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Patch that allows Deithwen from Skyrim LE work with the new JK's Skyrim All-in-One and Dawn of Skyrim. You will need the original mods (in the case of imAarwyn's Deithwen, you will need to convert it yourself, instructions below) and their respective compatibility patches. This is a PATCH only. Read that one more time.

Permissions and credits
This is ONLY for the NO STABLES version of imAarwyn's Deithwen due to ale house addition by other mods. 

In order to get imAarwyn's Deithwen to work, you need to convert it yourself as no permission has been granted to port Deithwen to Skyrim SSE (not sure she is active anymore) but she did give permission to boringvlln to use her resources to create their Deithwen - Family Edition, which I secured permission to port to SSE (can be found here: Besides converting ESP to form 44 in the CK and optimizing NIFs, the issue with CTD is that the included paintings' dimensions (of the files) are not divisible by 4 (a SSE requirement). This also applies to 3 other files: (\textures\clutter\customsigil\) and (\textures\flagsonthetowers\) (the latter was saved in R5G6B5 format, which required a change to DXT1) and finally (textures\zx\zxmap\). If you scale these in GIMP or Photoshop (and not hard to do), then convert the NIFs and open in CK to save in 44, it will work fine. (Or - given the textures are the SAME as from Deithwen - Family Edition that I ported over, you could just copy over the assets and convert the ESP as above. Wink wink.) Once this is done you need to have the following mods in the following *relative* load order:

1. Dawn of Skyrim
2. JK's Skyrim
3. JK's Skyrim - DoS Patch
4. JK's Skyrim - Deithwen Patch (works for both my ports of Deithwen and Deithwen Family Edition)
5. Deithwen without Stables
6. Deithwen without Stables - JK's Skyrim and DoS Patch

As you will see in the pictures, I had to rearrange a staircase by the large arch added by DoS as it clipped into the side of the house. On the other side of the house, I kept the changes added by DoS and moved the banner (which you can see floating above the house in the arial screenshots. I then deleted extra objects inside the housing structure (but added by JK's and DoS) to improve performance. Looks pretty freakin fantastic.

Please note: I created NO ASSETS. I patched; that is all. All credit goes to imAarwyn, jkojmal and bluepainotwo. Their mods are spectacular, and they are a credit to the Skyrim Community.