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Clockwork is a quest mod involving a castle high in the Velothi Mountains, lost to the world for over a hundred years. Once found, you may call Clockwork Castle home... but if you want to leave, you'll need to discover how to escape.

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Version: 1.0
Date: 14-11-2016
Author: Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
E-mail: [email protected]

- The original-Skyrim version of Clockwork can be found here.

Content Advisory
(Minor spoilers in the spoiler tag. It's best to avoid this if you feel you're not easily bothered by things in media.)


Recommended Mods

- Additional Clockwork - Particularly the "Superior Sorting" and "Bug Fixes" modules.

1. Description
2. Requirements and Supported Mods
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Playing the Mod
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
6. Save games
7. Conflicts/Known Issues
8. Credits
9. Modder's Resource and Permissions Info
10. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
11. Version History


A chance encounter in the wilds of Skyrim sets you on the path to Clockwork Castle, high in the Velothi Mountains that border Skyrim and Morrowind. Isolated from - and forgotten by - the outside world, Clockwork Castle has not seen a living soul for a century or more... yet it is still inhabited. To reach it, you'll need to traverse the ancient tunnels beneath those mountains, recently uncovered by a landslide. Some strange apparition haunts the tunnels however, and seems to be following you...

"Chlodovech Castle" began life around two hundred years ago, built by a very successful merchant family from faraway High Rock, according to the latest fashions from that province. Heavily inspired by Dwemer technology, all kinds of machinery and conveniences were later added to the manor; and over time it instead came to be called "Clockwork Castle".

Just what happened to this family? Who now resides in Clockwork Castle? Where did all that amazing steam-powered technology come from? Why does the apparition in the tunnels follow you, and what is it that keeps you from leaving the castle? These things can be discovered by playing Clockwork.

Clockwork is a quest mod for Skyrim set in and around Clockwork Castle; a full-featured player home. Once found, you may call the castle home... but if you want to leave, you'll need to discover how to escape.

What can you find in Clockwork?

- A (moderate) DLC-sized adventure with ~6 hours of play-time.
- A main quest-line in four parts.
- A couple of side-quests.
- Two massive, multi-cell dungeons to explore and quest in.
- New NPCs and enemy types.
- Around six hundred lines of dialogue.

And at the centre of it all; the unique, beautiful and mysterious Clockwork Castle. The castle and its features are progressively unlocked by completing quests. Here is a run-down of its major features and locations:

- Main Hall
--- The central hub through which all other major parts of the castle are reached.
--- Adjoining Dining Hall; seats ten.
--- Adjoining Kitchen, with cooking pot, Hearthfire oven, running water, custom butter churn, food-sorting balance scales and food storage in the cold-room.

- Master Bedroom
--- Incorporates a modest study, plus limited storage and display options for your most treasured items.
--- Adjoining bathroom with bathtub, shower, running water, rudimentary water heater, garderobe, vanity and sink.

- Travel Room
--- Large chamber in the basement containing the Travel Machine.
--- The Travel Machine allows teleportation to and from the major towns in Skyrim, and to the Recall Point designated by the "Recall to Clockwork Castle" spell.
--- Buttons on the metal relief map of Skyrim configure the Travel Machine's destination.
--- The "Recall to Clockwork Castle" spell teleports you to the Travel Room from anywhere, but by default will fail if you cannot currently fast-travel for whatever reason.

- Work Room
--- Generous stone room where the majority of crafting activities take place.
--- Contains Forge, Grindstone, Smelter, Workbench, Tanning Rack and Woodcutting Block.
--- Balance scales to sort crafting components into nearby labelled storage.

- Mage's Study
--- Part library, part study (especially for magical pursuits).
--- Contains Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter and Staff Enchanter (once unlocked).
--- Balance scales to sort alchemical ingredients and soul gems into nearby specimen cabinets.
--- Book basket to sort books into the alphabetically-labelled bookcases.
--- Spiral staircase leading up to the Glass Garden.

- Glass Garden
--- A large terrarium on the roof, full of plants to harvest for alchemical ingredients (or food).

- Armoury
--- A Hall dedicated to storing and displaying weapons, armour and other treasures.
--- Full of mannequins, weapon plaques, display cases, etc.
--- Mounts for Dragon Priest masks and Dragon Claws.
--- Incorporates a museum area that automatically fills up with interesting items as you complete quests in Skyrim.

- Living Quarters
--- Accommodation for everyone who is not Lord/Lady of the castle.
--- Support for adopting up to six children via the Multiple Adoptions mod; three rooms for children.
--- Large room for important guests.
--- Dormitories for general servants and guards.
--- Laundry Room with running water, communal bathing facilities and communal lavatory.

- Clocks
--- Found in several parts of the castle keep, there are large and small variants.
--- Large ones show the in-game hour, minute, day of the week, day of the month, the month itself and also have a rotating day/night plate to show am/pm.
--- Small ones just show the in-game hour and minute, along with the rotating day/night plate to show am/pm.
--- All clocks chime the appropriate number of times on the hour.

- Pneumatic Tube Terminals
--- One is found in each major part of the keep.
--- Allow fast transferral of items between terminals.
--- Manual or automatic (sorted) item transferral.
--- No menus; just labelled buttons.

- Paintings
--- Found in many parts of the castle keep, each has a plaque listing its author and title.
--- They are classical, real-world paintings, though with changes to some of their titles so as to fit into Tamriel.

- Music Boxes
--- Found in several parts of the castle keep after a certain point in the story.


- Skyrim Special Edition (SSE)

Supported Mods

- Automatic support; no patches required. These are all optional, to be clear.
- Note that this support was incorporated based on the original-Skyrim versions of Clockwork and these mods. It is reliant on these mods being ported to SSE in the same working order as their original-Skyrim versions.

- Bathing in Skyrim
--- You can bathe or shower using the bathtubs.
--- Note that sitting in a bathtub will also give you Clockwork's bathing effects, however.

- Imps More Complex Needs (IMCN)
--- You can drink/gather water near taps/faucets in Clockwork Castle.
--- Food placed in the barrels in the cool-room off the kitchen will not spoil.

- iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
--- You can drink/gather water near taps/faucets in Clockwork Castle.

- Multiple Adoptions
--- Allows you to move your family to Clockwork Castle.

--- Clockwork contains an MCM menu to let you tweak several features.
--- Not available until/unless SKSE/SkyUI/MCM/etc is also made available for SSE.
--- See the Playing The Mod section for some console commands that can be used as an alternative.

- Unlimited Bookshelves
--- Empty interactive bookcases are set up to support it.


- Simply install as usual using a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organiser.
--- A manual install should be fine too, but I'll just assume you know what you're doing there.

- After installation, all Clockwork files - including the readme (please read the readme) - will be found in your \Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\ directory.

- Clockwork should be okay relatively early in your load order, but please see the Conflicts/Known Issues section for more information on load order.


- As is generally the case with Skyrim mods, this is not recommended for ongoing save-games. It's better to wait until you've finished with that particular character.

- Disable/delete as usual using your mod manager.
--- For manual uninstalls, delete all Clockwork-related files from your \Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\ directory. Check the Clockwork archive file you downloaded to identify these files.

Playing the Mod

Clockwork's quest-line will kick off with a random event when your character is at least level 5 and is currently travelling in the Skyrim wilderness. You can also go directly to a certain place to start things off, if you like. (Even if your character is below level 5.) It's only a minor spoiler, but I'll give the location at the bottom of the FAQ, if you'd rather not know.

There is a point of no return very early on (and it will be obvious when you reach it). Beyond this point you will not be able to return to Skyrim until you complete Clockwork's quest-line. You will also not be able to bring any companions with you, unless you're using a companion that's scripted to effectively teleport to you all the time no matter what. It would be best to leave your companion/s behind in that case; Clockwork should still work if you just HAVE to have them along, but some things may seem a bit weird, and story-wise you're really intended to be alone.

Clockwork includes an MCM menu with several options. They may be considered minor spoilers, so if you'd prefer to avoid that... don't look at the Clockwork MCM menu (or the below info on console commands) until after you've completed the quest-line. I think the default settings are fine (that's why they're the default of course), so you shouldn't need to worry about it until then (if then).

At the time of writing however, there is no MCM available for SSE, so the only way to tweak these settings is via console commands. Make a backup save before attempting this; I have not heavily tested tweaking these settings this way.

Recall Spell Fast-travel Check

By default, the Recall To Clockwork Castle spell will not work if you cannot currently fast-travel for whatever reason. (E.g. you are inside, in combat, or are using a mod to disable it.) Disable this check to have the spell work ANYWHERE. This is NOT RECOMMENDED as it can break quests if abused. Default: enabled. To change via console:

set CLWMCM01FastTravelCheck01GLOB to x

Where x is 0 for disabled, or 1 for enabled.

Gilded Recovery Time

How long (in in-game hours) should it be before one of the Gilded can get up again? Note: Gilded that are already down will still use whatever the value was when they went down. Set to 0 to disable this feature. Default: 3 hours. To change via console:

set CLWMCM01GildedDownedSliderGLOB to x

Where x is the number of in-game hours desired, or 0 if you want to disable "resurrection" completely.

Glass Garden Regrowth Time

How long (in in-game days) should it take for the Glass Garden to respawn? Default: 3 days. To change via console:

set CLWMCM01GardenRespawnSliderGLOB to x

Where x is the number of in-game days desired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Hey, whoa now; that looks like plumbing in that screenshot. I'm not sure about those Victorian-influenced aesthetics, either. Is this mod... ~*~lore-friendly~*~?
A) Well I think it is, and this is something that matters a lot to me, actually. Without going into spoilers, both the aesthetics and the "gadgets" around the castle are explained in the mod's story. In short, the plumbing and other technological aspects of the castle are what happened when a certain individual with a lot of resources was exposed to a lot of Dwemer technology. This is "Clockwork" Castle, after all. (And what you see there would probably have been considered relatively "low-tech" by the Dwemer.)

Q) I still think this doesn't fit the setting of Skyrim.
A) It's actually not supposed to. Contrasting the more "civilised" Victorian-influenced aesthetics with Skyrim's wilder, Viking-influenced aesthetics was intentional. Clockwork Castle and its contents largely come from places foreign to Skyrim province.

Q) What about those electrical wall and ceiling lights?
A) They're not electrical, though I can see how they might appear that way in still images. They're gaslights; similar to those found in Dwemer ruins.

Q) Can I ask something about the behind-the-scenes aspects of Clockwork?
A) Sure, go ahead. You may also be interested in this article on the references and Easter Eggs in Clockwork, or in this interview with me about the mod. There's also an interview with me on which touches on Clockwork: Part 1 and Part 2.

Q) What objects can appear in the Armoury museum area, and which events trigger them?
A) Check out this article.

Q) Why is there no auto-sort option for arms and armour in the Armoury?
A) I was considering this during development, but I thought it would be very annoying to have all your weapons and armour stripped from you at the push of a button, so I decided against it in the end.

Q) Something isn't working properly after a quest update.
A) It doesn't happen to everyone (very far from it), but sometimes Skyrim just fails to progress quests properly. (To simplify.) There doesn't appear to be anything I can do about it - especially since I can't even reproduce these issues on my end. Unfortunately all you can do if this happens to you is load an earlier save and try again. Please see the Known Issues section for more information.

Q) I loaded an earlier save as per the previous FAQ point, but it still isn't working.
A) Load an even earlier save. It depends on exactly which quest stage/event/whatever Skyrim flubbed. Sorry I can't be more specific here; it seems random, and as mentioned, I've never been able to reproduce any issues like these on my end.

Q) I don't have any earlier saves. Can you give me some console commands to progress (or skip parts of) this quest?
A) Always make multiple hard saves when playing Skyrim (or any BGS game). If you're looking for console commands to progress a quest, you've probably already discovered why it's so important to do this. In any case, using console commands to progress a quest is not recommended unless you have absolutely no other option. Unless you know exactly how the quest works, and exactly when and where something went wrong, using console commands may just break things further. If you absolutely have to though, quest IDs and stages can be found using xEdit.

Q) How do I move my family into Clockwork Castle?
A) As noted in the Requirements and Supported Mods section, this requires the Multiple Adoptions mod. You need to use the "Bless Home" ability (added by that mod) inside Clockwork Castle, and you'll then be able to move your family in. Please see the Multiple Adoptions documentation for more information.

Q) I can't understand what the Gilded are saying.
A) The Gilded voices required some post-processing in order to sound right. (Believe me; without it, everyone would be complaining that the voices sound ridiculous.) Unfortunately this can make their intelligibility very dependent on your audio setup; your volume sliders in-game, the quality of your speakers/headphones, how much ambient noise pollution you have around you, etc. In any case, the simple solution is to enable subtitles while playing Clockwork.

Q) xEdit found ITMs in the Clockwork plugin. Should I clean the plugin?
A) Cleaning it should be fine, yes. They're ITMs auto-generated by the CK that xEdit couldn't pick up when the current version of Clockwork was released.

Q) Where do I go to start the Clockwork quest-line without having to wait for the random wilderness event to trigger? (MINOR SPOILER)
A) There's a landslide just south-east from Cragwallow Slope in Eastmarch (south by south-east from Windhelm).

Q) What side-quests are available in Clockwork, and how do I start them? (SPOILERS)
A) The first (and more significant) side-quest is "A Bed of Dust", and the easiest way to start it is to exhaust Lahar's dialogue. The second is a more minor Misc. quest to unlock a staff enchanter in the Mage's Study. To start it, enter the Mage's Study after gaining access to the staff enchanter in Tel Mithryn.

Q) Is there a way to skip the quest-line in Clockwork and just gain access to the castle as a player home?
A) BellCubeDev has a guide here on how to do this via console commands. It isn't something I've tested myself, so I'd recommend making a backup save before trying it. Also, Clockwork's quests are fairly substantial, so if you haven't experienced it before, I'd recommend just playing the mod normally on your first time through.

Save games

- You don't need to start a new game when installing Clockwork (but you can if you want to, of course).

- Backup your save-game before updating from an earlier version of Clockwork. (Backup the earlier version of Clockwork too.)

- As is generally the case with Skyrim mods, it is not recommended to uninstall Clockwork with an ongoing save-game. It's better to wait until you've finished with that particular character.
--- If you want to try doing it anyway, backup your save-game first. Then remove everything you want to keep from any areas added by Clockwork, and go to an area NOT added by Clockwork. Save your game again, then uninstall.

Conflicts/Known Issues

- If your computer is struggling to run Skyrim generally - and particularly if the game's scripting engine is struggling to cope (say) with a lot of script-heavy mods being active - you may encounter odd problems and unintended behaviour in Clockwork. (This is likely to be reflected in similar problems across the game as a whole, though.) A typical example would be quests failing to progress properly.

- Some people experience crashes when the Gilded "resurrect". It seems to be due to a mod interaction, but exactly which other mod/s are the problem hasn't been narrowed down yet. The Clockwork MCM menu lets you disable Gilded "resurrection", however, which should bypass the issue.

- Clockwork may conflict with mods that make changes to exterior Skyrim worldspace cells around the gates/outskirts of major towns - anywhere that a Clockwork Terminus exits into the world, basically. Mods that only edit the insides of walled towns like Whiterun, Riften, etc should not conflict with Clockwork.
--- So far, however, there have been promising reports that conflicts along these lines are rare.
--- In any case; if you care more about every last detail of the conflicting mod working correctly, load it after Clockwork.
--- On the other hand if you care more about every last detail of Clockwork working correctly, load it after the conflicting mod.
--- JK's Skyrim (SSE) has a compatibility patch for Clockwork available on its Nexus page.

- Clockwork includes replacers for the following nif files in order to have mask display in the Armoury work properly for the related items. It has no gameplay or visible effect beyond this and is extremely unlikely to affect other mods, as these are 'ground object' models - they only determine what these objects look like when dropped on the ground. (Essentially they were made to match the other dragon priest masks. It's fairly low priority in the grand scheme of things, so if another mod also edits these files, you'll probably want to let it override the ones included in Clockwork.)
--- meshes\armor\dragonpriesthelms\dragonhelm_steel_go.nif
--- meshes\armor\dragonpriesthelms\dragonhelm_wood_go.nif
--- meshes\dlc02\armor\acolytemasks\acolytemask_gnd.nif

- Edits the following vanilla records:
--- DisintegrationMainImmunityList (So the Gilded can't be disintegrated. Duplicates changes made to this formlist by USLEEP, too. You should probably be doing this already, but creating a merged/bashed patch should eliminate any conflicts here.)
--- DwarvenShieldAA (Just the ArmorAddon, not any of the shield records themselves. This is so the Gilded can equip them without them being invisible - while also trying to avoid other issues.)

- If using the Enhanced Camera mod (and I highly recommend it... should it be made available for SSE), bFirstPersonScripted should be set to 0 in SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini while doing Clockwork's quests. It will create problems in at least one scene, otherwise.

- If using the Sleep Tight mod, any Gilded that are lying down may have invisible bodies (torso/arms/legs) until they stand up.

- It's been reported that the "Sometimes Pick Up Books" mod can cause a crash if SHIFT+E (by default) is used to read the Caravaneer Journal - but that picking the journal up and reading it from your inventory should bypass this issue.

- Claws that have been placed in the dragon claw display in the Castle Armoury seem to have an inflated selection area, making it difficult to access mounts to either side of them. To counter this, I made the invisible activators for the mounts stick out a fair distance radially. (You may need to sweep your mouse around a bit, in other words.)

- The script controlling when the Glass Garden respawns only fires when you enter the castle's main hall. You'll only notice this if you're doing something weird like intentionally standing around waiting for it to respawn and you don't pass through the main hall on the way to the garden, though. (When returning to Clockwork Castle from elsewhere, you have to pass through the hall to get to the Glass Garden.)

- Item-sorting in Clockwork uses formlists. New items added by other mods (e.g. new books or alchemical ingredients) will not be automatically recognised by the sorting system.

- Parts of the Clockwork Castle exterior (generally mountains in the distance) won't load until you get close enough - depending on where you enter the area. It's purely cosmetic. (It's there because I didn't want to go through the rigmarole of creating distant terrain for such a relatively small area, and didn't notice it happening until it was too late and most of the area was already built.)

- Potential frame-rate drop when looking in certain directions in Nurndural - Hall of Elements. It's fortunately much less pronounced in Skyrim Special Edition than it is in the original Skyrim, since they appear to have optmised things... somewhat. It's still not fully utilising my video card during these frame-rate drops though, I've noticed.

- It's been reported that the courier can reach you at Clockwork Castle. He's not supposed to be able to, but I'm not sure I can stop him without potentially breaking things in the base game or other mods. (I believe the game essentially teleports him to you.) Stopping him would almost certainly involve breaking the Multiple Adoptions support, meaning you couldn't move your family to Clockwork Castle. Let's just assume the courier is a monomaniacal correspondence-wizard. Rain or shine, he goes where he wants.

- It's also been reported that performing a particular part of the Dark Brotherhood quest-line and then starting the Clockwork quest-line without sleeping first can result in you being teleported out of the castle if you sleep there... which will break quest progression if you do it before completing the Clockwork quest-line. If you find yourself in this position, you have a few options:
--- Load an earlier save and sleep before starting Clockwork.
--- Use the "coc" console command to teleport to a Clockwork Castle interior cell (e.g. coc clwcastlemainhall).
--- Don't sleep until you've completed the Clockwork quest-line.

- During testing it was reported that the identity-concealing masks in the Sneak Tools mod can break a lot of things in the quests in Clockwork. From what I understand, this isn't so much a conflict as it is an issue with the Sneak Tools mod itself.


I have taken care to only use resources from the public domain - and have done my best to list credits where appropriate. However, if you are the copyright holder of an item used in this mod and believe your work has been used unfairly, please contact me using the contact details provided above.

- Dwemeri Fonts resource by Jason Broadley (aka Alathan).
- Weapon display scripts from resource by Amethyst Deceiver.
- Book pile meshes by Chesko (collision added by Antistar).
- Some meshes and textures based on assets from Skyrim.
- Some meshes and textures from More Plants by Numberland.
- Some meshes and textures from Open Books Library by stoverjm and Blary.
- Some meshes from FPI Experiment Pack 1 by The Fuzzy Physics Institute.
- Some meshes from "General Displays" and "Misc Resources" by Tueffel.
- HQ Skyrim LOD meshes generated by Ethatron were used in the production of the metal topographic map of Skyrim.
- Clock control script based on script by WillieSea.
- SquareCaps font by George Williams.
- Chuck Noon font by Twicolabs.
- Some clipart courtesy of Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT), via the ClipArt ETC website (
- Some patterns from
- Some models from the following free resource websites used as a starting point, or reference, or high-poly source for generating normal maps. No textures used from here, though. I made all those from scratch.
- Some stock images from used as a base for textures.
- Some images by Kirk ( used as a base for textures.
- Gilded voices (male and female) generated from the "Microsoft Hazel" Text To Speech voice. (Post-processing by Antistar.)
- Slightly SPOILERish credit: Almost everything the crazed Gilded say is a reference to some song or other. I don't take credit for those.

A number of classic paintings (and tapestries, etc) are depicted in Clockwork Castle. These have all long since passed into the public domain, but credit where credit is due:

- Adolf von Menzel - Blind Man's Buff (c1860)
- Albert Bierstadt - Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains (1868)
- Alphonse Mucha - Heraldic Chivalry
- Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson - Portrait of a Woman in Turban (1820)
- Anthonore Christensen - Poppies and Daisies (1903)
- Archduke Maximilian 'Medieval Brussels' Wall Tapestry (1548)
- Charles Edward Perugini - Girl Reading
- Daniel Ridgway Knight - Hailing the Ferry (1888)
- Daniel Ridgway Knight - Tying up the Hollyhocks (1888)
- Edmund Blair Leighton - A little prince likely in time to bless a royal throne (1904)
- Edmund Blair Leighton - The Hostage (1912)
- Esias Van De Velde - Garden Party Before A Palace (1614)
- Frank Dicksee - Funeral of a Viking (1893)
- Frank Dicksee - Paolo and Francesca
- Georges Michel - Mills at Montmarte
- Hendrick Avercamp - Winter Landscape (1610)
- Ilya Repin - A Shy Peasant (1877)
- Ilya Repin - Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan (1885)
- Ilya Repin - Rest. Portrait of Vera Repina, the Artist's Wife (1882)
- Ivan Shishkin - The First Snow (1875)
- Ivan Shishkin - The Road in the Rye (1866)
- Jacques-Louis David - Patrocles
- James Dromgole Linton - Celia from As You Like It
- James Sant - Feeding The Chicks
- James Tissot - October (1877)
- James Tissot - The Rendezvous (1890)
- James Tissot - Type of Beauty (1880)
- Johann Heinrich Fussli - The Nightmare (1791)
- John Atkinson Grimshaw - Autumn Morning
- John Atkinson Grimshaw - The Lady of Shalott (1878)
- John Everett Millais - A Dream of the Past - Sir Isumbras at the Ford (1857)
- John Everett Millais - Autumn Leaves (1856)
- John Everett Millais - Chill October (1870)
- John Everett Millais - Joan of Arc (1865)
- John Everett Millais - Mariana in the Moated Grange (1851)
- John Everett Millais - The Blind Girl (1856)
- John Everett Millais - Winter Fuel (1873)
- Joseph Farquharson - Cauld Blaws the Wind Frae East to West
- Jules Breton - The Recall of the Gleaners (1859)
- Konstantin Makovsky - African (1882)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Egyptian Warrior (1871)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of Alexander Popov (1863)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of Lady Vivien (1900)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of O Makovskaya (1864)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Tea Drinking (1914)
- Louis Janmot - Flowers of the Field (1845)
- Mary Cassatt - Two Women Throwing Flowers (1872)
- Nikolai Yaroshenko - The Student (1881)
- Viktor Vasnetsov - After Prince Igor's Battle with the Polovtsy (1880)
- Viktor Vasnetsov - A Knight at the Crossroads (1878)
- Viktor Vasnetsov - Snow Maiden (1899)
- William Morris - Garden of Delight (1910)
- William Morris - Woodpecker (1885)

Likewise, a number of miscellaneous works like wallpaper patterns, ornamental devices, illustrations, etc have been used as resources when making Clockwork - and these to the best of my knowledge have all been in the public domain for a long time also.

Sounds used:

- anguish.wav by ERH (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- carterattack.mp3 by guitarguy1985 (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- female_Short_Laugh_03 by fmaudio (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- Laugh 1 by Ballistiq85 (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- Sound Empire Project - Music Box (Just the first 32 seconds used as a loop. No other changes.)
--- Alternate:
--- License:

- TheClockStruckOneCleaned.wav by smidoid (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- The End of the World.wav by ecfike (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

- thirteen chimes.ogg by thebelltollsforthee (edited by Antistar)
--- License:

In its current state, Clockwork is strictly a non-commercial project, as some of the resources used in the making of Clockwork were specified as free to use in non-commerical projects only.

Thanks go to the following people for their much-appreciated assistance in beta-testing Clockwork:

- ishmaeltheforsaken
- Ixs234
- kojak747
- meloncholyroar
- Serethil
- tlrd
- trikoorgana

Modder's Resource and Permissions Info

I've been releasing mods for a fair while now, and in the past I've asked people to first contact me for permission if they want to release something based on one of my mods. Usually I say yes, because usually people are asking for something pretty reasonable. Getting a lot of permission requests can be a bit of a hassle though, and of course it's a hassle for the person asking permission, too - so I'm going to try something different here.

You can release something based on Clockwork without first asking for my permission, provided it meets the conditions I've laid out below. If you're unsure about something after reading this, feel free to contact me to ask about it. I may refine these conditions over time to make it easier on myself and the end-user - and with that in mind I'll say right now that I retain the right to do so if necessary. It probably *won't* be necessary to change anything drastically... but just in case.

If you want to redistribute Clockwork somewhere:

This is something I don't give permission for, so please don't. I do like to help people that have some kind of problem using my mods, and this is made much more difficult if they happen to be using a version of the mod from some undisclosed third-party location that may be outdated and/or modified without my knowledge.

I will add an exception here: If - in some distant, dystopian future - Nexus Mods and anywhere else I personally have uploaded Clockwork to has ceased to exist, AND I'm not around to re-upload Clockwork somewhere else... then you can upload Clockwork somewhere so that people can continue to access it. Contact me first and give me time to respond, though. My e-mail address is right there. It's pretty easy.

If you want to release something that adds to - or alters - Clockwork:

This is fine as long as it doesn't break or otherwise invalidate Clockwork itself. What this amounts to is:

- No straight-up replacements for the plugin (Clockwork.esp). Don't just open the plugin up, change something and then redistribute it. This will break - or be broken by - any updates to Clockwork, or by anyone else who decided to do the same thing as you.

- No merging of Clockwork into another plugin. This will make an unholy mess if run at the same time as Clockwork itself.

- In other words it must be dependent on Clockwork, and cannot have Clockwork itself bundled with it. Your users will need to download Clockwork to use your add-on.
--- If you've performed some wizardry and made a mod that can interact with Clockwork without needing it as an explicit master (and again it doesn't break or invalidate Clockwork), that's also fine.

If you want to translate Clockwork into another language:

I've been informed that with the tools available to translators, redistributing a translated copy of a mod's main plugin file/s is the most practical way to go - possibly the only way to go. With that in mind, I'm making an exception to the above "no straight replacements for Clockwork.esp" rule - but only for translations. There are some other conditions too:

- Only the translated esp file can be redistributed; NOT the Clockwork.bsa file. Users will need to download the main Clockwork file. This is to try to ensure that users end up with the latest version of the mod.

- I can't provide any support for translated versions of Clockwork, since they will have been altered by a third-party.

If you want to release something based on art assets from Clockwork:

Clockwork is a modder's resource - for Skyrim mods. (See below if you want to use assets from Clockwork in something other than a mod for Skyrim.)

You do need to provide credit for what you use, though. Something like "Bed meshes and textures from Clockwork, by Antistar" for example, ideally with a link to the page you downloaded Clockwork from.

If you want to use assets from Clockwork in something other than a Skyrim mod, this is only possible for the assets that were not themselves derived from base Skyrim assets. That's not my stipulation; that's up to Bethsoft, not me. But hey, if you can back up whatever you're doing with a letter from a Bethsoft lawyer saying that it's okay, go for your life. Like I said, it's not up to me. Just - y'know - be classy and provide credit for what you've used.

In any case, if you're unsure what is and isn't based on original Skyrim assets, feel free to ask me. If I suffer an excess of free time at some point I may make a list, but it would be pretty tedious to do and it should be fairly obvious what's what for anyone familiar with Skyrim.

As mentioned in the Credits section above, some of the resources Clockwork is built on were free to use in non-commercial projects only. In turn, any resources in Clockwork that are free to use in other projects can only be used in non-commercial projects.

Legal Stuff/Disclaimer

The mod is provided "as is", with all faults, defects and errors, and without warranty of any kind.

By downloading and using this mod, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned mod. Use at your own risk, basically.

Version History

Version 1.0 (14-11-16)
- Initial port of original Skyrim version of Clockwork. Basically equivalent to v1.0.3 of the original version.