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Minor patches for Cheesemod For Everyone with SkyTEST Animals and Whiterun city overhauls.

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Two minor patches I put together for Cheesemod when using a Whiterun city overhaul or SkyTEST Realistic Animals & Predators.

ESL flagged ESPs cleaned in xEdit.

Cheesemod - Whiterun Skyforge
- Removed a small wooden table and the clutter on it added to the Skyforge as it had clipping issues with Capital Whiterun Expansion and JK's Skyrim
- Moved the cheese added to an empty spot on the Skyforge itself
- Can be used with or without any city overhauls

Cheesemod - SkyTEST
- The sheep added to Pelagia Farm now uses sheep factions/stats rather than vanilla goat ones
- The sheep will now sandbox rather than standing in the same spot doing nothing´╗┐
- Changed the sheep's model to the SkyTEST one (HIGHLY recommend SkyTEST - Better Sheep SE by Xtudo)

Let me know if anything is wonky.