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Patches to stop having floating Mailboxes with city mods while using Skald's Mail.
ESL as always.

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Patches to stop having floating Mailboxes or clipping with city mods while using Skald's Mail and it's More Mailbox addon.
ESL as always.

The City mods patched:

- Cities of the North : Morthal
- Cities of the North : Winterhold
- Cities of the North : Falkreath
- JK's Markarth (with LOTD in Mind)
- JK's Falkreath
- Jk's Rorikstead
- Jk's Whiterun and JK's Bannered Mare
- The Great Town of Ivarstead
- The Great Town of Karthwasten
- The Great Village of Kynesgrove
- The Great Village of Old Hroldan
- The Great Village of Mixwater Mill
- The Great Village of Shor's Stone

The Patches are only masters of Skald's Mail and More mailbox for Skalds mail as they only modify the position of the Mailboxes in function of the city mods and nothing else.
I also use COTN : Dawnstar and saw no problem, same for other cities from Jk's Skyrim.
I will NOT patch it for Jk's Ivarstead because, as you can see, I use The Great Town of Ivarstead instead.

This is just a patch I didn't do any of those mods. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

Made for my Wabbajack Modlist.

Thanks to:
Alistair Rodryk for Skald's Mail; find it here:
placeholder9999 and ProfKnibble for More Mailbox; find it here:

JPSteel for the Cities of the North Series; find them here:

JKRojmal for JK's Skyrim; find it here:

soldierofwar for hiw The Great City/Town/Village Series; find them there: