Current recommended Load Order - mods tested for order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Skyfall (seems to create tears in some cells if placed late in mod order)
The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
Cutting Room Floor
Whiterun Stables Tweaks 
JK's Whiterun Outskirts
Whiterun Walls Restored
Whitewatch Tower Reborn
Whiterun Valley
Elysium Estate
WRV-JK's Whiterun Outskirts Patch
WRV-Whiterun Stables Tweaks Patch
WRV-Cutting Room Floor Patch
WRV-The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold Patch
WRV-Whiterun Walls Restored Patch


All of these mods have been worked around so as to attempt something cohesive. When working all in tandem, it really is quite impressive. Sometimes with dozens of NPCs all milling about. It really does feel a living, breathing environment. However having so many NPCs and items in exterior cells can cause stress on the GPU and CPU obviously.

I have a very average rig:

CPU: i7 2600
GPU: 670 GTX

But I'm mostly getting a near constant 60fps even with all the above mode installed. I've avoided higher resolution texture mods, opting in stead for:

Artistic Skyrim Overhaul - Oil version. (I would recommend a higher-res sign texture mod)

Which looks fantastic and allows me a near constant 60fps. Anyone using 2K and 4k texture mods all over the place, even with high-end PCs might find an fps hit. Please let me know if this is the case.

I will be doing a Performance update soon, which will try a few things such as converting more items to statics and tweaking number of NPCs and items in certain areas.

I may also at a later date release a lite version of the market which removes many unecessary, purely aesthetic clutter for PCs that struggle or else have many mods in use)


Recent Update notes

UPDATE 1.3 Changelog


Reduced lighting in Butchers and added clutter 
Added clutter to Guardhouse
Added clutter to Town Hall
Added pictures to Moon's bedroom
Added clutter to Whiterun Inn Basement
Completed interior to all 3 Metalworkers houses
Completed interior of Metalworks Boss's house
Completed interior of Grima Wurmtung's house
Completed interior of Dwemer artifact trader
Completed Skinner clan Leatherworking camp 
Completely reworked entire cell Navmesh for Skinner Camp


Added AI package to make all guards return to Guard house for a few hours here and there
Added Dwemer Dog 'Coggy'
Added 2 more guards to Riverwood who patrol between metalworks and Riverwood and sleep in Guardhouse
Added Horsetrader + Horses who will roam the wilds and sometimes come into Whiterun to do business at the stables, and also visit the Leatherworkers camp.
Added Ulrika Vilka, sister of Bertha who works as a trader between the market, Leatherworking camp and Rorikstead
Added Skinner NPCs: Freiyja, Grenya, Dorin and a dog Skubi.
Made the machine Guards act as 'guards'.
Added Hunters: Hobbyn Roode and Bobarina Fetta - these will hunt the wilds and also come trade at the Leatheworkers camp and visit the market
Added several robot minions to Aldman's house: Tuktuk, Eyebot, Smasha and Neo. 
Completed AI packages for all Metalworkers, they now sleep and work
Completed AI packages and relationships for Skinner family
Olgin will visit his family once a week
Added Dwemer goods trader to Metalworks area


Added some more animals
Added pack of wild dogs with large boss dog that roam the wilds of Whiterun
Added domesticated boar and chickens to Skinner camp


Replaced most items in market place with static items with no need for scripts to keep them in place, hopefully will reduce mouth sync bug and improve performance.
Added flowers and clutter to rear of Town hall
Added brazier and pillar to rear of Town hall
Added market notice board.
Removed grass (altered textures to non grass) around Skinner camp, near Mystic Meig's tent and Fishing camp
Added Bunting to beer garden
Added fast travel point (mapmarker) to Leatherworking Camp


Navmesh fixing
Increased strength of Deerherder so he doesnt die early on out in the wilds
Replaced many many items in market area with statics.. this will drastically reduce the amount of scripts in the area. I'm hoping based on what I've read that this will reduce lag and lip sync lag. So far looking good, but please let me know.

1.2 Changelog

AdditionsAdded NPC - Wurma Grimetung (no AI as yet)
Added NPC - Maximilian
Added NPC - Draximilian
(Aldman Aldkennis not added in yet as house interior not done)
Added houses for metalworkers (exteriors only)
Altered some NPC factions altering and adding some dialogue in the process, especially Olgin Skinner, the herders, the mayor.
Finally added CONVERSATIONS, NPCs will now initiate random 2-way conversations. So far all are in the market or the inn.
Added unique weapons to several NPCs
Added more dialogue, some idle dialogue, some greetings and farewells
Added more map markersAdded rats to Urkin's Hovel
Added Ledger to Butchers and some other clutter
Added standing stone circle
Added rats to god-awful places where you'd expect rats (well mini-skeevers)
Added clutter to Chunderwitt House (now almost 100% completed I'd say)
Added windowsills to outside of Moon's house
Added some clutter to Urkin's Hovel
Added possibly temporary static sword at stone
Changed Nordicus relationships so some npcs now say 'good dog' not just 'stupid dog'
Added more AI packages to vanilla NPCs to make them visit various people, eat or visit the Inn or market.
Added some lighting, mist and more graves to graveyard area (will probably jazz this area up with the Quest update)

Changes / Alterations

Did lots of ESP cleaning, especially some accidental cell edits (hopefully fixed some issues with NPCs' mouths not syncing with speech
Corrected a couple of floating items
Made all NPCs 'bosses' in the houses they occupy. Apparently that's what you do! :)
Changed name of safe in Chunderwitt household
Altered sleeping cycles at the Fish dock
Changed Sword in square to temporary Static model
Rotated a hay bed so that the NPCs head isn't buried :/
Fixed seperated Navmesh on Fish dock (that explains why they were sometimes getting stuck :/)
Added more AI packages to make more Vanilla NPCs interact with my mod
Altered some clothing/outfits
Finally got round to making the ghost Oeddin appear. he doesn't move or say anything ;)
Reworked Mystic Meig's dialogue to be branching. She will introduce herself as you approach and there after you will have multiple options that you can return to. Her introduction only plays once. 

Update 1.1 Changelog


Added building - Town Hall, meetings occur here every Monday (interior completed)
Added building - Whiterun Market District Guard House (interior completed)
Added building - Bertha's House (interior completed)
Added NPC - Pygmy Mammoth Herder, a half-giant, I'm totally scared of him. 
Added NPC - Captain MorggenAdded Pygmy Mammoth Herder's Camp
Added Pygmy Mammoths
Added clutter to some buildings
Added some notes and letters around the place to add a little backstory
Added lots more AI packages, hopefully bringing the buildings and market place to life
Added several more lines of dialogue

Alterations / Changes

Renamed Market to Whiterun Market District, in line with the naming of districts in the city
Completely rebuilt the Navmesh for the cell around the crossroads where most of my mod is. So far this seems to have had a big impact on NPC movement, and I haven't seen one NPC sitting incorrectly in the beergarden after hours of playtesting so far.. let me know if you spot one. 
Reworked the beergarden, now on a platform
Moved Inn back further away from road
Moved stalls to fall into line, better for people who suffer from OCD :)
Finally realised that some clutter wasn't showing in my uploaded mods, hopefully rectified that.
Hopefully got the ghost to appear, not 100% sure might have been a fluke, I'll playtest more.
Wim now chops wood every day.
One of the traders now travels each day to Whiterun rather than Rorikstead

1.0 Changelog


Added Metalworks interior
Added Hodor's Homestead interior
Added Metalwork's Housing, so far just exterior (as it will play a role in the Quest)
Added 4 camps on the other side of Whiterun
Added 2 Guard posts to main road
Added Slaughterhouse/Butchers 
Added clutter to Warehouse, better containers in Windwalker house, Inn basement and Inn
Added Old Abandoned Guard house
Added clutter to Chunderwitt residence
Added locking cycles to some houses
Added secret passage from Chunderwitt's house to Dragon's Reach
Added a Safe to the Chunderwitt's house


Added 2 metalworkers and an Overseer
Added 2 Herders, a goat herder and a cow herder, both will at times bring their animals into town (to theoretical slaughter)
Added cow and goat herds and 2 dogs
Added 7 guards, 2 at each Guardpost (who will also patrol the road) and 3 who roam the north moving across 4 camps
Altered all NPCs, so most now are in Whiterun town and crime factions, which means that they will defend each other
Added more Dialogue to NPCs, including Meig. Also tried to add two scripted scenes, but dont think they work, will try to figure it out
Added Oeddin Eorvik, ancestor of Wim and Urkin (Ghost obviously )
Added more AI packages, the Mayor will visit the Jarl once a week for example.
Samwise and Rayne both now sell Fish
The Butcher, surprise surprise, sells meat produce


Added more Krabbes, fish etc to the rivers of Whiterun Hold

Fixes / Alterations

More Navmesh refinements
Changed stone which holds the sword
Reworked Wim's wood for performance reasons, far fewer trees for now

0.9 Changelog


Added a Metalworks, just a little further up from the Meadery. (Can't enter yet, will be complete in 1.0)
Added a trade network whereby several traders travel between Rorikstead, Riverwood, The Market, Whiterun and the Metalworks.
Added the Chunderwitt Family.
Added the Chunderwitt Residence, within outer defences of Whiterun.
Interior of Chunderwitt house 75% done.
Added Mayor Chunderwitt + Bodyguard, who runs the Warehouse in the market. He is also a merchant.
Moon is now a trainer.
Added Urkin's Hovel, a run-down cess-pit of a home - follow him to find out where it is.
Added additional detail to the front of the warehouse.
Added a small companion for Mushikun in the Windwalker's house.
Added some clutter to Windwalker house, Inn basement and Warehouse. 
Mystic Meig now speaks telepathically to you, as well as talking normally when trading. Okay, okay I was having problems getting the lip sinking to work, but then I realised that it kinda works. Please let me know if you think her voice is dreadful. But I think it sounds like the usualy annoying mystics I usually hear. Will add more to her in 1.0.
Added Dialogue to several NPCs. Again more to come, but using RDO, several of them respond to questions and speak up randomly. I will hopefully add conversations between two npcs in 1.0 if I can figure it out.
Added more creatures to the river, 3 more native to Whiterun hold. The Blodfish, The Hellfish and the Nargrenkle (Nordic Aquatic Troll) which tends to live under bridges. 
Added Hodor's family shack, only exterior at moment - near Warehouse.
Added ability to rent room in Whiterun (although he won't show you to it)


Lots of new AI packages, making more NPCs both new and vanilla to visit the market. 
Lots of Navmesh adjustments. 
Lots more Idles in the market.
Fixed side-door issue of Inn, NPCs can now enter easily.
First pass at performance improvement. Eliminated all overlapping lights hopefully improving things in wood and market.


A vanilla npc keeps wandering strangely, I'll have to investigate, I have a theory..
Still occasional NPC teleporting

Known Issues

AI issues, some NPCs will teleport sometimes due to poor Navmeshing I guess, I will look at it again
Tame Slaughterfish if attacked will run onto land, have to try to figure out a way to prevent this
Inn and house don't lock at night yet, open 24/7



In this mod I have used some modding resources from the following:

STROTI - Converted by TAMIRA - Various packs
YUGHUES - Converted by TAMIRA - New Plants
TARSHANA - Winterbrook Furnishings
IXWIND - The Witcher Cards
Jets Resources - Jet4571
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - CloudedtruthJOKERINE - Misc resourcesTAMIRA/PHITTS - Lanterns ModTAMIRA - Assorted ResourcesMIGHTYNINE - Tap WarehouseNORTHBORN - Northborn FurHoods0Prime0 - Blades Samurai Armor and Kimono