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Lite version of my T'Skyrim - Riverwood (Addon for JK's Skyrim). Tweaked for JK's Skyrim - Riverwood Lite.

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Adds a lot of clutter
New house
Adds Public Bathhouse
New NPCs
New Guard
One hidden treasure
New merchant
One new follower (Elena)
AI Packages for new NPCs
Fully working NavMesh
Cleaned in SSEEdit

Riverwood is a logging town on the banks of the White River in Whiterun Hold, at the western base of the Throat of the World. It is located northeast of Falkreath and Lake Ilinalta, north of Helgen, and almost directly south of Whiterun. Despite its seemingly prime location, the settlement doesn't receive many visitors. The famous Guardian Stones lie to the southwest of town.

The area of Riverwood has been inhabited since the Merethic Era, during the time of the Dragon Cult. The ancient Nords built Bleak Falls Barrow high up in the mountains to the west, overlooking the settlement. The locals were entombed in the barrow for some time before it was abandoned, and many continue to roam the ruins as mindless undead draugr. The settlement was not listed as one of the holdings of Jarl Gjalund of Whiterun, dated sometime after the Dragon War.

Some time before 2E 582, the inhabitants of Riverwood feuded with another Nordic clan. A settlement was still in existence at Riverwood during the Imperial Simulacrum, but the area was later abandoned. The town was refounded some time in the Fourth Era when a lumbermill was built on the banks of the river. In 4E 201, Riverwood was led by a local woman named Gerdur, whose family had built the mill. The town was the first to learn of the return of the dragons after Helgen was destroyed by Alduin the World-Eater. After appealing to Whiterun for aid, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater sent several soldiers to guard the town, a move which was likely seen as aggressive by nearby Falkreath Hold. Despite Whiterun's efforts to remain neutral in the Stormcloak Rebellion, loyalties in Riverwood were divided.


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