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Turns Whiterun into a more vibrant Economic hub. There's a new district - The Marsh district which adds some 24 buildings, a Market district, other buildings and other additions throughout the hold including a mine, apothecary guild and camps. It adds citizens, hunters, herders, guards, farmers, workers, followers, hirelings, trainers and animals.

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Whiterun Valley 2.0
This is my remake of my original mod. It redesigns most aspects of the original, and adds a lot more content. It adds:

A new district - The March District that adds around 50% size to the city of Whiterun. 
The new district includes over 20 buildings, alleys, open areas, a second gate and more.
A market area that includes around 13 stalls to the crossroads outside town.
A revamped Guard area with a Warehouse district and an expanded stables.
Other buildings outside town: A Bakery, new farm, A Butchers with knacker's yard, Graveyard, Stonemason and Inn.
Further afield in the Hold there's a Skinner's Camp, An Apothecary Guild, An expanded Fishing area and a Mine.
There are several Herders who periodically bring in their flocks to the Butchers, and additional Gates and Hold Guards. 
In total is adds well over 140 NPCs, many with additional dialogue.
In addition to these NPCs it adds a variety of additional wildlife
Added assets from various modder's resources including my own signs and clothing.


This mod is a complete overhaul of the City of Whiterun and it's surroundings. The main essence of the mod is to make Whiterun a more immersive and vibrant economic hub. It introduces two new Districts: The Marsh District with a separate new gate entrance, and which adds some 23 buildings, and the Market District outside the city with market stalls and various agricultural/industrial buildings. It adds additional areas around the Hold also, and in total around 140 NPCs as well as various Fauna.


To replicate a thriving meat industry various Shepherds and other herder NPCs bring in their flocks to a Butchers. Couriers carry materials themselves or with help from their mules between Riverwood, Rorikstead, a new mine and Metalworks, Ivarstead, Falkreath, Windhelm and the Warehouse district in the city outskirts. There is an Apothecary Guild in Riverwood also, and it's various members bring their wares daily down into the City of Whiterun. There are also additional gates, Herder camps, a standing stone circle and some unique species of Fauna. There is an expanded Fishing Dock also. More guards have been added to various locations around the hold, and these Hold guards (wearing cloaks to distinguish them) periodically return to the city or follow patrol routes.

THE MARSH DISTRICT (Whiterun Outskirts)

The City outskirts is a more vibrant area for merchants and guards, with new Guard areas, (a toilet, armory and defensive towers) and a Contraband Office. Several guards have been added (without helmets) 1 of which is a retired guard / cook who mostly works in a small camp area where guards will sit and eat (they all reside in the Barracks). There are also additional walkways. The main focus of the Outskirts is however as a trading area, so there's the Warehouse overseen by the Merchant Guild, and various other NPCs. There's a processing area, and a new Stables inside the city walls. Various NPCs will periodically travel to and fro between other towns and this warehouse, replicating supposed trade routes. Inside the city walls is also the new Marsh District complete with The Merchant Guild, Madame Lasivius' Parlour (a brothel), a Barracks complete with training area, prison and baths, a Wayhouse (a sort of hotel for traders) and three shacks for the Traders, a Jewellers, a Cobblers, a Weavers, a Tailors, a Coopers, a Candlemakers, a Locksmith, a Carpenter, a Toolsmith, a Musical Instrument maker, an Actor (Speech trainer), a Potter, a School, Book Repository, Orphanage and the house of the Merchant Guild's Leader. There's a large outdoor beergarden type area with trees and a second seating space.

VIDEO: Courtesy of Metalyard.

In total the Marsh District contains:

The Merchant Guild Hall
A brothel (Madame Lasivius' Parlour)
Three trader shacks that house 6 traders
A Warehouse
A Contraband Office
A Barracks
An Inn (more like a motel really) - The Wayhouse
A Cooper (Illegal tunnel access point for Thieves Guild)
A Tailor
A Basket Weaver (Fence)
A Potter
A Locksmith (Owns lots of stolen keys / Picklocks)
A Candlemaker (A mere front for Skooma making)
A Shoemaker
A Jeweller (Horrible man, second richest in the district)
A Toolsmith
A Carpenter
A Musician
A Retired Artist/Actor (Trainer)
A Book Repository
A Healer
A School
An Orphanage
The Merchant Guild Master's Family Home.


Outside the walls, there's the Butchers, a Bakery, the Windwalker's House (an Apothecary), a new Farmstead with mill and wheat fields, a Wagon storage area with Wheelwright, animal market, a Graveyard, a Stone Masons, several houses and another Inn, The Bird's Nest. An then there's the Market itself which has 13 stalls and a variety of colourful characters to peddle their wares. 


THIS IS A BETA: So there is still some work to do, but I released it a little early to help identify bugs. And there will be some :). Hopefully final release in a week. 

This is still the BETA so, definitely PERFORMANCE tweaks (perhaps reduced items and spreading out NPCs more)
There's still around 5 buildings to complete: The Jewellers, Gravedigger's House, The Historians house and two others
Bug fixes
Additional dialogue
Need to add back in a few things, including the mod's only minor quest
Additional versions: There will be a JK's Skyrim version and a Cutting Room Floor version
Patches: There will hopefully be quite a few patches for the bigger mods
Another variation of the mod also, where the Market is actually inside the Marsh District (I've build an area especially to house it)


Current List (Will update regularly)

EDIT: Will update above soon but just wanted to add and recommend the mod: Whiterun Expansion Redone. Seems to be fully compatible and works well. 


The Great Forest of Whiterun
Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley
Immersive Citizens
JK's Skyrim
Dawn of Skyrim
JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim (Combined) - if possible
Cutting Room Floor
The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns
Rorikstead by Arthmoor (if needed)
Better Cities SSE
Expanded Towns and Cities SSE (if needed)
JK's Riverwood (if needed)
JK's Whiterun (Outskirts)
Provincial Courier Mod
Open Cities? (Will look if possible)

And hopefully a few others.


Willybach's Whiterun - this is a separate mod - check it out if you would prefer to have a lot of this content and much more within the city itself. Mod available here: 

>>>Willybach's Whiterun<<<


Provincial Courier Service
Bathing Beauties or Beefcake
1 of Elysium Estate or Skyfall Estate
Whitewatch Tower Reborn
One of the big Whiterun City Overhauls (NOT MINE! :)) - JK's Skyrim, or Dawn of Skyrim etc.
Whiterun Expansion Redone SSE
Optional: Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley


Designs of the Nords SSE (Improves Banners)

Whiterun HD / Skyland - Whiterun
Epic Gate of Whiterun
Beautiful Honey Signs / Signs of Skyrim SE / ElSopa HD Hand Made Signs


In this mod I have used some modding resources from the following:

STROTI - Converted by TAMIRA - Various packs including Hobbit House Resource and other buildings
YUGHUES - Converted by TAMIRA - New Plants
NERDOFPREY - Immersive Laundry

TARSHANA - Winterbrook Furnishings
SWEEPSWIRL - Wood Frame Backpacks SSE
IXWIND - The Witcher Cards
JET4571 - Jet Resources
CLOUDEDTRUTH - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
HANAISSE - Hanas Blank Roadsigns - A resource
AULIE - Melt in the Mouth - Sweet Resources
JOKERINE - Misc resources
TAMIRA/PHITTS - Lanterns Mod
TAMIRA - Assorted Resources
MIGHTYNINE - Tap Warehouse
NORTHBORN - Northborn Fur Hoods
0Prime0 - Blades Samurai Armor and Kinono
OARISTYS - Modder's Resource - The Witcher Extension
LORSAKYAMUNI - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
NORAIMIRONHAND - Mule Skinner's Farm
HIFOO - Basket Backpack
TREASURECHEST - Furbag Backpack
JACKNIFELEE - Velvet Robes and Cloaks
ELINEN & ZTREE - Hoddminir Plants and Trees
MIHAILMODS - Various Creature Mods
CD Projekt RED
KELRETU - Alchemist Backpack
MATY743 - Noldor Content Pack
BLUEBOAR - Broad-Brimmed Hats
ORIN04 - Decoration Bag
REFURBMADNESS - Simple Outfits for Men
MM137 - Skaal Santa Suit
LEODOIDAO - Petrogliph and Cave Painting Resource
APEPIofDUAT - Apepi's Art Assets
KRAETEN - Stormcloak Cabin Resource
TESTTIGER2 - TestTiger's Mesh Resources
RUSEY - More Triss Armor Recolours
BUDDY1011 - Mega Resource Pack
DARKRIDER - Celtic Decor for Skyrim I
BLARY - Various Resources
FLINTTONE - Orient Set
ELIANORA - Elianora's Extra Resources
SCARLA - Scarla's Toybox - Modder Resources
ELINEN - Whiterun House Foundations
MAHTY - Hip Bags
JAYR848 - Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer
MINNGARM / KRITTAKITTY - Realistic Horse Breeds
xXTAINXx - Pierced Ears - Earrings
NICKJORASU - Religious Resources of Tamriel
PHYSICSFISH - Tasheni Saddles Redguard Collection SSE

Big thanks

Translations/Extra files available


German translation by Znerol (big thanks), available here: Znerol's German translation


Polish Version (outdated, but perhaps useful for some) here: nazg2001's Translation
German Translation for LITE Version here: Znerol's German Translation for LITE Version
RS Children Overhaul Patch for WRV (Old) here: RS Children Patch