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Various fixes and consistency improvements for using JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim with Capital Whiterun Expansion.

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I'm a glutton for city overhauls, so I decided to improve upon Whiterun Expansion City Patches by Fredtheviking. I tossed a few patches in for other mods I use as well.

- These patches use Dawn of Skyrim.esp (most recent version), not Blues Skyrim.esp.

- FredTheViking's patches contain ITMs and deleted references and should be cleaned using xEdit.

- My fixes require FredTheViking's patches for JK's Skyrim, DoS, and JK's+DoS (found at the link above).
- Fred's patches use Blues Skyrim.esp as a master so you need to change the master files to Dawn of Skyrim.esp in Wyre Bash or xEdit.
- Alternatively, use the dummy Dawn of Skyrim.esp in the optional files section.

- Do NOT use FredTheViking's JK's Bannered Mare patch.
- Do NOT use the JK's Skyrim patch from the Capital Whiterun Expansion page.
- Do NOT use the DoS or JK's Bannered Mare patch from Capital Whiterun Expansion - City Overhaul Patches
- Do NOT use the CWE-DWM patch from Some Patches for Capital Whiterun Expansion and Dark's Whiterun Market

Dark's Whiterun Market - Use my patch INSTEAD of any other patches for DWM and JK's Skyrim, DoS, or CWrE.

JK's Bannered MareUse my patch INSTEAD of JK's Skyrim patch (Whiterun Expansion page) or FredTheViking's Bannered Mare patch.

LOS II - My patch REQUIRES the LoS II - JK's Skyrim patch from the Lanterns of Skyrim II fomod installer.

This is Jorrvaskr - Use my patch INSTEAD of the CWrE or DoS patch from the This is Jorrvaskr page.

Load Order:

LOOT is highly recommended and should handle things correctly.

1. JK's Skyrim
2. SurWR
3. Dawn of Skyrim *OR* Blues Skyrim
4. JK's Skyrim_Dawn of Skyrim_Patch
5. DoS + JKs - Unofficial Patch *Optional*
6. Whiterun Market - *Optional*
7. JK Whiterun Expansion Patch
8. Whiterun Expansion Dawn of Skyrim Patch
9. JK-DoS-Whiterun Expansion Patch
10. JK's The Bannered Mare - *Optional*
11. JK-DoS-Whiterun Expansion Patch - Fixes
12. JK-DoS-CWrE patches - *Optional*

Please let me know if I missed anything.

Thanks to all the amazing modders who allowed me to fiddle with their creations.