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Are Skyrim cities too barren for you? Want a dash more of shade under the sun? Well, this is for you.

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Checked and Cleaned with TES5edit... and LOL no, this isn't a girlie bar mod as described in the Guns 'N Roses song.

Disappointed that Skyrim's cities are too barren for you? Want a dash more of shade under the sun? Well, this is for you.

This mod turns many of the province's cities -- and the village of Rorikstead -- into leafy paradises.


The northwestern part of Whiterun is made into a mini-park. Outside the city walls, on the northwestern portion down the hill, is Lovers' Grove.


Some of the new trees in Riften have been matched -- orange instead of green -- to reflect the general color of the flora.


Special attention has been given to provide Windhelm its own unique trees with the use of new leafless textures. For those using summer or tropical mods, there are options to use the same trees as ones in use by other cities.


This small village, otherwise terribly barren, is an exception to the rule, in that trees have been placed along "Main Street" and outside Frostfruit Inn.


As tested, this mod is compatible with mods such as:

  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul (both regular and summer editions)
  • JK's Skyrim Lite
  • Oblivion Gates

If you have Dovahkiin's Relaxes Too, the swings in Whiterun and Solitude do allow you to sit on them -- select the Relax power, then point to the swing and use the power key to "sit".

Should work with:

  • JK's Skyrim Regular (some clipping may bound to occur)
  • Dawn of Skyrim/Whiterun (some clipping may bound to occur)
  • Most other flora overhauls


NOTE that this mod is better installed with MO2. If for some reason it's not installed properly with NMM, install the mod manually.

Some mods that add or modify any of the cities, such as large buildings, houses, trees or other structures, may cause clipping or collision with other objects. Please inform me of such incompatibilities. You can however, install modules for further customization depending on your needs.

Low-performance/older PCs or laptops may experience considerable framerate drops due to the added vegetation -- you may also have to reduce shadow quality for increased performance.

REGARDING TEXTURE QUALITY: It's fixed that way at 1k (or 1024x1024) for the sake of performance; any higher and there'll be some considerable performance drop. Many people expressed that the trees with their normal texture sizes is satisfactory enough with the minimal performance impact.

NOT developing Open Cities version due to time constraints.


There's a slight issue in that the distant LOD for the trees in the Solitude worldspace get generated and cause them to appear in there. When generating LOD with DYNDOLOD, do not use this mod's billboard pack.

Also, DYNDOLOD 3.0a means you only run TEXGEN (which comes with it) to generate the needed billboards with better color fidelity. 


  • NMM/MO Installation -- download, add the mod and install; select your own options depending on your personal needs.
  • Manual Installation -- open the 7zip archive, open the Data folder, then click-and-drag the .ESP into the Skyrim Data folder. Copy the Core files, then the plugins you want to use -- Merged or Modular files. Activate using any mod manager such as Wrye Bash.


  • NMM/MO Uninstallation -- deactivate, then remove the mod.
  • Manual Uninstallation -- deactivate in any mod manager, then go to the Skyrim Data folder and delete Whiterun_Paradise_City_TamrielSummer.esp and accopanying .BSA


Ga-Knomboe Boy's GKB Green Trees kit -


This mod is exclusively released for both Nexus and TES Alliance. Any alteration to the mod requires my express permission, but redistribution/upload to other sites and/or commercial exploitation such as inclusion into an illegal mod pack for "donations" are prohibited.