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Collection of official patches for making Skyfurry work with other mods.

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SkyFurry Official Patches

Note:  These are for the original SkyFurry, not for SkyFurry NG!

For SkyFurry NG patches, go to the SkyFurry NG Official Patch Hub

This is a collection of patches created by the SkyF Dev team meant to allow our users to enjoy a variety of other mods with Skyfurry.  Skyfurry turns all of skyrim into anthropomorphic animals, so there are a few reasons why you would need a patch:

  • New facegen files are needed for any mod that adds new NPCs, even khajiit.  A patch must be made and facegen created using the Creation Kit (tutorial forthcoming).  Failure to do so will result in the dreaded dark face bug.   We do not recommend mods like the "face discoloration fix" for Skyfurry, and suggest our users patch their mods properly.  The exception to this appears to be if you are using Anniversary Edition, where khajiit facegen appears to be causing CTDs.  We are investigating the issue.
  • Mods that touch vanilla NPC entries at all, for example assigning an NPC a sword or new armor.  These just need the changes forwarded to combine them and you can do this yourself when making a conflict resolution or bashed patch if you don't want to use our patches.
  • Mods that alter the vanilla race entries (like Imperious) need a patch to combine their effects with SkyFurry.
  • Mods that add helmets or shoes need to be patched to show the khajiit version (if available), refit for beast races, or the item suppressed from leveled lists. Shoes may need to be patched to work with Digiboots.

Q: Can you please patch this mod?
A: We'd be happy to take a look, leave us a request, it might take a bit though, we are quite busy.

Q: I've patched a mod, will you host my patch?
A: Send us a link and we will check it over, if we use it we will give you credit.

Q: I've patched a mod, can I host my own patches?
A: You sure can!

Q: I've found a problem with one of the patches, what should I do?
A: First please make sure you test the patch on a minimal load order with just SkyFurry and its requirements, properly sorted.  If you can confirm that the problem (such as faulty facegen) still exists, submit a bug report on this Nexus page and someone from the team will check it out.  Please give us as much information as possible to expedite the process - what patch is the issue, what npc has the bad facegen, etc.

Q: Why does this NPC have an odd appearance?  Many of these NPCs look the same.
A: If you find a particularly egregious NPC let us know, but unfortunately we don't have time to hand-tune the appearance of thousands of NPCs, especially in larger mods.  Feel free to make a patch yourself giving them a fresh look, send us a note if you do this and we might update the patch to include your changes.