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Fixes lighting bugs with vanilla Skyrim meshes rendering too bright outside under shadows especially during daytime.
Patches for popular mods included.

Permissions and credits
Fixed Mesh Lighting


Some vanilla plants have always been too bright under shadows during daytime. With the must have EVLaS mod this is even more noticeable. This makes those plants way more visible.

Thus I made some fixes for myself and I just thought why not publishing it on the Nexus as some other people might also be bothered by the insane brightness of some flowers/clutters under certain conditions.

I also fixed all the meshes for ice (lighting issues are mostly noticeable on icicles), trees (mostly noticeable on aspens), creatures (mostly noticeable on wolves and sabrecats), potions and some other specific clutter objects.

I have also patched some assets from other popular mods I am using with the permissions from their authors. I heavily recommend the mods I have created a patch for ! (See below in the Credits or in the Requirements)

Flora :
Trees :
Ice :
Creatures :
Other :

Patches for SMIM, SMIMIM, Unofficial Material FixSkyrim Landscape and Water Fixes, Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes, Assorted mesh fixes and Dynamic Things Alternative are included.

Patches for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma, JK's Skyrim, Dawn of Skyrim, Expanded Town and Cities, TESO Imports, Capital Windhelm Expansion, Cities of the North and Immersive Fort Dawnguard included.

Overwrite any mesh from this mod if no patch is provided. Otherwise overwrite mods with the patches provided.

You can also overwrite ELFX.

Tell me if you think I have missed any item/flora/clutter or if you think a mod needs a patch.

Use Light Limit Fixes to fix flickering meshes when there are too many light sources.
Use Twilight to decrease grass lighting issues at dusk & dawn.
Use Grass Lighting to fix grass lighting.
Use Tree LOD Lighting to fix tree LOD lighting.
Use Water Effects Brightness and Reflection Fix to remove lighting issues with water effects.
Use Bright Falling Leaves Fix to remove lighting issues with falling leaves and needles.
Use Bronze Shine Be Gone to remove lighting issues with human skin.
You should use Wall mounted dead animals fixes and overwrite my mod - it is fixing even more issues with wall mounted dead animals meshes.
You should use Subdivide and Smooth with complementary mesh fixes - Hagraven and overwrite my mod - it is fixing even more issues with hagraven meshes.
If you are still having lighting/refraction issues with vanilla bottles, you can use the amazing Medieval Spirits.
If the stonewalls from HPP are too bright for your eyes, you can use Skyrim 3D StoneWalls.

This mod has open permissions only for vanilla assets as long as you credit me and link this mod page and/or my nexus user page.
You should refer to and ask the original mod authors for the patches provided (and still credit me and link this page for the fixes).

Xtudo for the original idea and the way to fix meshes lighting shaders.
Mari for all her wonderful flora mods (Tundra cotton by Mari, Jazbay by Mari, Snowberries by Mari, Juniper by Mari, Mari's Flora).
wSkeever for Shrubs of Snow - Seasons of Skyrim SKSE, High Poly Canticle Tree, 3D Junipers - Trees and Berries, Sufficiently Optimized Snowberries 3D, 3D Snowberries, High Poly Soul Husks, Dynamic Things Alternative and Assorted mesh fixes.
DrJacopo for Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers.
ICFur for ICFur's Dead Shrubs and Thickets.
Dracula420 for the port of numberland's More Growable Plants.
XONextGenXO and EdmondNoir for their ports of navajothkk's Unique Flower and Plants.
Wiseman303 and MrNeverLost for Wiseman's Flora Fixes - Revamped.
Renthal and EvilEyedKyo for EEK's Renthal Flora Collection and Lollia for 3-D Jazbay Grapes by Renthal311.
Vurt for Skyrim Flora Overhaul.
fadingsignal for Simply Bigger Trees.
AceeQ for Realistic Aspen Trees.
Spooknik and deletepch for HD Dead Trees and Driftwoods.
ossumpossum for Reach Trees Enhanced.
TheBlackPixel for Depths of Skyrim.
yag1z for Ancient Trees of Skyrim.
dopesan for Woodland.
iRetrospect for Arctic.
grvulture for RIS.
gochargers2156 for Skyrim Remastered - Glaciers and Ice.
T4gtr34um3r for Nothern Ice.
JPSteel2 for Bears of the North and Cities of the North - Winterhold.
opusGlass for Grahl - The Ice Troll and Udefrykte.
PraedythXVI for Skeleton Replacer HD.
Pfuscher for HD Goat, HD Highlandcow, HD Skeever and Skyrim 202X Parallax.
Rougeshot and all the other modders who worked/helped on Savage Skyrim.
Etayorius and all the other modders who worked/helped on SkyTEST.
FrankFamily for Unique Barbas Retexture.
Brumbek for SMIM.
Novelyst for SMIMIM.
Dlizzio for Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes.
wizkid34 and lilebonymace for Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes.
elzee for Unofficial Material Fix.
somerandomguy83 for UV-Tweaks.
RumblestrutPig for the port of jackmorris21's Animated Clutter.
The whole Beyond Skyrim team for the incredible Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
Jkrojmal, Teabag86 and ChickenDownUnder for JK's Skyrim.
Vaelka and Hissssa for Dawn of Skyrim.
missjennabee for Expanded Town and Cities.
SarthesArai for TESO Imports.
Surjamte for Capital Windhelm Expansion.
Elinen, Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince and Ga-Knomboe Boy for the assets used in Immersive Fort Dawnguard by Grantyboy050.
LucidAPs for High Poly Project.
The Unofficial Patch Project Team for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer.
NifSkope team.