Skyrim Special Edition

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High Hrothgar - Enhanced SSE - My personal collection of merged mods, tweaks and enhancements for High Hrothgar

Permissions and credits
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I spend a lot of time at High Hrothgar and ever since I started playing Skyrim all my playthroughs include getting all the shouts. For me, that's the premise of the game and if you follow it, you get to see some of the best sights in Skyrim. However, spending so much time with the Greybeards, you get used to the same scenery, so I modded it.

I have gathered together my favourite existing mods for High Hrothgar and pulled them together.  I took inspiration from other High Hrothgar mods, cherry-picked my favourite features and brought them into this mod. I also added new features to complement the changes and made High Hrothgar a place that suits my needs. 


  • Rooftop crafting area with direct access from the courtyard
  • Rooftop balustrading providing shelter whilst retaining views
  • Giant campfires providing courtyard and facade illumination
  • Automatic exterior lighting with manual switch - star gazers rejoice!
  • Swinging lanterns courtesy of Sialivi (Blowing In The Wind)
  • Navmesh repairs and optimization.

  • Added clutter and decorations from unique resources for visual interest
  • Player bedroom and lounge area with alchemy and enchanting area
  • Multiple non-respawnable containers for safe storage
  • Jacuzzi pool with auto-strip function
  • Texture overhaul comprised of individual hand-picked files and compared in game
  • Light switch (Lever by courtyard door) to control exterior illumination for star gazers

I use this mod alongside Thunderchild, Relinquish Dragon Souls, ELFX and High Hrothgar cottage without issue. Install this mod normally either on an existing game or a new game. Un-installation is also straightforward and doesn't require any special treatment.

You can use this mod so long as you inform me and credit me accordingly. However, this mod also contains multiple resources from other authors and you must respect their permissions and obtain their approval for any re-distribution according to their instructions.

Calarand77 for High Hrothgar Overhauled
RonnieMagnum for Akaviri Dungeon Tileset
Artisanix for Artwork
MattSour451 for Low Hrothgar
Sialivi for Blowing In The Wind
Oaristys for Modders Resource Pack
Tlaffoon for Manor House Modders Resource
MikeyNexus for Lanterns and Scripting
LogicDragon for the SKSE DLL
Gizmodian for Gothic Resource Set
PlagueHush for High Hrothgar Textures
Pfuscher for High Hrothgar Textures
Janquel for assistance