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Changes many of the Vanilla NPCs AI to act more realistic and immersive.

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Compatibility | Patch HUB

by SpiderAkiraC 

NOT an enemy AI overhaul

Do you live in a populated city and notice that the NPCs are a bit dull and robotic like? 
Well, well you've stumbled upon a mod that tends to fix many of these issues and further increase immersion and realism to the game. 

Getting tired of NPCs doing the exact same thing everyday like robots? 
-Why is it they Say they do things but really don't ._. 
-Why do some people say pointless things to you at random? 
-Why does everyone engage in combat if one vampire enters the city? 
-And Isn't it strange for people to wander the streets after 12 midnight? Or Stay up at 3 a.m when theres NOTHING for them to be doing.(for most people) 

Japanese Translation:

1.8 Update

Scripted & Lite versions now available.
Modders resource available.

8 scenes can now potentially play, or new dialogue lines can trigger as a result of the new updated AI.

Scripted scenes can now play between Winterhold & Rorikstead children.

Wood chopping behavior fixed

More radiant AI

1.7 Video

1.6 Update 

A few select NPCs will now stoke fires. (These are the best areas in Skyrim for this behavior)

Companions will train if it's not storming out. (Morning and Afternoon shifts)

Most College of Winterhold members have new varied schedules

Some thieves guild members will hangout on the walkway.

Battleborn Family Time

Everyone's favorite NPC now goes to the cloud district on weekdays.

Lucia in the rain.

Mai'q now runs to his destinations. If he stands still it means he's looking for something that doesn't exist in Skyrim.

1.5 Update Teaser

Bryling is a bit of a celebrity in Solitude. The children of Solitude will now follow Bryling if she is near the player at the same time as them.

And any time Bryling is outside the Blue Palace Irnskar will follow her until 8pm.

The companions will now come together every night for dinner.

The Jarl of Whiterun will now go out every Friday night when he is able.

Sybille Stentor can be found at the dungeon some nights.

Agni will actually practice her magic each evening.

Your spouse now has a random routine for each walled city.

Most people (and your spouse) will run away from your beast form. (Vampire, Werewolf, Werebear)

Fixed Addvar's Bed ownership so his wife can finally sleep

-Highly noticeable tweaks & rewrites many of the vanilla NPCs AI 
-More Idle areas
-Realistic behaviors 
-Fixed bedtimes 
-Minds of their own. For the god’s sake no more robots! 
-Optional use of scripts.

AI Tweaks & Behaviors:
Note: -not every NPC has tweaked AI due to certain quests and playing purposes. 

"Branches and Procedures can all have Conditions, you can create very complex switches to route AI behavior through."

Every day in Skyrim is really a unique day for (almost) everyone now. 

- When NPCs have free time they can be doing whatever. And no not sandbox one area they really could be doing anything. They may be at different parts of the city, Shopping or at home. 

- Not every NPC will randomly greet you. I mean not everyone I walk by in my life stops to greet me. 

- NPCs interact more with the environment around them. They may read a letter or book, search containers, drink, eat, observe, etc.

-If a family member dies, the surviving family member(s) will visit their grave.

-Spousal freedom in walled cities. Can be found around town and in shops. They may go out every night & will always return home by 9pm

- Fixed bedtimes. beggars now sleep on the street, or in a tavern basement. Most people will be in their homes by 10PM-12AM 

- Most NPCs will not engage in combat. They will run away from danger. (any danger, even you!)

-Weather behavior for all individuals

Please see Documentation for more details.

If you experience issues with movement and lip syncing be aware that in some cases (especially with population mods) too many NPCs will go over
the limit of AI working correctly in a cell. Examples: NPC’s Standing still,
NPCs floating, NPCs face frozen. By default this number is 20, I changed that
to 30.
Recommend mod if you exceed that limit: Increase Actors in a cell or Actor Limit Fix

NPCs do nothing after they were in a scene. –Reset AI or "RecycleActor then Resurrect” them using the console command to refresh them.

Most common problem this mod has are conflicts with other mods that usually have edited NPCs or AI, and most of the time this mod will often get mixed up with third party conflicts, so again make sure all your mods work in harmony (for the most part).

This should not affect your FPS heavily.

SpiderAkiraC for permission to port AI Overhaul
mnikjom for updates

Extended Credits

Eleos2095 (idle marker bug fix)
TheMalazan (helping others on xedit & general info)
Qwinn (For the early patcher)
Zoroastre ("I've found the little girl from riverwood alone in whiterun, in wartime with the civil war quest started.")
novastark ("I feel like he (hunters) should have gone over to the elk and looted it." Idea for hunters standing by kill and checking it.)
SkyFall69 (Error reports)
Mebantiza (Various bug reports and Vanilla AI bugs to fix)
Sable17 (NPCs dialogue line immersion when away from original positions)
XanderVirtus (Avoid combat from player)
Abendaron (Error report)
Oilers (Idle marker animation bug report and various other bug reports)
MrBananaxx (Spouse script was not being used with the new AI)
Ruteger123 (Vanilla College AI update suggestion)
ReikuzoSennin (Outside cities combat reaction for citizens is bugged)
HalfdanWolfheart (More adopted children activities)
vhcanton (Override error for one of the NPCs)
JazzKiwifruit (Finding Vanilla furniture ownership error)
Glanzer (Finding AI Package Issues)
Brickon (Finding a package behavior problem)
hymhym (Finding out a AIO package schedule error)
DissidentRage (Specific quest NPC quality of life change)
Mur4s4me (Various helpful bug reports and vanilla issues.)