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This is a Legendary Edition mod brought to SEE with permission by is creator Whitemorn. I am thankful and grateful for his permission to bring all his mods to SSE and soon to Xbox.

Permissions and credits
The wind howls along the walls of the massive courtyard forever echoing the
legacy of its owner
 the Windmaster , an intimidating wizard who left his physical body to become one with the wind.
Wherever the wind blows in all of Tamriel, he is present, forever influencing the future of its inhabitants. 
One day, whilst adventuring o'er the land, the Dragonborn was suddenly caught up
in a whirlwind that carried the adventurer to the courtyard of the massive
lighthouse, along with the deed to the property which when observed,
had been given to the Dragonborn.
On the back of the deed was a written message that said, "I have not to lay my head, eat my bread, or drink my wine, for I am the wind. You are the one I have chosen to take my place ... the only one worthy." Signet, The Windmaster.

Mod Features:
Full smithing and crafting, a luxurious library, indoor pool with the auto-unequip armor feature, an outdoor dining and cooking deck, beds for nine followers,
including a room for your housecarl.

Also included is a large armory with lots of display racks, cases, and mannequins.
More features are revealed in the video.
There are no followers included with this mod.

Modder's notes:

This is my eleventh player home mod and probably my most beautiful and
useful to date, (in game).  Please note that the weapons and armors shown in the video are not included in this mod, I have placed them on the displays while
playing the game.
No DLC's are required with this mod.

Any mod that uses the same cell location will create a conflict and may crash your game.


Install the file with NexusModManager or manually by placing the .esp file inside of your Skyrim data folder.

Final notes:
Thanks to all who donate and don't forget to endorse if you enjoy this mod.
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