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This mod adds a small garden to the right of the doorway to Hjerim in Windhelm. It is available after you purchase the Kitchen upgrade and includes 6 Hearthfire planters to plant whatever you wish!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a small garden area with harvestable crops and 6 Hearthfire planters. There are two stone planters that will appear on the steps of the entryway when the Living Room upgrade is purchased. The garden will appear when the Kitchen upgrade is purchased.

I did not touch anything to do with the quest Blood on the Ice. I just placed the items and added the windhelmplayerhome kitchen/living room purchase conditions in order to be enabled.

The mod is compacted and flagged as ESL.

There are a few patches available for this mod, as a lot of Windhelm enhancement mods will place trees and shrubs in the same area as the garden. The patches do not actually require my file (the only one that does is the HjerimGarden_OpenCities) as it only adds a condition to the flora and trees placed to be disabled when the Kitchen upgrade is purchased, so that my garden mod will take over that spot. This felt like the best of both worlds. The trees and flora from those mods will be shown as you play until Hjerim is purchased and upgraded. The Immersive Laundry patch just moves the rug line to a new position so that it is not sitting directly in front of the garden.

All Patches are ESL Flagged.

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  • Open Cities Skyrim-SSE 
Arthmoor for creating Open Cities and allowing me to upload my patches.
Hishutup for creating an xEdit patcher and converter that really helped me to create the Open Cities patches.

  • JK Skyrim 
Jkrojmal and Teabag86 for creating and maintaining JK Skyrim for SSE
and for the JK Skyrim and Open Citites Patch that is available for users. 

  • Immersive Laundry
nerdofprey for Immersive Laundry SE
InsanitySorrow for the original assets used to create Immersive Laundry

  • A Few Trees in Windhelm
PhillipJohnPC for  A Few Trees in Windhelm and allowing me to upload a patch

  • Towns and Villages Enhanced SSE Conversion
MayheM7 for their conversion of Towns and Villages Enhanced - Windhelm - SSE Conversion Patch
Aplstormy for the original upload of Towns and Villages Enchanced - Windhelm for Skyrim