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Player home with little extras and two quests

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Background Story:
The plan was: create a wizard home for my character, but while looking for inspiration I found that amazing art picture from Dea Bum Kim. By looking at it I instantly thought about an old man creating the craziest fabrications and being obsessed with science. Somehow I thought about the idea to build a player home for a genius like Leonardo Da vinci. So I ended up with modding a medium (?) sized player home that is based on different sciences.


  • 2 little Quests to get the house
  • Store and autosort System from General Storage included
  • unique models
  • functional lift, door bell, elevator, electro waves, telescope and many other tiny animated hidden things to discover (I tryed not to spoiler by posting to much pictures)
  • many possibilities for activating things to force the player into specific idles and to have roleplay moments
  • typical player house function like undress in Bath, changing Appearance in mirror, Light switch and activator for switching between differen scenes
  • vendor named Whiskey (he like other features become only avaiable through specific quest items)

Note: This is not a family house, so there is not a kid or adoption support build in. The house is for player + husband/wife + 1 Follower only.


Simply install with MO, NNM or Vortex. Please make a SAVE before installing, to roll back in worst case. The mod comes with scripts so it is NOT SAVE to uninstall mid playthrough without a backup. You will also need all DLC and SKSE64. If you installed everything correct, a little notification message will pop up on your screen.

To get the houe you have to finish 2 Quest (between 30 - 60 minutes). The Quest starts on the road between Solitude and Dragonbridge. You have to search for a carriage...

Tip: in the second quest it has to be 7 items! If you place The collectable items to early into the house and take them out and in again, it counts for multiple times and the quest may be finish to early althrough you haven’t collect the other ones yet. 

Known Issues/Incompatibilies:
  • Incompatible with everything that does make changes to the game on that same spot
  • Incompatible with open cities
  • The mod Ayleid Palace is a bit conflicting because right on the spot of a quest scene. You can solve this problem by either setting the queststage to 70 and 80 with the console command written further down in description or by ignore all collision and fly with The command tcl through it. 
  • Depending on the ENB you are using, it may be a bit dark or not. 
  • Depending on your grass mod you maybe have to toggle grass a bit down
  • Depending on your system it might eat a bit of your performance. If you expierence performance hits or even CTDs, pls let me know and also report where/when this happens. If you expierence a lot of FPS drops, make sure your game doesn't load 4k textures in that area that you maybe downloaded with some retexture mods. 

The lift:
  • The Lift can be a bit moody  sometimes, so that it doesn't start right away after activating, so give that grandma a bit time. 
  • Import is, you should be already sitting in the lift before you pull the chain, otherwise you won't make it
  • The lift has the collision of the boat part. Meaning: you can jump but also fall out of it. So better watch out.
  • Don't go AFK during the ride or sit with the character - because you will die this way! Since the physics in skyrim are a bit difficult you probably have to move the character a little during the ride, just like you walk with :) In my expierence is the best place in the front
  • I have moved Trees, so you don't get stuck during the ride. If you have any mod that adds trees, you better be sure to disable the trees that are in the way or your character will stuck in the tree and the lift goes on without you.

  • There are 2 little quests to get the house, during the second one you already can enter the house. I recommend to finish the quests first before complely discover everthing, because certain items at the end of the quest will add new things
  • if you are stuck in the quest because of any technical problem (usually shouldn't happened, but skyrim wouldn't be skyrim if there is not always something buggy) you can change the queststage via the console command: setstage Questnumber Number of stage  
  • Questnumber are XX278DDA for the first quest and XX1FE6AF for the second quest. XX stands for the number in your load order
  • Number of stage are always in 10 steps so like 40, 50, 60 and so on

The ingredient Sort System
  • The ingredient Sort System is linked to the other sorting system of the house
  • If you want to have the drawers filled, you have to have ingredients in the container (the little bag) and activate then the sort button. You always can get ingredients out of the drawer right away or through the storage system.
  • To get ingredients out of the storage system once they are sorted into the drawers, you have to activate the button to transport the items from the drawers into the container. This way you have access like with the usual sort system and can get all at once for example. When no further need to loot them out of the container you can sort them into the drawer system again

Sorting System
  • Different Activators allow sorting into different groups (thanks to General Storage resource)
  • Some activators are tiny, look for little golden plaques
  • The treasure and stolen goods activator are in the safe. You can access with and without opening the safe door (so for the unpatient ones ;)
  • Same with the Cupboard in the Bedroom and the armor storage

  • To get to the balconys and also to the lift and libary you must exit the house via the window
  • Bedroom also contains a window for exit

Wake-Up Alarm
  • Since that system is a chain reaction of things it needs a bit time to build up and also to end

  • I hardly recommend to not let certain triggers run constantly like the watering system, the shock waves or wake-up alarm. Because many little things do appear that makes the game more to render and can lead to lags
  • Also because of many physics and placed clutter it can be a bit laggy at the outside of the house. Althrough I did already a lot to reduce the impact of perfomance lost, but it also depends what system you are having and how heavy modded your game is

  • I always take standard NPC to create the height of rooms and still having the feeling of medieval times (tiny rooms). So if your character is much taller than average you could get stuck for example at the balcony. In worst case skip these areas by using consale command tcl off to walk through that area. When done don't forget to toggle collision on again.

OMG my house is on youtube lol!!!! I feel so flattered that people do create videos of it. That really is a huge compliment to me. So thank you so much Febrith Darkstar and Arctic Scrolls


Questions & Answers
Q: Will there be a Skyrim (Oldrim) version?
A: I don't think so

Q: Why no Armor/Weapon or Quest Item Display?
A: Because it's a player home

Q: Can I use the laundry machine?
A. Not yet, haven't fully build this function yet.

Q: There is also a lift in the working station room but it only goes up/ I can't open the trap doors in the station room.
A: I usually planned to have also access to the outside area via that door, so that the cannon could be driven down, but it was to hard to implement, so I decided it to keep it that way.

Q: Why no family home?
A: I already did one and I felt like a laboratory isn't the right place for a kid. But if someone is interested in creating an addon, that's fine with me.

Q: Why is there a second entrance door? Why are there ruins?
A: I recently played a game calle the House of Da Vinci and got inspired of the entrance architecture, so that I tried to rebuild it. Of course I couldn't add it where I wanted to, because the outside is a tower. Not really a long hallway. I ended up with the idea of old ruins like it used to be the entrance of the ancient part of the building or connected to the stables. Whatever, use your imagination :)

Q: Where is the vendor?
A: Search at the anatomy station.

Q: Where is the house located?
A: Near Darkwater Pass

Tools used:
Notpad plus
Nif Converter
Nif Merge
Sketchup for textures
turbosuid and 3dwarehouse for meshes or inspiration for own meshes
SFChristo for the amazing musictrack