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This is the official page for all Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE patches and the central home of the Legacy FOMOD patcher which will include all the latest patches in an easy to use installer.

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Patch Development Team
Icecreamassassin - Mod Author / Support Patch Author
SirJesto - Support Patch Author / Patch Page Admin
Stonehands1 - Patch Page Co-Admin
Kriana - Patch Page Co-Admin

If you encounter any errors with the FOMOD or patches contained here please let us know either here on the comments page (preferred), the official Mod page, or on the discord server,  so that the issues can be looked at in a timely manner.


Patches provided here are tested with the mod identified and Legacy of the Dragonborn on an individual basis.  It is simply impossible to test all the various permutations of these patches against other patches (here or elsewhere) or other mods not identified below.  As such, it is the user's responsibility to check for overall compatibility within their entire load order and provide their own conflict resolution where appropriate.

Do NOT use version 4 patches with a version 5 game!  If you had a v4 patch for something, and it is no longer offered, it means the patch is no longer needed, support for the mod has been dropped, or the patch was created by the mod author and is being managed on their page.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before installing for additional useful information.

Patched Support for Mods with displays
Patches for many popular mods that have displays in the museum.
Note: Mod names beginning with the article "The" have had it removed for ease of sorting.


Patched Support for Mods that do not add displays
Patches which contain compatibility fixes for many popular mods.
Note: Mod names beginning with the article "The" have had it removed for ease of sorting.


For a full, downloadable list including links to the mods and additional information on what the patch provides,  click the "Patch List" button above.

Add-ons for Legacy of the Dragonborn


Legacy Developer's Kit

Interested in making a support patch for your mod to add displays to the Dragonborn Gallery?
Make a patch to display your favorite collections or commemorate your greatest achievements using the Legacy Developer’s Kit.
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