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A number of patches to ensure Rodryk's wonderful Dragon Bridge overhaul plays nice with other mods.

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Just some patches for mods that conflict with Rodryk's Dragon Bridge. 

- AI Overhaul
- A Lot More Idle Markers
- Cheesemod for Everyone
- Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
- Creation Club - Alternative Armors: Steel Soldier
- Embers XD 
*Use this INSTEAD of the Embers XD patch found on Rodryk's mod page
*Use this INSTEAD of the Rodryks patch from the Embers XD FOMOD.

*Requires the non-compacted ESP version of Embers XD.
- Enhanced Lights and FX (interior only)
- Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
- Immersive Laundry
- Immersive Weapon Integration
- Immersive Wenches
- JK's Skyrim
- JK's Skyrim + Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge
*Use this INSTEAD of the Dragon Bridge patch from "JK's Skyrim - Arthmoor's Patch Pack" on JK's mod page.
*Use this INSTEAD of "Rodryk's Arthmoors Dragon Bridge" by Domencius7
- JK's Skyrim + GTaC 
- JK's Skyrim + GTaC + Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge 
- Keep It Clean
- Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods (LFFGM)
- Lanterns of Skyrim II
*Use the patch for your city overhaul combination INSTEAD of SovereignKoi's "Rodryk's Dragonbridge - Lanterns of Skyrim II Patch." 
*If you use JKs alone, or with any other city overhauls, you still need  LoS II - JK's Skyrim from the LoS optional files.
*If you do NOT use Great Cities and/or JK's Skyrim:  You don't need one of my LoS II patches; use Rodryk's Dragonbridge - Lanterns of Skyrim II Patch by SovereignKoi instead.

- Legacy of the Dragonborn
- Tamriel Master Lights
*Use in addition to your other LoS II or TML patches.
- More DBM Shipping Crates
- Myrkvior - The Flora of Skyrim
- Penitus Oculatus
- Relighting Skyrim
- Shadow of Meresis
- Thieves' Night on the Town (TNoTT)
- The Great Cities (GTaC)
- The Great Cities + Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge
*Use this INSTEAD of "Rodryk's Arthmoors Dragon Bridge" by Domencius7
- The Great Cities of JK's North 
*Requires "Main File 1"
- The Great Cities of JK's North + Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge
*Requires "Main File 1"
*Use this INSTEAD of "The Great Cities of JK's North - Arthmoor and Rodryk Dragon Bridge Patch" in Gardenn's optional files
- The Notice Board

*You still need the patches on Rodryk's page (aside from the Embers XD one)

Let me know if I missed anything or something looks wonky.

My To-Do List:
- JK's Skyrim
- Shadow of Meresis
- Relighting Skyrim
- Immersive Laundry
- Great Towns and Cities (GTaC)
- JK's + Arthmoor

- JK's + GTaC
- Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
- Patch to improve Gardden's GTaC + JK's + Arthmoor + Rodryk's patch

Unlikely To Do
-  *ClefJ's Dragon Bridge

Looking for more patches?

Rodryk's Dragon Bridge Retexture by Agentw
*Rodryk's Dragon Bridge - Myq's Tweaks and Patches by Myqedika
The Great Cities of JK's North by Gardden
**ELFX - Rodryk's Dragon Bridge Patch by RedBag 
Window Shadows - Rodryk's Dragon Bridge Patch by Galaxy Synth
Rodryk's Arthmoors Dragon Bridge by Domenicus7
Rodryk's Dragonbridge - Lanterns of Skyrim II Patch by SovereignKoi
Rodryk's Dragon Bridge - Great City of Dragon Bridge Patch by skyfall515

* Myqedika has created a number of patches for Rodryk's. However, their patches appear to do similar things in different ways or go in an entirely different direction, so using them with mine isn't recommended. Use whichever you prefer.

** RedBag's patch completely reverts ELFX's changes to Dragon Bridge's interiors while mine tries to combine them with Rodryk's. Use whichever you prefer.