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I'm filling this with conflict resolution patches from my own modded Skyrim build.

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I am just adding patches here that I need for my own build, and have not found on Nexus. Provided as is.

Some of these depend on quite a large number of base mods. I have tried to provide mod groups to assist with the file order where necessary. I will generally not provide modular versions, but feel free to do so yourself. If you know your way around SSEEdit, it should not be difficult to remove mods from these that you do not use. However, you will need to download all dependencies first.

Notes about the Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel - Dawnstar - JK's Skyrim patches: I started out with making a patch between only these mods, but later decided to also add COTN Dawnstar to my build, requiring another patch. I resolved this by creating an addon to the former mod, but this means that the latter requires both the COTN Dawnstar + JK's Skyrim + Arthmoor's Dawnstar patch at the COTN Dawnstar patch page and the JK's Skyrim + Arthmoor's Dawnstar patch at JK's Skyrim's page. These patches are not designed to be used together, and thus I incorporated some conflict resolution between them in the four-way patch. If not using Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel, I would therefore recommend you to only get the patch between JK's Skyrim and Arthmoor's Dawnstar that is appropriate for your own build.

Notes about ELFX Enhancer patches: Make sure to get the right version. Some patches are designed to use with ELFX Shadows, others are designed for the regular ELFX Enhancer file. The Immersive Fort Dawnguard patch is dependent on the Sounds of Skyrim version of ELFX Enhancer. I am not going to upload another version for players who don't use Sounds of Skyrim, but you can easily swap the master yourself with WryeBash. The Capital Windhelm - JK's Skyrim patch is compatible both with ELFX Shadows and ELFX Fixes.

I have also created several Open Cities patches, available here: Jonado's Open Cities patches, JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches, Sky City patch collection (Open Cities included)Open Capital Whiterun patches, Open Capital Windhelm patches and RedBag's Solitude patches with Open Cities support.

Also make sure to check out my Seasons mods: Seasonal Landscape Additions, Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - More Patches, Seasonal Landscapes - Skyrim Objects SMIMed patches, and Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - xEdit Object patcher.