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ATTENTION: The following description was mostly copied from the Skyrim Classic page. As such, any of the 3rd party links will refer to the classic version pages. As of this writing, none have been updated for SSE. None of the previous translations will work due to the sheer number of changes that have been and are still being made.

A short story and character trailer for her quest line.

Mirai is a young Breton mage living alone in the harsh frozen wastelands of Skyrim for close to a year. Originally from High Rock like the rest of her kind, you'll be quick to learn a situation with her father caused her to seek refuge alone in the lands of the north. What the situation was, however; she's not as open about. Mirai had always been a delicate girl, a fawn under her mothers protection -- a sheltered life but with the adventurous heart of a dragon. As such being forced to learn to become more independent so quickly was a struggle but found a way to carry on. Her long time alone in Skyrim has begun to have an affect on her once sweet demeanor and now comes off as a much more abrasive, distrusting, overall 'cold' person to others. Her front comes to falter from time to time as at the very heart of her being she is still the same delicate girl she once was and perhaps just needs someone to open up to to help her solve the problem that continues to plague her from the inside out.

Mirai fights mostly with ice focused magic and kites when she can but is not afraid to get close and dirty in melee. She starts off with a familiar summon which is later a frost atronarch summon to distract her enemies while she freezes them.

A playthrough of her three quests so far ...

Other fun fan videos of Mirai:

  • Found at her home in MARKARTH!
  • Her home can be found by continuing straight from the gates, listen in on her pleas and hop in at the right time to offer your help!
  • Fully stand-alone, no other mods are required!
  • Over 1000+ lines of spoken dialogue!
  • Should be compatible with other mods except ones that change the landscape of Markarth.
  • Lightfoot perk and a few novice mage combat perks.
  • Minimal dialogue when sneaking or in battle.
  • Levels at 0.95 of player
  • Marriageable at the end of her main quest.
  • Special powers at the end of her quest.
  • At 0.97 height of vanilla Breton.
  • A Custom Wedding Dress!
  • A Custom Dragon Heart Pendant!

Incompatible Mods
  • Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge (conflicts with a worldspace cell that use competing geography)
  • Children Deserve Better (Interferes with the requirement to sleep at one point in the questline. You can use console commands or debug book to bypass.)
  • Open Cities Skyrim (this mod does not have Tamriel worldspace cell data)

First and foremost this is my first modding attempt of any kind of any game. Simply put the amount of easily accessible material and modding tools made available by the amazing Skyrim modding community and the sheer amount of easy to follow tutorials, etc has made it easy enough for someone as new as me to pick up and get started quickly. I've been using tons of mods made by others for months now and have always wanted to add a personal touch of my own to Skyrim and give back to the friendly community. I've become a little intimidated with scripting but I'd really like to continue learning so I can really bring Mirai to life. So keep in mind that this is primarily a learning experience for me.

Since I've started creating Mirai I've had so much help from various people from testing, to suggestions, to actual ways to fix problems from which there are too many to name.

From version 1.2 onward the project is being updated and maintained by BigAndFlabby.

To Do:
  • Adding interactions with followers Recorder and Sofia
  • CBBE & other hair versions along side main

  • Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team and tktk1
  • SG Hairs & SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta
  • The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
  • DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
  • West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage UNP by brokefoot
  • Stand-alone follower Tutorials by DECK16 and Natilde
  • INIGO and Vilja for guides and inspiration
  • REAL ENGAGEMENT RINGS by Gamwich and Saerileth
  • Familiar Faces by verteiron for help in shouting.
  • BigAndFlabby for porting to Skyrim Special Edition and some bug fixes.

Finally thank you to Yui Hisiashi for voicing Mirai and her continued support as none of this would be possible without her. Visit her youtube channel at:
Yui's Channel

  • She suffers from the dialogue bug like some new custom voiced followers do which I hope is fixed with the included SEQ file. If she's not talking, save and reload.
  • UFO and other follower overhaul mod features that are added WILL NO LONGER WORK ON MIRAI unless you force her into management by a spell included by their respective mods. Thanks to SAGringo and Dragonfire12 for testing.
  • Other custom voiced followers may create problems with recruiting Mirai. The last loaded will take priority so if encountering problems with others after recruiting Mirai, that's probably the reason. Thanks to archonsg for his thorough testing.
  • This mod does not function with Open Cities Skyrim. As I understand it there is still a way to get to the old Markarth worldspace. If you do so you can find Mira's home and start the quest.
  • As she is a little short, she will resize during relaxing animations. If this bothers you consider SIZE DOES MATTER by Mahlzeit88
  • Also a big thanks to Anordil87 for a patch for the mod Requiem.

To get Wardrobe Manager to work with Mirai ... courtesy of NEXcjp920
type help JemWMPotentialAdds
-- you should see a line like FACT: ( xx053988 ) 'JemWMPotentialAdds'
-- the xx part will be the 2 digits representing your load order for JemWM (Wardrobe Manager)
-- now target Mirai while in console and WITH HER TARGETED
type addtofaction xx53988 1
remember to replace the xx with the actual number from the help line you saw above
exit console
You should now see the dialogue for finding another outfit from Wardrobe Manager when you talk to Mirai.

I hope you fall in love with the idea and concept of Mirai so far as much as I am in love with bringing her to life. I welcome and appreciate any feedback, coments, wishes, ideas, questions, or anything else of that nature to help me achieve that goal.