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Hides mod added map markers, removes JK's Skyrim's Sky Haven Forge map marker, modifies the vanilla Helgen map marker, and more!

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Often mod makers include a map marker that's immediately visible in their mods, so that users can instantly travel to and see the new content, however this can be slightly immersion breaking. I've modified some map markers added by a few mods so that they are undiscovered upon starting a new game.

This mod was inspired by a few other similar map marker tweaks. You can find them below, perhaps they have the map markers YOU need hidden?
elwaps' mod page also contains a guide for hiding map markers yourself, in case
you want to modify them yourself. Highly recommend it.

elwaps' Hidden Map Markers for Mod Locations

More Hidden Map Markers for Modded Locations

No More Modded Map Markers

Feel free to make suggestions if there's any other map markers you want me to modify!

Map markers covered on this page:

Atlas Map Markers
This mod adds a new map marker basically right on top of Sky Haven Temple, they are on top of each other and their teleport locations are so close together, it felt unescesary to me.

Capital Windhelm Expansion

This mod adds a map marker for a new gate to Windhelm. Windhelm's other gate doesn't have a map marker, neither does any other city's gate, so it felt wrong to me.

Companion Yngvarr SE
Hides the map marker for Yngvarr's Hall, so you need to find it on your own.

EVG Animated Traversal
Hides the map marker for Checkpoint Mielbarr added by the Flat-Footed content package, so you need to find it on your own.

Hides the map marker for Syerscote, so you need to find it on your own.

JK's Skyrim
JK's Skyrim adds a new map marker for the smithing area added to Sky Haven Temple. That map marker is hidden from game start, but I've gone ahead and removed it entirely, as it's a little redudant given the already existing Sky Haven Temple map marker. Also if you use Atlas Map Markers, that mod adds another map marker in the Sky Haven Temple Garden. Honestly I'm surprised nobody else has done this yet.

Restoring the Aretino Residence
This mod adds a map marker for the Aretino Residence in Windhelm. I don't need that. This tweak removes the map marker completely.

Riften Extension - Southwoods District
This mod adds a map marker for the new district added south of Riften. It's a very large expansion, and very seperate from the rest of the city, so I understand it's use. On the other hand, none of my other city expansions add new map markers for their districts, so I wanted to remove it. Also please try this mod out, its criminally underrated.

Forgotten Vale Paper Map for FWMF
This mod adds a seperate map for the Forgotten Vale, which means you can't access the vanilla map for Skyrim, which means you can't fast travel out of the Forgotten Vale. To this end, the mod also adds a map marker allowing you to fast travel out. HOWEVER, another mod does the same thing (and arguably better), so you might want to remove this mod's marker.

Interesting NPCs
This mod adds a map marker for the destroyed shack south east of Falkreath. This mod also adds a map marker for this location, and I prefer the name of that one, so I removed the one from Interesting NPCs.

Konahrik's Accoutrements
This mod adds a map marker for a dragon burial mound west of Windhelm. Several other mods add map markers for the dragon burial mounds, so I removed this one.

Did you know at the start of the game, Helgen's map marker is both visible and discovered? If you're using an Alternate Start mod, like Redux SE by Craftian, this might feel unimmersive. I've made two tweaks: One makes the map marker undiscovered so you can't travel to it. The other hides it (until you discover it again of course).