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Originally an attempt to make an SSE version of TNF Modified Player Homes Bath Area Undressing:- except in patch form. It has expanded to included other homes, full list below.

Permissions and credits
Warning!  If you change the option from 'No SkyUI' to SkyUI with MCM' or vice versa, please ensure that before you install the other option that you have fully removed all the files from the other option.  I've found an issue which I believe is due to scripts being baked in to saves where both the old and new activatorscript run on entering and leaving the relevant trigger box - even though the other option's esp does not have the previous script attached.  I am new to modding like this so perhaps this is not the issue, or there is an easy way to deal with in the scripts; but this seems to work so far.
If you use a mod manager to install the FOMOD then there should not be a problem.  All my files are named dz_<something> if you want to look for them, though not all files starting this way are mine! :)  Please let me know if this advice turns out to be incorrect!

This page was previously called "TNF Player Home Bath Undressing for SSE".
  This collection of patches is now on version 7, these patches all require SKSE64.

The MCM menu allows to choose whether the player undresses and if the viewpoint is forced to third person, if you have installed the mod you probably want to see your player undressed,:)
There is also an option to keep some armour slots equipped for those who are using mods for horns, wings etc.  You need to use the MCM menu page to examine your player or NPC and see what slots are being used for those items, and then select those items in the config.
NOTE: this selection will apply to all NPCs that undress/dress if you exempt item slots for NPCs.
ALSO NOTE: some homes already come with some form of undressing for NPCs; in the main I've left this alone, in which case the MCM menu options for NPCs will have no effect.  I recently went through all my patches and swapped most mod provided NPC undressing to my scripts.
Update: Having found that some Player Homes leave the player in combat inside for quite a while, due to the wildlife outside:); I have added an option to disable checking for the player being in combat.  However if the Player Home already has NPC undressing and my mod has only added Player undressing; then the behaviour of NPCs in still unaffected by this MCM option.

The FOMOD should detect player homes that it has esps for but you can choose to install others if you want - you will probably get "master missing" messages if you do though.:)
The FOMOD cannot differentiate between different versions of an installed mod if the esp filenames are the same. Users will need to manually select those patches.

Ver 6x adds an option to automatically use "Dirt and Blood" or "Bathing in Skyrim" animations if these mods are detected, but does not use all their functionality.  For that disable the option in the MCM menu and use the mods directly.  There is an option to set the delay between entering an undressing triggerbox and the animation starting.

The experimental series 7.x is now the main version.  The previous main version is in 'old' files.

Ver 5.1.0 and above require the following SKSE64 mod:
powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
the included 2.3.2 version is removed from now on due to a filename change, causing conflicts.
I shall no longer do bug fixes for 2.99b.
At the bottom of the description is a list of player home mods that are reported to be compatible by their authors.
Ver 5.2.3 and above now no longer work without SkyUI for MCM functionality, it's just easier to maintain.

In Oldrim the following mod:
TNF Modified Player Homes Bath Area Undressing by psychoslaphead has replacement esps for the Oldrim versions of the TNF - Hearthfire player homes by goatk.
That mod causes NPCs to undress in the bathing areas of the player homes.

In SkyrimSE, soupdragon1234 has made SSE versions of these player homes with extra beds for use with extra children.

I took the scripts from psychoslaphead's mod and used them to make patches for soupdragon1234's version of the TNF player homes:

Breezehome TNF Beds Plus
Hjerim TNF Beds Plus
HoneysideTNF Beds Plus
Proudspire Manor TNF Beds Plus
Vlindrel Hall TNF Beds Plus

Now, hopefully, NPCs will 'undress' (in reality of course the change is instant!) in the bathing areas, and re-dress upon leaving those areas. Whether they undress to underwear or nudity will depend on any body mods you have.  Vanilla NPCs wear underwear of course. :)

Also included now:

Breezehome TNF Expanded by LunaTheBloody
Breezehome by Elianora
Original TNF houses by Goatk, ported by Nineczka
TNF Skyrim House Remodel by goatk and Sandman53
Routa by Elianora
The Safehouse in Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecreamassassin
Bridge Farm SE by Gentester
Anna's Hjerim by Anduniel
Levelers Tower by WillieSea
Wind District Breezehome - Reborn by LethalThreat - Germrillian - Kyubitron
Friendlier Taverns with Baths by Kursan (also works for Cozy Taverns by same author)
Sjel Blad Castle by Soulbladex
Deus Mons - Castle of Miraak byAmras Anarion
Sky Haven Temple - Interior Overhaul and Player Home by Albro
Azura's Dawn SSE by Antiscamp
Dovahkiin's Island Retreat by BocaJeff
Fellkreath Cottage by Thicketford
The Ivy Hall - an Oblivion Pocket Player Home by Anixa
AHO - Dwemer Ship by Haem Projects
Ancient Fortress by Lynkx
FC Kagrenacs Instant Fortress SSE by Flatline42
Airship Dev Aveza - Tissendel's interior SE by Tissendel
Island Hobbit Home - Revisited by Kursan
Waterview in Skyrim by  LeianneG
Leaf Rest SSE by mnikjom (replaces the player undressing mechanism)
Hotsprings of Skyrim by Kursan
Al-Janna Player Home and Getaway SE by sa547 with MannyGT
NIFLHOLM - Hall Under the Mountain by Aizekku
Eastmarch Manor by K13RAN64
Dragon Tree Temple SE by bhaktisean - XONextGenXO
Hearthfire Cellar Pools by ModLon
Riverwood Tower by mrstiffy
Autumn Shack by pin100
Traveller's Inn by Skyrimboohoo
Ebongrove - Recall and Teleport SE by Undriel
High Hrothgar - Enhanced SSE by kojak747
Baths for Hearthfire Homes Redone by Redprincess79 & SarahSyna (navmeshing for NPCs added)
Immersive Fort Dawnguard by Grantyboy050
PD Inns Bath by puratinaD
TNF Vanilla Homes by RicoPietro
Solitude Public Bathhouse SSE ported by milankovalcik
Antennaria by Arafura
Aldmeri Proudspire Manor TNF by Cursedobjects
Winterhold Restored by Mannenyuki
Clockwork (SSE) by Antistar
Raven's Nest Tower SSE Port by Akhorahil666
Frostspire Tower by PrincessMely
Whiterun Crypt House by samdev1031
Enhanced Solitude SSE by kojak747 and the community
Emberstone Keep A custom asset player home by mmccarthy4
Winterhold Retreat by Skyrimboohoo
Thane's Quarters by Skyrimboohoo
Gryphon's Refuge - Hidden Home - Radiant Raiment by TwinCrows
Rkung-Zel Dwemer Player home by Spawnsta and MsRavenn
Waterview - Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil playerhome by LeianneG
ScenicView Lodge - Beyond Skyrim Bruma by LeianneG
Glimmergrove - A Nature Themed Home by Zerahar
Solitude Expansion by Ceasirius
Hill House Returned SE by Ithlia
Blackwater Mansion by Cuhlecain
Breezehome TNF Revisited by by jknjb
Vlindrel Hall - An Interior Overhaul Project SE
Red Rose Mill by Lele
Anna's Vanilla Homes (Merged) by Anduniel
The Rippling Isle by SkyrimBoohoo
Pinewood Cottage by Lele
Nchuzzrezar SE by crgobi
The Moors SE by Ithlia
Yggdrasil - Nirn Tree by FrostyDudess17
DMT's Jorrvaskr Extreme Renovation (Companions Overhaul) by Daermonster
Project AHO by Added Project AHO by Haem Projects
This Is Jorrvaskr - Home Of The Companions by Knight Life

Errant Enchantments - A Player Home in the Rift
Dragon Steel Ladies by jet4571
Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced by perseid9-GSA2011
Archmage's Quarters Redux with General Stores by Draco1122
The Dibellan Baths by ak0d (manually choose ESL or non-ESL version in the FOMOD)
Windhelm Palace Bath House - SSE Port by AriusVault
Stendarr Rising - The Hall of the Vigilant Rebuild by Teabag86 - DrMonops - Janquel - Jkrojmal - Czasior
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Follower Hot Tub Room B-5 by gutmaw

Crystalwind Estate and the Waterfalls of Rielle by Joe - Larissa - Rafa - Manuel
Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050
TeXarium by TonyKralj
Fort Valus Muster in Wyrmstooth by Jonx0r
Ultimate College Of Winterhold - an ICOW and OCW Patch by themayor897
Tel Aschan - Mage Tower Home by Elianora
The Sidrat - Unleashed by dafydd99
Phenderix Magic World - The Magical World of Manantis by phenderix

Dol Khazun - Orc Stronghold Player Home by ak0d
Dol Khazun - Mountain Stronghold Reborn by ak0d
Showers in Inns SSE by mnikjom
Sapphire Castle -SE by laghettogames714
Skyhammer Hold - SSE Convertion by rgyx
Briistaad 2.0 - Improved Home with a View by courtykat
Stonehills by Schlitzohr
Deithwen - Witcher Inspired Home - SSE Port by imAarwyn
Lair of Succubi - A Sex Dungeon by NocturnalSophiee
Kaidan's Home - Autumnwatch Refined by livtempleton LadyRaine Loni4ever
High Rim Villa by DarkVetal
Haarfingar Hall by K13RAN64
Jerall View Inn Bath from Bruma by The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team
SnowElf Castle by ThanksNex1
Followers Quarters by Sunnyemi
Leaf Rest Ilinalta by kojak747
Underground Spa - a Ayleid Spa playerhome

Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil - An Ebony Warrior Overhaul
River Estate SE
Neugrad by Schlitzohr
The Scrivener's Croft by Solmyst
Mirele Bismath Reborn Addon - Extended Bath and EVGAT by Sonderbain
White Blossom Cottage Reborn by Lele
Summer's Dream - AE  by Retrophyx
ePath's Vlindrel Hall by ePath
Hearthfire Baths Reborn by ShadowProctor
Stonewater Cabin - A Player Home for Skyrim SE by HANKDTANK
Skyfall Estate Revamped by Ld50365 and LordMithro
Warbird's Whiterun Metropolis by WarbirdShaman
CC Farming - Goldenhills Plantation - Bathhouse Upgrade by mindmonkey
Morskom Estate by Darkfox127
Aldmeri Proudspire TNF Remaster - Thalmor Themed Playerhome
Barrel Home RELOADED - Double Barrel by Magnet_Sphere
Lion Thane Stronghold by Gwendragon
Quaint Hendraheim by Rosehla
Lost Hope Fortress - A Mature Bandit Themed Player Home by RogueReverie

Dragon Wing Manor Solitude by AKAmyles
Mortum Castle by Jbuckhalt
Hjalmar Manor by Temryuu
Whiterun Dibella Club by csjcsj
Vanilla Player Homes Revamped by Featherstone
Solitude Docks Updated by AssyMcGee and Featherstone
Rayek's End Revisited (Mazz's End) - SSE Port by Miro2311

Player undressing added to the following Player Homes:
Skaal Manor by ToppDog

Lakeview Extended by Ac3s
Riverside Lodge by Lupus (already had player undressing, I have added re-equipping.)

Aspen Manor SE by Gentester
Candle Pond Ranch SE by Gentester
Darkwater Lodge SE by Gentester
White River Cottage SE by Gentester
The Grand Bathhouse SE by Undivide
Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley by Andragon
Winter Cove by 1xmiha
Rayek's End by Rayek

Valkyrja Outpost Riverwood Player Home by jpitner and Stoaty6666
Aemer's Refuge by LeanWolf and masterofshadows (
already had player undressing, I have added re-equipping.)
The Kinky Princess Club and Followers by DjoNzemics
Northern Bathhouses - SSE by UWShocks
Silverpeak Lodge SE by Lanif - ported by flashgreer
Mona Alta by archimagekhan
Whiterun Home by JohnnyQuest101
Laboratorium by Moosmupfel
(completely replaces the player undressing so as to keep original equipment)
The Asteria Dwemer Airship by  JohnnyQuest101
Maple Manor SSE - Player house with Legacy Support by Moosmupfel
Waterfalls Retreat by Hardnekkig
Dragons Keep SSE by ToppDog
The Cavern Of The Incarnate by Nerevarine0117
Springwood Estate - Player Home by Thay S
Breezehome TNF - Trapdoors of Whiterun SE by XenolithicYardZone
Windyridge by Mandragorasprouts
Obscure's College of Winterhold by SomethingObscure
Amon's Retreat by Amon-aliakpinar-DarkWanderer
Half-Moon Chalet Player Home SSE by JPitner
Mindrot's Rest by Amon-aliakpinar
Added Underground Bathhouse - Leightweight and Fixed SSE by Yunjitzu
Added Dovah Domis by Whitemorn
Quail Call Manor by Whitemorn
Scoundrel's fall by Whitemorn
Windmaster Retreat by Whitemorn
Trillion Dominya by Whitemorn
Souira by Hypn0sef
Souira-Lite by Hypn0sef
T'Skyrim Riverwood (addon for JK's Skyrim) by mnikjom - Leaf Rest version included
Rosewood Estate by DemonicTurkey (
already had player undressing, I have added re-equipping.)
Hjertesten Hall - Player Home and Settlementl by Thay S
Valkyrja Castle Whiterun by jpitner and stoaty6666
Valkyrja Manor Player Home pool patch by jpitner
Riverwood Falls Manor and Bleak Mines by Beth
The Lost Valley - A city for your followers by Maelwas
River Rock Village by mnikjom
Wind Path SSE by aukmat
Winterberry Chateau by Thay S
Expanded Towns and Cities (SSE) by missjennabee
Chronepsys's Nirn Falls Manor by Chronepsys
Yngol's Spear by SpleenofGod
Thalmor Headquarters - Player Home
Sea Dragon - Player home ship - 3.0 by Thay S
Jackdaw's Landing Estate Solitude by Helljumpers21
Jackdaw's Landing Estate Solitude Pool Extension by Helljumpers21
Ocean Saber - a Redguard Ship player home by nullidee
The Northern Star Retreat - Revisited by ArchimageKhan
Followers Sleep Too - Shared Rooms for Rent in Inns and Taverns
Become High King of Skyrim V2 SE

Honeyside Thane of Riften by Elizabeth Jackson Hall

Undressing added to the following Player Homes by Jkrojmal
JK's Riverfall Cottage by Jkrojmal
JK's The Bards College
JK's College of Winterhold by Jkrojmal
JK's Understone Keep by Jkrojmal
JK's High Hrothgar by Jkrojmal
JK's Sky Haven Temple by Jkrojmal

JK's Jorrvaskr by Jkrojmal
JK's Blue Palace by Jkrojmal
JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse by Jkrojmal

JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub
JK's The Bee and Barb by Jkrojmal
JK's The Bannered Mare by Jkrojmal

JK's The winking Skeever by Jkrojmal
JK's Candlehearth Hall by Jkrojmal
JK's Sleeping Giant Inn by Jkrojmal

Player undressing added to the following Player Homes by sa547:
Windstad Pool and Hot Bath EX for SSE
Heljarchen Pool and Hot Bath EX for SSE

Lakeview Manor Avant Garden EX for Hearthfire SSE
Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath EX for Hearthfire SSE
The Warmstone of Windhelm SE (Classic and Hostel)
Peregrine Highwatch Player Home SE
Peregrine Highwatch HFX for SSE
Markarth Scholars' Abode SE
Dragonborn Bayview Player Home SE

Player undressing added to following houses by Hylios Sykes
HS Whiterun - Arcadia's Cauldron
HS Player Homes - Breezehome
HS Riverwood - Hod and Gerdur's House
HS Player Homes - Proudspire Manor
HS Player Homes - Honeyside
HS Whiterun - Jorrvaskr
HS Player Homes - Severin Manor
HS Markarth - Silver-Blood Inn
HS Solitude - Temple of the Divines
HS Player Homes - Vlindrel Hall
HS Solitude - The Winking Skeever
HS Riverwood - Sleeping Giant Inn
Immersive Community Hangout
HS Player Homes - Hjerim
HS Windhelm - New Gnisis Cornerclub
HS Whiterun - The Bannered Mare
(this patch provided by sepet1989)
HS Whiterun - Dragonsreach
(this patch provided by sepet1989)
HS Markarth - The Treasury House
HSMarkarth - Temple of Dibella
HS Solitude - Radiant Raiment
HS Windhelm - Candlehearth Hall by Hylios Sykes
HS Riften - The Bee and Barb by Hylios Sykes

Player and sometimes NPC undressing added to the following Player Homes by Ld50365:

Skyfall Estate (SE)
Skyfall Estate - Buildable Edition (SE)
Castle Valdmire (SE)
Redspire Manor (SE)
Blackthorn - A Buildable Town in The Rift (SE)
Frostvale Estate (SE)
Silian Manor (SE)
Silverstead (SE)
Draven Manor (SE)
Dragonstead (SE)
The Scarlett - A Buildable Ship (SE)

Player and sometimes NPC undressing added to the following Player Homes by Cynndal
Harbourside Manor
Cynn's Vlindrel Hall
Cynn's Hjerim

Pinecrest Estate SE
Cynn's Honeyside Redone
Riftvale Lodge
Lake Haven
Cliffside Cottage
Cynn's Proudspire Manor
Birchwood Manor SE
Havran Castle

The following Player Homes are included, they have built in controls for follower undressing.  If follower undressing is turned off in the Player Home mod then players will not undress no matter what MCM setting is chosen in my mod:
Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow

Homes by Lazz are also included, they all have built in controls for follower undressing (see above).

Knight's Rest SE
Riverwood Keep SE
Dragonfall Castle SE
Ayleid Citadel SE
Ayleid Sanctuary SE
Ayleid Haven SE
Ayleid Palace SE
Morthal Home SE
Dwemer Manor SE
Dwemer Manor Exotic SE
Snow Elf Palace SE
Snow Elf Hut SE
Shadowstar Castle SE
Daedric Castle SE
Winterstone Castle SE
Moonstone Castle SE
Solstice Castle SE
Skystone Castle SE
Whiterun Safehold
Stormwatch Castle
Shade Hall

Other homes:
LC_Build Your Noble House by Locaster
Whiterun Manor by Lonewolf
The Forgotten City by Nick Pearce

BYOBreezehome by geekiejo

The authors of the following mods report that their mods can use my mod to provide undressing functions (dz_undress_common.esp and scripts from this mod required):

Chronepsys's Nirn Falls Manor by Chronepsys

Unlike psychoslaphead's mod I have made patches and not replacement esps.  The Beds Plus versions of the TNF homes have a different layout and the bathing areas are moved from the non-Beds Plus versions, therefore these patches will only make sense with the Beds Plus versions.

I have written my own scripts for player undressing, doing it the long way around since the spell method that works for NPCs doesn't work properly for the player.
These scripts also allow me to offer patches for some Player Homes that already have NPC undressing, adding just player functionality.

In the Main Files section you will find a FOMOD installer which detects installed Player Homes by esp filename and auto checks their patches for installation; you are not bound by this, you can deselect those you don't want, or even select those patches for homes you don't have!  All esps installed should be ESL flagged:-
On ESPFEs and Proper Patch Plugin Placement
; these are esps with the ESL flag set.
To be clear, you can use these without contributing to your 255 plugin limit.  Hence there will be no all-in-one - of this or the ordinary esp versions.  Although if you want to make one, knock yourself out! (check permissions above first).

In writing my own scripts I've used the ones from here as a base:
Bathing Suit in a pool Script and files
The author of this mod requests crediting Ac3s and subtanker for their tutorial here:
Content from
Dovahkiin can lean Sit Kneel Lay down and Meditate etc too by Soupdragon used with thanks!

For the MCM menu I used Google Translate for the translation files (see in the data/interface/translations folder).  If anyone wishes to correct any mistakes in these I shall happily update them with credit here.

All Hail IsharaMeradin and dylbill  for help with the ammo/quivers function!
And ReDragon2013 has been tutoring me about the valus of keeping variable in functions and how to do this, my scripts are much changed as a result!
Candlehearth patch by Neko14789