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This mod changes the location of Breezehome to the location of Carlotta Valentia’s house, and relocates Carlotta Valentia’s to the original location of Breezehome.
The Home is fully navmeshed, has multiple displays, a Vault, multiple optional follower rooms, and operational Whiterun aware vanilla framework adoption (two children).

Permissions and credits

This mod would not have been possible without the kind permission of LethalThreat and the previous work by Germrillian in converting Wind District Breezehome to SSE. Also, the vast array of modder’s resources that the community is willing to share. Full credits at end.

I always thought this was a great idea, but decided it was time to give it an update to full SSE. This means it uses all the core DLCs and is not compatible with any old patches people may have made.

This is my first foray into House mods, and what a project it was.

So, I am glad to bring you:

Wind District Breezehome - Reborn


Wind District Breezehome Reborn has many features and is fully navmeshed. Your follower can sit on the porch, watch the stars over Whiterun with you from the tower, and run around the basement unimpeded.

There are many displays for items and artifacts, and a vault of modest size for your more dangerous items, that will fill with some displays that reflect your wealth if you store your riches in it (use the ledger).

Inside and out there are some light sources that change depending on time of day. Apologies if the script doesn’t load right away, just sleep overnight (more than a hour) and it should get back to working.

Adoption is fully functional (though you children might be petty about chores). Go to Proventus to change your “alchemy” room (AKA guest/follower room in this mod) to a child room.

The Basement has almost all crafting stations, except an Imbuing Chamber, and initially, a staff enchanter (you can have one if you want by going to Solstheim) and a Disenchanting font (please be careful). If you feel you need room for your fellow adventurers, look for the hammer.

There are a modest amount of weapon plaques and mannequins to display your favorite items.

An extra entrance allows access from outside the city.

Your home is your castle! Enemies will not follow you through the front door or the exterior entrance. No more seeing your family get butchered by overzealous guards or vampires if you run from combat. However, there is no guarantee if you use other methods.

Wind District Breezehome Reborn has been designed to have a tidy but lived-in aesthetic, while keeping clutter to reasonable levels, and has been matched to the exterior footprint and appearance of the house (as much as skyrim will allow).

Differences from Wind district Breezehome original and SSE port:

No couches or paintings. Please download the Wind District Breezehome SSE or the original Wind District Breezehome versions if you want those.

The main house is almost entirely remodeled and refurnished, with walls and doors moved, and new furniture and room decor. Aspects of the original have been kept out of respect for those who have worked on it before, such as the corner kitchen shelves and the shrine of Kynareth. It’s a new take on the theme.

The basement has been somewhat less aggressively remodeled, with a new hall and room entrances, and refurnishing, as well as implementation of displays and a Vault.

Lighting redone throughout.

On lighting:
Skyrim is a fickle beast with lighting, and measures have been taken to try and mitigate light errors. The house proper uses what I call “Light Culling” as the construction prohibits the use of roombounds and portals. It’s like a tightly packed box with multiple layers between the upper and lower floors that permit some of the furnishing tricks. The Basement uses roombounds and portals. This should mitigate most lighting glitches. 

Light Culling Explanation:

In the house there are some trigger boxes that disable or enable lights as you pass through them. This stops the “blackout” texture error you may see due to too many light sources “touching” an object (no, walls do not make a difference for the game's light source boundary calculation.) and the annoying “light drops” Skyrim has a tendency for.  Most of the time this should not be visible, as it snaps off lights on the floors when you aren’t there to see them and returns them to working when you transition back.

To ensure function, please just don’t stop in the middle of using stairs or walking through a bedroom door.

If something does go wrong, there is the “Bathroom Cabinet” to help debug and set things straight.

Bathroom Cabinet
The Bathroom Cabinet contains a set of buttons in the lower corner that are used to correct errors from the light culling triggers. If for some reason you find some lights that are not on, check the cabinet. If a light set is not on, the corresponding button will sparkle. Simply click the button to restore the set to operation.

*SPECIAL* The Child room button.

Do not use this button unless you have purchased the child room option from Proventus.

What this is: Skyrim sometimes doesn’t seem to register the furniture upgrade and new markers, even though it has flagged the house as “adoption ready”. This causes the game to glitch out, making adoptions “hang” and never complete. This is most seen with the well-known “Lucia adoption bug”, and can occur even with vanilla hearthfire.

When you purchase the child room option, a small doll with a glow effect will appear next to the button, showing the room and furnishings are active, and in position. If you seem to adopt with no problems, leave this alone and do not use it. If, however, your first adoptee seems to be taking days to arrive, and you suspect the adoption has hung, there is no need to restart from earlier. Simply click the button to turn the room off, then turn it back on, with the doll visible, then sleep and the next day exit and enter the house (at least one full night cycle should pass). This seems to do the equivalent of “slapping the tv set” to remind the game engine that you have the correct furnishings. There should be no further issues after the first child arrives. Lucia will show up if you choose her and do this.

Warning! This does not unregister your House as adoption active! Skyrim still treats it as having a room, even if unfurnished, which can cause errors if left off deliberately while you have an active adoption in Breezehome. You must go back and purchase the “alchemy lab” option to switch it back to a Follower/guest room and remove it from adoption properly if you want to go back to followers after moving your family.

Full features description.

  • Compatible with LAL Alternate Start (carried over from Germrillian edit).
  • Frostfall Ready (as of v 1.51).
  • House interior matches exterior footprint (as best as Skyrim allows).
  • Exterior lights and landing candles change according to night and day cycle.
  • Exterior Wall material switchable between all wooden, and Stucco and wood.
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Lots of bookshelves.
  • Main house has an operational kitchen, cook and bake to your hearts content.
  • Serve dinner or clear the table to sit at.
  • A Ice chest for your meats and perishables.
  • Baking table and storage for ingredients. (table is cosmetic).
  • Kachelofen seat so you can warm yourself by the oven. (Animation limitation means you have to hop down upon getting up from sitting.)
  • A medieval bathroom for RP. No disrobing scripts, the tub is a humble affair for one.
  • Crafting is available in the basement, the only thing not included is the Spider scroll device. The Staff crafter appears once you have journeyed to Solstheim.
  • Crucible compatible with Ars Metallica. (Probably other smithing mods as well).
  • Disenchanting Font.
  • A functional secret vault which displays your wealth that you place in the ledger(s). Find the key in one of them on your desk and deposit some coin to start building your riches and set the vault to start. The vault also has a series of displays for major artifacts. A spare key is hidden in the basement if you lose the first one.  The vault ledger(s) accept septims or jewelry.
  • A hidden exit is in the basement, investigate to find evidence of a cunning heist and its subsequent re-purposing.
  • Optional Teleport/recall spell.  Learn or destroy it to suit your play style.  Look in a place of research and wizardry.
  • Upstairs Curio Cabinet for displaying minor quest items and curious items often overlooked in some ways. Fill it to reflect your travels.
  • Becoming Thane means something.
When you become Thane of Whiterun, due to your unique deed, the jarl will give you the right to fly the banners of Whiterun and mount the prize upon your home to commemorate your status as Dragonslayer. Prior to that, the exterior is mostly unadorned.
You also are given a small statuette by the grateful guards. Find it on the desk after becoming thane.

Displays are deliberately faction free, meaning you will not find specific displays for any of the faction questlines special unique items. The displays are themed to reflect a “living” aesthetic, as though placed on existing furnishings and shelves, not in form fitted displays. You won’t have a museum in your basement. Though there are a few surprises.

Please note: Patches will not work for Wnd District Breezehome SSE – Conversion by Germrillian, due to Wind District Breezehome - Reborn requiring a different set of masters.

All patches require their patched mods as Masters. 
 load order is important ie JK's Skyrim -> Wind District Breezehome Reborn -> WDBH Reborn Jk’s Skyrim Patch 

Patches Available:

WDBH Reborn - Aemer's Refuge Patch (ESPFE)
For Aemer's Refuge SE by  LeanWolf and masterofshadows

WDBH Reborn - Capital Whiterun Expansion Patch (ESPFE)
For Capital Whiterun Expansion by Surjamte

WDBH Reborn Dawn of Skyrim Patch (ESPFE)
For Dawn of Skyrim (directors cut)  by Shiverwitch/BluePianoTwo and Lykann

WDBH Reborn Dawn of Skyrim Patch (ESPFE) (New Version)
For Dawn of Skyrim (directors cut)  V 1.5 and higher by Shiverwitch/BluePianoTwo and Lykann

WDBH Reborn Embers XD Patch
For Embers XD by mindfIux

WDBH Reborn Fenix Disenchanter Patch (ESPFE)
For Fenix Disenchanter by fenix31415

WDBH Reborn Holds- the city overhaul (complete) Patch (ESPFE)
For Holds The City Overhaul by Galandil

WDBH Reborn Jk’s Skyrim Patch (ESPFE)
For Jk's Skyrim  by Jkrojmal and Teabag86

WDBH Reborn Jk’s Whiterun Patch (ESPFE)
For Jk's Whiterun  by Jkrojmal

WDBH Reborn Holidays Patch (ESPFE)
For Holidays  by isoku

WDBH Reborn LOS II Patch
For Lanterns of Skyrim II by WiZkiD

WDBH Reborn SkyBirds Patch (ESPFE)
For skyBirds SSE Edition  by steve40

WDBH Reborn EEK's Beautiful Whiterun patches - 
For EEk's Beautiful Whiterun  by EvilEyedKyo
Initially only:
EEk's Beautiful Whiterun + Jk's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim (dir cut) WDBH patch
More pending if that works.

WDBH Reborn Moon and Star Patch (ESPFE)
For Moon and Star by Gan Xingba

WDBH Reborn - Mystic Condenser Patch {ESPFE}
For Mystic Condenser SE by Dave0523

WDBH Reborn Atlas Map Markers SE MCM Patch (ESPFE)
For Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM by Kronixx and kryptopyr

WDBH Reborn - Skald's Mail Patch (ESPFE)
For Skald's Mail by Alistair Rodryk

WDBH Reborn - Warbird's Whiterun Metropolis Patch
For Warbird's Whiterun Metropolis by Warbird

WDBH Reborn - YAWTO Mixed Patch (ESPFE)
WDBH Reborn - YAWTO Aspens - Lexy's patch (ESPFE)
For YAWTO - Yet Another Whiterun Tree Overhaul by zDas

Many thanks to the above authors for permission.

Patches at other mods - Many thanks to the authors for patching.

Willybach's Whiterun by Willybach
Patch available from Willybach here.

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Player Homes Displays by gutmaw
Patch available from gutmaw here.

Patches for Arthmoor mods. I have followed the patching directions on the mod pages as best I could, but, if there are any issues with these patches existing, I will remove them.  
WDBH Reborn – Alternate Start Patch (ESPFE)
For Alternate Start – Live another Life by Arthmoor

WDBH Reborn – Provincial Courier Patch (ESPFE) - Open Cities aware.
Works with both old and new versions, as patch file only moves a single mailbox, and is clean of other records.  Checked in SSEDIT.
For Provincial Courier Service by Arthmoor (Hosted Externally at "AFK mods")

WDBH Reborn – Open Cities Patch (BETA)  * Please read Wind District Breezehome Reborn: Use of Open Cities patch. (BETA) Article under Articles Tab.
For Open Cites Skyrim - SSE by Arthmoor (Hosted Externally at "AFK mods")

Add on for Wind District - Reborn that places a raised bed garden on the ramp behind. Find it Here.

WDBH Extra Child Room
For users of  Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions.Please find this plugin esp under the files section.

Wind District Breezehome - Reborn is incompatible with anything that alters Breezehome, or Carlotta Vici’s House. Load this mod after mods that affect them if you must.
Incompatible with anything that tries to alter the interior lighting of Breezehome. Use a mod version that does not affect player homes if using ELFX or similar mods.

Wind District Breezehome – Reborn Also makes a minor alteration to Tamriel cell 4,0 just a bit outside the northwest wall “corner” of Whiterun. This may cause some conflict, but most major Whiterun edits affect the eastern side of the city exterior, next to the road.

Eek’s Noble Whiterun Door - Recommended if you are using Noble Skyrim for best effect. Load Before this mod or any city mods. It defines doors, so must be placed before them to work. Used in the shots, and really helps give Whiterun a living look.

With such a dramatic change to the location and framework of Breezehome, installation requires a new save/game.

Technical stuff

Cleaned in SSEDit

Purchase quest is fully integrated.

Room Decorations are acknowledged and “seen” by the game, Proventus treats you as having purchased all the upgrades, and allows you to buy a child room, or revert it to “alchemy lab” (aka follower room in main house.) No crashes due to house quest.

Navmesh has been fully implemented on the porch and tower.

Followers can enter and exit when led or dismissed, as well as sandbox without issue.

Adoption Functions with Beezehome hearthfire framework.

There are no random door drops or hovering Carlotta doors outside the main door. If this happens, you have a mod that edits door locations loaded after Wind District Breezehome Reborn.

Known Issues



I have tried to test this as much as I can, and to deliver a finished package.  Any concerns please tell me them in the bugs.  Constructive critique and clear reports are greatly appreciated.  I am learning the fine points of ck as it regards house modding, and have tried to minimize the use of non default scripts, as I confess to not having much prowess at script creation yet.


LethalThreat for creating the original mod.
Germrillian for initial port to SE and LAL compatibility.

Assets used:

Anna's Resource Pack
Created by: Anduniel

Apepi's Art Assets (oldrim)
Created by: ApepiofDuat

BookSets Resource (oldrim)
Created by: Blary

Dynamic Treasury Resource (oldrim)
Created by: icecreamassassin
File credits
Icecreamassassin - Scripts and implementation
Oaristys - Treasure Model resources from "Modder's Resource Pack"
Tamira - Treasure Model resources from various Tamira resources

Elianora's Extra Resources (oldrim)
Created by: Elianora

FPI Experiment Pack 1 (oldrim)
Created by: The Fuzzy Physics Institute

Jets Resources
Created by: Jet4571

Jokerine's Misc Resources
Created by: Jokerine

Manor House Modder’s Resource (oldrim)
Created by: Tiaffoon

Modder's Resource Pack (oldrim)
Created by: Oaristys and Tony67

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension (oldrim)
Created by: OaristysMany thanks to CD Projekt Red for the Witcher series and all assets provided.

New beddings (oldrim)
Created by: 1ndajone5

Nordic Carving - Wallbaskets SE
Created by: Mikey Nexus

Obscure's Modding Resources
Created by: SomethingObscure (Procurer of beeswax, tallow, and silver.)
Obscure’s library

Open Books Library (oldrim)
Created by: stoverjm

Orient Set (oldrim)
Created by: Garnet

Stroti's Kitchen Tools for Skyrim SE
Created by: Stroti and Tamira

Resources for modders (oldrim)
Created by: Runspect
File credits:

The Medieval Smithy

SrRamrod's Stained Glass Art (oldrim)
Created by SrRamrod

Tapestries (oldrim)
Created by: RoboBirdie

Upper Class Furniture Pack V2.0 (oldrim)
Created by: Monk_ide and Icecreamassassin

XunAmarox Modder's Resource (oldrim)
Created by: XunAmarox

TimedLightSwitch Script by Kryptopyr
from JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim Patch by Teabag86
Thank you for permission.

ShipTrapDoor01.nif From
Animated Clutter SSE
By JackMorris21 /  RumblestrutPig
Thank you for permission.

DarkFox for the modding tutorial videos, which helped a great deal with fiddly problems.

Copy of original credits and SSE port Credits.

Please note that although some of these are deprecated, they are included for the sake of completeness and credit for what has come before.

Original Skyrim Edition mod credit list:

"General Stores" - Harvey2112 (permissions are respected even though we're only using non-GS version as a few file folders crossed)
Various clutter resources (OpenBook, Food, WallArt, Alchemy, etc.) - Blary
Activator resource - eldiabs
Resource pack - Oaristys and Tony67
Resource kit - TESA
Unique Curio cabinets, catering, wallpaper - Lilith (TESA)
Resources/Junk Yard (Pillows, chessboard..) - InsanitySorrow (TESA)
Open Book Library - stoverjm
Extra Resources (Baking crate and cheese) - Elianora
Note from Original Author: If I missed any authors I apologize. All resources used are from free-to-use resource packs (GS uses permissions but they are respected in this mod even in this non GS version.)

Continued Credits for Germrillian Wind District Breezehome SSE Lore Friendly Version:

New Paintings and Wallcoverings:
Almost all of the new paintings were worked up from screenshots taken from Viral Violence in-game
Thanks to:
Katibear-stock & Myruso & Jantiff-Stocks & Borysses
for beautiful starting work in wood or slate as well as for scans of charcoal tracing and old silks for more lore-friendly realistic wallcoverings. Colors and textures altered and edited by us to fit realistically.
also thanks to
for some bits of Oldrim resource RE: Red and Gold Noble Beds

I hope I have covered everyone and all sources, please accept my apologies if you are not on this list and need to be credited. I will rectify that if you wish, just message me. There are many many resources in this work.

I am very grateful to be part of such a generous modding community, thank you so much for this opportunity and allowing modders to use such fine resources.

Wind District Breezehome Reborn is a Nexus Exclusive and will never be sold.