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Adds six new, unique, hidden vampire dens in various cities around the world.

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What's new for SSE?

For the most part, this is a straight port of my mod, Unique Vampire Dens, from Oldrim to SSE. It's not a simple copy/paste, however! I did change/add some things to clean it up a bit:

- The entrance of the Whiterun den was incongruous with the entrance door, so I added a small entryway to make it look more appropriate.
- I moved the entrance of the Windhelm den to, again, make that transition look more appropriate.
- The Solitude den's external entrance is now much smaller and more thematically appropriate, though its location stays the same.
- I added an ENTIRELY NEW den on Solstheim, it's small but it'll give you a place to take a rest or have a snack.

Aside from that, it's identical to the Oldrim version. Each den, including the new one, has thralls, coffins, and a vampire-only fence to buy/sell to (who makes sure to stock blood potions). No mods are required. It shouldn't matter where you put this in your load order, because there's no scripting issues to worry about. Hopefully there's no conflicts of any sort, but city overhaul mods may or may not conflict because I can't possibly test all of them. (Hopefully they won't, though.)

A patch is now available to provide compatibility with JK's Skyrim! (Special thanks to Jkrojmal and Teabag86 for providing that!)

Original mod description from the Oldrim file follows:
What is this?

Playing Dawnguard, I was disappointed at the lack of options when it came to feeding as a Vampire. You're almost entirely reliant on sneaking about and biting people that are sleeping, or using Vampiric Seduction. While this isn't terribly difficult, it also isn't terribly interesting. I felt like Vampires should have some "place" in the world, beyond just Castle Volkihar. A hideout where they've stashed some thralls, and stored some coffins in order to rest in comfort in the major cities. Nothing too spectacular, but a place to duck in, grab a bite, and stash some gear.

Unfortunately, there were few, if any, options available on the Nexus or the Workshop to rectify this issue. So I finally decided to step up, acquaint myself with the CK, and make something useful.

Video courtesy of Brodual (thanks guys!):



UPDATE: As for version 2.0, this mod now includes NPCs that inhabit the dens. Each den now has a merchant who will only deal with fellow vampires. In addition, there may be one or two other NPCs in each den, who will go out and wander around the city (they have to keep up appearances, after all!). The merchants will NOT leave the den, and thus should always be available to trade with you. If you do not want NPCs in the dens, download the optional "No NPCs" version. (This is no longer applicable in the SSE version.)

This mod adds five unique "hidden" vampire dens to Skyrim. Each of the major cities (Solitude, Whiterun, Markarth, Windhelm, and Riften) has a vampire den somewhere within the city. The size, style, and furnishing of each den varies, from simplistic (Whiterun) to relatively lavish (Windhelm or Solitude). In each case, the dens provide, at the very least, secure storage, a coffin to sleep in, and a victim (or two) to feed on. The more intricate dens may also provide some form of crafting apparatus, though not all dens provide every form of crafting station.

The form of the den roughly conforms to the city it's located in. I tried to integrate them into the city as best as possible. The Whiterun den, for example, is a simple crypt, forgotten and decaying. The Solitude den is a proper, two-story "house", buried out of sight. In each case, the den is uniquely designed, and seems to "fit" with the world around it.

I have tried to maintain as high a level of compatibility with city mods as possible. Unfortunately, conflicts with certain mods (such as Open Cities) is inevitable. (If someone feels up to making a patch to rectify any mod conflict problems, I'd be much obliged.) Regardless, I modified as little as possible of the outside world, in order to maintain as much compatibility between mods as possible. The dens are located in varying places throughout each city, with locations listed in the Spoilers section below, if you don't want to discover them on your own. In each case, I tried to make them as convenient as possible, so you shouldn't have to go through more than one loading screen, at most, to reach them. I may add further entrances in the future, possibly including entrances from the existing city houses.

Each den should have safe storage, and they are all follower friendly (and are all properly navmeshed). They are not currently spouse-friendly, but I may add that feature in in the future, where appropriate.

Version History
2.0.2: Fixed NPC faces, fixed bedroll sleeping issues, other misc additions and fixes.
2.0: Added NPCs to the dens, along with an optional "No NPCs" version.
1.0.4: Fixed Solitude display cases. Fixed some alignment issues/z-fighting. Fixed a few other things. Added some minor details. Music track added to each den, so they're not so quiet.
1.0.3: Fixed missing Riften Den door issue. You can gain access again, now.
1.0.2: Fixed an issue where the Markarth Warrens was made inaccessible.
1.0.1: Fixed a small issue with the navmesh in the Markarth Den. Followers should work now. Sorry!
1.0: Initial Release




Each den is located within the five major cities, either directly accessible from the street, or requiring you to enter certain cells. The exact locations follow:

Windhelm - Next to Clan Shatter-shield's house. Facing their front door, it will be to the left, around a corner.

Riften - The Ratway. Under the lever-triggered bridge that leads to the Ragged Flagon.

Whiterun - A doorway on the side of Dragonsreach, the opposite side from the jail.

Solitude - Behind the Winking Skeever, directly to the left of the main gate. Alternatively, the basement of the Winking Skeever.

Markarth - Search around the Hall of the Dead. (Note that this may require lockpicking or doing the quest for Brother Verulus to gain access to the Hall.)

Raven Rock - Just outside of town, north of the shrine that the mind-controlled people are building. It's obscured by some bushes, but it's got the standard Redoran entrance. Shouldn't be hard to spot.

If you prefer, the cell names are all straightforward, and can be used with the "coc" console command: