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A more elegant and spacious base for you and all your followers located near Whiterun.

Permissions and credits
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Exterior lounge and crafting area
Main entrance -with Library, lounge and forge.
Private Valley -Master bedroom
Royal Chambers -20 rooms for followers
Royal Kitchen -interior and exterior kitchen
Armory -Enough storage for all your gear
Castle Vault -Display hall for your artifacts
Lower Chambers -basement beds for followers

also includes
-home teleport spell
-shortcut to Half Moon mill.

~~ DAY & NIGHT ~~

Along with its new posh exteriors
this castle is able to reflect day & night times.

~~ How to get key ~~

Key is outside the castle next to the forge
inside the small strongbox beside the fire.

This home is free because it is meant to grow
 along your journey as you collect new artifacts
and more followers.

A home fit for the hero of skyrim.

Mods I HIGHLY suggest

My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus) - SSE--to move in your followers
Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition--better textures for castle
Daedric Shrines - Nocturnal--awesome statue replacer
Dibella statue--awesome statue replacer

Do you want a smaller home near Whiterun, but don't have an army of followers?
Do you want something more laidback?
try out<3



Feel free to modify this home to your liking.
I embrace when fans create their own versions of my mods.
This took my own free labor
and also costs you nothing in return.

I only ask that you enjoy this home, post some screenshots
and overall vibe to the Skyrimness.

This plugin belongs to Bethesda's awesome Skyrim
and in no way takes from the beauty that is already in skyrim.
All compliments I get as a modder I give back to the folks at Bethesda.

After the fiasco with the last castle mod I did because it was created using Sjel Blad as a base,
this home was done from scratch thanks to partnership with Damastine whom I was able to bring his meshes into life.
Although I had a completely different test version, the end result came out even better than expected.
No longer can SBC say that I'm using any of his crummy castle, as all the
interior assets are from Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn.
Interior items are carried over from my own Bleakwind Castle.


1. Damastine for his Dawnguard Inspired Meshes
2. Modders Resource (uses skyrim assets) -Modder's Resource Pack
3. Rug Resource by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere -Rug Resource
4. Display Scripts by Skyrimlazz -Displays - Dragon Claw and others

All these authors have the same permission. -credit and no paywalls.