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This mod completes the Skyforge by adding the missing crafting stations. It adds a storage crate, smelter, tanning rack, workbench, blacksmith sign, seating, and some clutter. There are options for JK's Skyrim, JK's Whiterun, Capital Whiterun Expansion, and Open cities. Everything is well placed and won't cause issues. All options are esl flagged.

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The Skyforge is the best forge in all of Skyrim. It is impressive to look at, and the view from it is also impressive. However, it does seem inadequate in some areas. The obvious one is that it doesn't have a complete set of crafting stations. The less obvious ones are that the forge doesn't have any storage, a blacksmith sign, or seats for Eorlund Gray-Mane or the customers. Where does Eorlund Gray-Mane keep his raw materials and finished goods? Most forges are next to the blacksmith's house, and the blacksmiths can just go inside whenever they need to get or put away things. The Skyforge, however, is far from any building. This was my first mod for Skyrim LE. It completes the blacksmith crafting stations at the Skyforge and adds the appearance that there are some storage there. It has been recreated for SE. The differences between this mod and the dozens of other mods like it are that the stations are placed at practical locations, they don't interfere with the standing markers, they are placed where Eorlund Gray-Mane will actually use them, and they are placed at highly compatible locations. It is lore-friendly and lightweight. It doesn't alter any navmesh and won't break any quest. One of the added crates can be use for storage. The other can be use to toggle the sign or the bench area. Two crates and a barrel may not seem like a lot of storage, but it makes the Skyforge look more believable. Space at the Skyforge is limited, and just about every mod that alters Whiterun wants to add something there. Rather than clutter up the Skyforge and create compatibility issues, this mod takes a minimalistic approach. This allows the mod to be use with other mods that add storage and clutter to the Skyforge. All options are light plugins (ESPFE/esl flagged) and will not take up any of the 254 esm/esp slots. This is a clean and stable mod that can be added or removed at anytime.

When Skyrim SE came out, I decided to give JK's Whiterun a try. It had it's own Skyforge solution so I stopped using Skyforge Complete. JK's version of the Skyforge, while great, was missing the great view from the Skyforge. When JK's Skyrim was released, I created a No Wall patch for it. This option removes the wall, adds the storage crate, and repositions the grindstone and tanning rack. While this version has the great view from the Skyforge, there were still some structures that block the eagle when viewed from below. The JK's Skyrim version of Skyforge Complete was created for this reason. This option removes the surrounding wall and structures, adds the storage crate, and repositions the crafting stations the way Skyforge Complete positions them. The JK's Whiterun versions are the same as the JK's Skyrim versions, but are for JK's Whiterun. All options are light plugins (ESPFE/esl flagged) and can be added or removed at anytime. If you use mods that add NPCs to Whiterun, these NPC's may end up at the Skyforge and just stand around. Version two adds seating so that customers at the Skyforge can now sit down. And finally after over 10 years, the Skyforge has a blacksmith sign. Now, the Skyforge is really complete. The sign and bench area can each be toggle by activating the diamond shape studs on the crate by the stairs.

The Capital Whiterun Expansion option adds the new options, a storage crate, relocates the bench and workbench, and fixes the broken NavMesh at the Skyforge. The reason for relocating the workbench was to put it in range of Eorlund Gray-Mane's AI package so that he will actually use it. It is a light plugins (ESPFE/esl flagged) and can be added or removed at anytime.

The Open cities option adds the new options, the missing tanning rack and a storage crate. It is a light plugins (ESPFE/esl flagged) and can be added or removed at anytime.

The SkyforgeJK option just adds crates,  seats, a sign,  and clutter to JK's Skyforge. This version doesn't move or remove anything from Jk's Skyforge. It can be use with either Jk's Skyrim or Jk's Whiterun.

The SkyforgeSAS (Sign And Seating) option just adds a crate,  a bench, a sign,  and clutter to the Skyforge. It doesn't move or remove anything from the Skyforge. This version can be use with most other Whiterun overhauls and even other Skyforge overhauls.

Whichever Whiterun of Skyforge mod you are using, Skyforge Complete will make it better.


Capital Whiterun Expansion is required for SkyforgeCWE.
JK's Skyrim is required for the JK's Skyrim options.
JK's Whiterun is required for the JK's Whiterun options.
Open Cities is a soft requirement for SkyforgeOCS.


Add the contents of archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Make a clean save before enabling the mod if you are adding the mod midplaythrough. Sort you load order. Skyforge Complete should load after any mod that edits the grindstone. Enable the mod and play. Use only one version of the mod. The JK's Skyrim versions requires JK's Skyrim and should load after it. The JK's Whiterun versions requires JK's Whiterun and should load after it. The main version does not require JK's Skyrim or JK's Whiterun and is not compatible with them. If you are using Dawn of Skyrim  without JK's Skyrim, load the This Is Jorrvaskr - DOS patch and then load Skyforge Complete. If you are using JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim together, load the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Patch and then load either JK's Skyrim version of Skyforge Complete. The JK's Whiterun versions have not been extensively tested, but should work fine. The Capital Whiterun Expansion option requires Capital Whiterun Expansion and must load after it. The Open Cities option requires Open Cities to be useful, but is not dependent on it. It should load before Open Cities. All plugins are esl flagged and will not take up any of the 254 esm/esp slots. They can be added or removed at anytime.


General updating procedure for mods with minor updates (reference additions, but no reference changes):
Make a clean save. Note the load order position of the old mod. Uninstall the old mod. Install the updated mod. Place the updated mod at the same load order position as the old mod. Enable the mod and play.

General updating procedure for mods with major updates (reference changes, switching to esl/ESPFE or compacted mods):
Remove all personal items that are in containers from the mod. Remove all personal items that are in the new areas from the mod. Remove any unique item from the mod from your inventory if possible. Make a clean save. Exit the game. Note the load order position of the old mod. Uninstall the old mod. Start the game without the new mod and make another save. Exit the game. Install the updated mod. Place the updated mod at the same load order position as the old mod. Enable the mod and play.

If you are updating to version 1.2 or later from 1.1 or later, just replace the esp file.  Use the second method for everything else.


Before removing this mod, remove all items from the crate. Make a clean save. Remove the contents that were in the archive manually or with a mod manager.


The following are compatible unless otherwise stated. Click the spoiler tag below for list.



Read what's below if you're having issues or just want to be smarter. Most of your questions related to the mod will be answered here.

This mod moves the grindstone in order to better locate the tanning rack. If the grindstone isn't moved, you likely have the wrong load order or the grindstone is not the vanilla grindstone and can't be moved by this mod. Also check to see if you are using the correct version of the plugin and patches.

This mod has been tested with MO2 and Vortex and works without issue. If you are having issues, here are some things you can check. First check that Steam and Skyrim are not installed in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" directories. If you are not very computer-literate, you shouldn't install any apps in those directories. Check that vortex is allowed to change the  filetime on the vanilla BSA files. Filetimes on vanilla BSA files can cause loose files in mods to not load. Check that the archive isn't corrupt. Use 7-Zip to test the archive. If it's bad, it needs to be downloaded again. If it's good, try reinstalling it. Check that the load order is correct. Read the INSTALLATION AND USAGE section of the Description page for load order guidance. Do not solely rely on automatic sorting. Check that you are only using one version of the same mod.

There are a lot of confusion about esl and mod limits, so here is a brief summary.
There are a total of 256 slots in the game. This is the case with Morrowind and Oblivion as well. Of the 256 slots, one is reserved for the ess file. This leaves 255 slots for esm/esp files. 255 is the esm/esp limit, not the mod limit. Some mods do not take up any slots. The five official masters are part of the game and shouldn't be consider mods. Therefore, the esm/esp mod limit is actually 250. It has often been stated that esl and esl flagged esp files do not take up a slot. That is incorrect. Using one or more esl or esl flagged esp file will reduce the 255 esm/esp slot limit to 254.




This Is Jorrvaskr (adds the chopping block)


Jkrojmal and Teabag86 for JK's Skyrim
Linthar for More Informative Console
LOOT Team for LOOT
MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit


Animated Mounted Casting (allows you to cast one-handed spells while on horseback and to dismiss your horse)
Ebony Armor Male Neck Fix SE (fix for neck gap and neck clipping in the male ebony armor)
Jorrvaskr Holidays (allows you to decorate Jorrvaskr for the holidays)
Jorrvaskr Tavern And Companions NPCs (turns Jorrvaskr into a lively tavern and adds new NPCs to Jorrvaskr)
Jorrvaskr Trapdoor (adds trap doors between the main hall and living quarters)
Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display (allows weapons and shields to be mounted on the display)
Karthwasten The Silver Anvil (adds a blacksmith/inn)
Kolskeggr Miner's Hall (adds a blacksmith and more miners)
Kolskeggr Mining Hamlet (a great Kolskeggr settlement overhaul with services)
Morthal Where's Wares (adds a much needed general store)
Morthal Quartermaster (adds a blacksmith to the Guardhouse)
No Grassias (a universal grass mod fix that works well with Landscape Fixes and No Grass In Objects)
Oarrvaskr Fish Aquarium (Adds 2K-4K CC Fishing fish tanks and plaques to Breezehome and Jorrvaskr)
SICKM - Skyrim Interface Controller Keyboard Mouse
Skyforge Complete (adds missing blacksmith stations and a blacksmith sign)
SMIM Upper Furniture Fix (2K-4K texture fix for SMIM's mismatched upper furnitures)
This Is Jorrvaskr (a great and customizable Jorrvaskr overhaul, turns Jorrvaskr into an awesome player home)
Whiterun Watchtowers (minor improvements to Western Watchtower and Whitewatch Tower)


Patches and translations have open permission.