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This compatibility patch fixes a game breaking bug between Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (CFTO) and Bittercup mods. Patch for Bittercup, CFTO and JK's Skyrim. Doesn't require a new game.

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In the quest A Dying Wish from the Bittercup mod, you have to find a ferryman to take you to an island, Giant's Tooth. Since the quest is linked to a specific NPC (DLC1FerrymanDawnstar aka Harlaug), you cannot complete this quest because CFTO uses its own ferry system, and replaces all the vanilla ferrymen with new characters of the same name.

This compatibility patch fixes this game breaking bug. It moves a dialog topic ("I need safe passage to Giant's Tooth.") to the Harlaug clone added by CFTO. Also, I changed two more things:

  • Harlaug is now wearing his original outfit (FarmClothesOutfit03Variant), the same as the one worn by his clone on Giant's Tooth island (NPC added by Bittercup).
  • You no longer spawn far away from Harlaug, when you return from the island. I moved a marker near him.

The version 1.1 of this patch doesn't require a new game.


My compability patch now fixes the issue the same way as wSkeever does with its own Bittercup fix. When I released the first version of my mod, I simply disabled the Harlaug clone added by CFTO and renabled the original character from the base game.

If you prefer a patch that only edits the quest and dialog from Bittercup mod, download wSkeever's patch.

If you prefer a patch a bit more immersive (see description above), download my patch.

Whatever you decide, have fun doing the A Dying Wish quest :).


Thanks to wSkeever for allowing people to use his scripts from his CFTO Bittercup fix.


If you don't have JK's Skyrim mod installed, use this patch instead: CFTO Bittercup Compatibility Patch