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A collection of small patches and mods that I made for my own game

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A few things I made for my own game. Being created with my personal load order in mind, they're mostly small patches, mods with very specific requirements, or small patches with very specific requirements. I'm not using them all at once, I add them bit by bit when I have to create them for my LO. I'm sharing them anyway just in case someone else wants to use them.

SunHelm Patches

- More Wells for SunHelm - Vanilla - adds the SunHelm bucket to all vanilla wells, not just those in the main cities; esl-flagged
- More Wells for SunHelm - Dawn of Skyrim  - adds the aforementioned buckets to the wells added by Dawn of Skyrim; esl-flagged
- More Wells for SunHelm - Cutting Room Floor - same for Cutting Room Floor; esl-flagged
- More Wells for SunHelm - ETaC - same for Expanded Towns and Cities - based on a similat patch made by AlbinoWalrus64 (Mini Patches and Tweaks), but I added Morthal since it was missing; requires Complete ETaC; esl-flagged
- SunHelm - Dawn of Skyrim food patch - the existing patch relied on the old plugin (BluesSkyrim.esp), I made a similar one for the updated version (it has been rebuilt from scratch since some IDs were different); esl-flagged
- SunHelm - JK Well - same for the well added by JK's Skyrim in Winterhold (as far as I can tell JK's doesn't add other ones, tell me if I've missed something)

Solitude Weaver's Lane - Northern Roads patch

Removes road chunks that didn't fit with NR.

Hearthfire Extended - Base Object Swapper

- Dynamically replaces all mead barrels and butter churns with the improved ones from HF extended (this means that other patches, such as those that I made for my house mods, will be redundant)

Defy The Gardener - Message from Neloth

- A small tweak to Defy The Gardener, so that the message informing you of an alternate way to get the Bend Will shout comes from Neloth instead of a generic helpful stranger (I mean, if anyone in the world could have found out such a thing, it would have been Neloth); esl-flagged.

Defy The Gardener - Sa'Chil Patch

- Added conditions so Sa'Chil doesn't comment on Storn's death if he's alive. I haven't got the chance to test it in game so far, but it uses the same conditions added to Frea's dialogue. Esl-flagged.

College Dorm

- I love Obscure's College of Winterhold, the only thing I was missing was more rooms for my followers (especially if using Immersive College NPCs as well, who fill most of the existing rooms), so I made a small expansion based on the undergroud room from Immersive College of Winterhold (you do -not- need ICoW to use this mod, I just copied a door and the room's structure). Since I was at it I also added some washbasin from Perseids Inns.
NB - load AFTER the 3DNPC patch for OCW if you're using it, otherwise the orc will end up downstairs.
UPDATE: New version has no bath tubs and does not require CRF and Perseid's Inns. 

Interactive Wash Basins - Immersive College of Winterhold Consistency Patch

- An updated Swap.ini so that the activators added by ICOW work the same as the others if you're using Interactive Wash Basins; requires the Base Object Swapper; works with Ultimate College as well. 

Serana's Safehouse Bed (LOTD)

Serana's safehouse room comes equipped with a coffin, but I thought a bed would have been better especially if she's cured, so I made a tweak to its furniture. Only for SLOT B2 which is the one I am using.

Immortal Kitties

- Mihail's cats are set to Respawn but I didn't want to see kitties being killed, so I made them essential. Esl-flagged.

Perseid's Inns Patches

Mainly, I've been adding the washbasin from Perseids Inns to various modded inns. All esl-flagged. NB - I didn't add other functions such as followers bed because it's not something I use (I assume my followers loot at my side and can buy their own room... or squat menaciously).

- COTN Dawnstar
- CONT Winterhold
- COTN Falkreath
- COTN Morthal

Additional patches for Perseid's Inns:

Perseids Inns - More To Do In The Bards College Patch - I moved a letter added by More To Do In The Bards College, so it's accessible with the new layout.