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My selection of patches for Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen and my own additions in Seasonal Landscape Additions. These are a bit more thoroughly done than the ones at the inofficial patch hub.

Permissions and credits
Mefariah's Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen is a great mod, but the nature of it results in quite a large number of conflicts with other mods. Moreover, custom form swaps need to be defined in the .ini files to get rid of the snow from custom meshes. While there are already a quite large number of patches available at the main page, and a bunch more at a third-party patch hub, neither of them cover all mods. On top of that, the patches at the hub are incomplete by themselves, so I saw a need for more patches, and more proper work put into some of the ones provided. I am not claiming this list even nearly fills what is missing, but at least the patches should do what you would expect from a patch. I also needed to add a couple of patches for my own project, so those are included here as well.

Patches are provided for the following mods:

Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen:
  • COTN Addon - Anga's Mill
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass
  • Immersive Fort Dawnguard
  • JK's High Hrothgar
  • Landscape and Water Fixes
  • Lock Related Loot
  • Oblivion Gates Remade
  • Proper Angi's Shack
  • Simple Snow Improvements. Combined patch for the Skyrim, Giant Obelisks, Snow Forts, and Solstheim Ruins modules, but only the Skyrim module is required.
  • Simplicity of Seasons
  • Sounds of Skyrim
  • Thickets and Dead Shrub Swapper with Options
  • Unique Border Gates
  • Unique Windhelm Farms
  • COTN Dawnstar + JK's Skyrim + Arthmoor's Dawnstar (for the combined patch. Do not combine with any of the COTN Dawnstar patches at the official mod page, nor the patch below)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawnstar (only for the combined patch)
  • JK's Skyrim + Bring Out Your Dead (only for the combined patch)

Seasonal Landscape Additions (patches only needed if selecting the "Ice-like glaciers" option for Unfrozen):
  • College of Winterhold Quest Expansion
  • Helgen Reborn
  • Immersive Fort Dawnguard
  • JK's Skyrim
  • Cities of the North - Winterhold + JK's Skyrim (only for the combined patch)

Patches for Open Capital Windhelm are provided at my patch hub for that mod, available here: Open Capital Windhelm patches (I recommend checking that mod out).

What about load order?
I have provided modgroup files which should assist with the load ordering. For most mods, the load order is not important, but note the following:

  • Load Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen.esp after Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods.esp and patches for that mod, and after Helarchen Creek.esp.
  • Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - LaWF patch.esp should load before all other patches available here, and also before Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - No grass under the ice.esp and Helgen Reborn.esp.
  • Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - CRF Patch.esp must load after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - COTN Winterhold + JK Patch.esp and also after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - COTN Winterhold Patch.esp if there is a conflict (I have not checked).
  • Load Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - Dawnstar + JK patch.esp after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - BOYD + JK patch.esp and after BeyondSkyrimMerchant.esp. Same for Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - COTN Dawnstar_Arthmoor_JK Patch.esp, which also needs to load after COTN_JK's Skyrim_Dawnstar_BSMerchant patch.esp.
  • Load Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - Unique Windhelm Farms patch.esp after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - Open Capital Windhelm patch.esp.
  • Kynesgrove.esp does not need any patch with Unfrozen, as long as it loads after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen.esp.
  • Seasonal Landscape Unfrozen - JK's High Hrothgar Patch.esp needs to load before Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - Throat of the World Snow Cap.esp.
  • RealisticWaterTwo.esp does not need any patch as long as it loads last.
  • JK's Skyrim.esp is a bit problematic, since there are conflicts in Riverwood that are not resolved by the dedicated patch. To resolve this, it should load after Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen.esp, but that may conflict with some of the other rules. I have asked Mefariah to fix this, meanwhile you can clean out the edits to RiverwoodBridge (5, -10), Riverwood04 (5, -12), and Riverwood05 (6, -12) from Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen.esp with SSEEdit.

Patches for some of these mods are included at Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen Assorted Patches, so what's the difference?
The only thing those patches do are to swap the snow-covered statics with non-snowy variants, but that is often not enough. On top of that, it also adds those form swaps to spring, which is inconsistent with the main Unfrozen mod. It also uses Editor IDs instead of Form IDs for the swaps, which is not safe (other mods may overwrite them). One model from that Landscape and Water Fixes patch also still had snow on it during summer.

On top of acknowledging these issues, all mods included at this page resolve landscape conflicts and/or other cell or object conflicts. I have not included patches for mods that only need form swaps. For such mods I recommend using this utility: Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen - xEdit Object patcher. For some mods, you may still need to do some manual work, but it should be minimal.

My other Seasons mods:
If you haven't already, make sure to check out Seasonal Landscape Additions, which adds some sensible additions to Mefariah's mod.

I would like to thank Mefariah for Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen and powerofthree for the entire Seasons framework. Without their work, this kind of mods would never have been possible.