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Small starter player home located in Riverwood

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Valkyrja Outpost Riverwood Player Home by JPitner and Stoaty6666

************************** Version 2.0 Update ****************************

====> Warning <====

With that said and knowing many of you are like me and want to update mods without starting a new game. So here is what I did:

1. Clear everything out of the Outpost - EVERYTHING!
2. Move all followers and children to another home - MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE NEW HOME!
3. Make a save in another cell like Sleeping Giant Inn.
4. Exit the game and uninstall the old Outpost.
5. Go back into your game and play for a while. I did a small quest and slept for 24 hours in another home.
6. Save your game and exit.
7. Install version 2.0 of the Outpost.
8. Go back into your game and move all your stuff and family back in.


Things that have changed and been added:

1. Children and spouse will now go out into Riverwood (changed location data).
2. Displays for Armor and Weapons were added.  More unique item displays were added.
3. Fixed Theive's Guild displays, no more floating everywhere.
4. Six more follower beds were added.
5. An optional patch is available that adds a pool area off the follower's room.  There are two versions, use only one.  One version adds autostrip to all the beds and pool area. The other one does not add autostrip, just the pool area.
6. A little more clutter was added to the children's room and their beds were changed.
7. Added Ring and Amulet displays in player room.


Valkyrja Outpost Riverwood is a small starter home located in the side of the hill on the South side of Riverwood. It is one in a set of homes that we have had in the works for almost a year and a half, of course a break was taken for Fallout 4. 

Some key features include:

•    Home is compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
•    Display activators for a few unique and Daedric items that can be found in game
•    Treasures acquired through Thieves Guild quests are automatically displayed so there is no need to take them from the Thieves Guild headquarters.
•    Total of 28 mannequins
•    An interior workshop
•    Storage chest are linked, drop something off in Light Armor container in Armory and pick it up in the Light Armor container in the Player's Quarters
•    6 children's beds
•    6 Follower beds
•    Beds have autostrip triggers.

Please read through the comments/post of our Valkyrja Castle Whiterun about using older Skyrim mods to move family and followers into the home

Known issue – chest containers do not close after activation.  They will close when you activate them again.  Once I figure out how to fix this or find a static closed chest I will correct this.

Future plans:
•    Make versions of each Valkyrja home that share a common storage system that share all containers between homes (Master file system already built and tested)

My other Skyrim Special Edition Home(s):
Valkyrja Castle Whiterun
Solitude's Redoran Manor

Side note: I use Heartstones and Unenchanted Staves to cheat my way to level up and since I play the same homes I upload I have left them in the container at the crafting station.  Use them or not, it is up to you.


First – If I missed any author in my credit list please notify me so I can correct the list or if you wish, remove your asset from my mod.

SkyrimLazz - Textures and help getting started in modding and his continual help when I get stuck.
Asatru Background 2 - painsplayground
DarkFox127 - Amazing tutorials, textures, and meshes
Blary - OpenBook and BookSet Resources 
RefurbMadness - Cherry and Mahogany Alchemy Tables and Cherry and Mahogany Enchanting Dragon Table
Garnet/flintone - Wicker Furniture textures and meshes
Tamira/Stroti - Some great meshes and textures, just search for Stroti or Tamira.
Tueffel - Modular Crafting Table resource
MrDanSG1 - Modder Display Compendium - Custom Displays for the Collectible Items found in Skyrim
Berticus0001 - Great meshes and textures and some awesome tutorials.
Insanity - Carpet mesh, wall charts, towels, and who knows what else (this person provides so many resources)
Oaristys and Tony67 - Modder's Resource Pack
Runspect - Meshes and textures from Resources for modders
icecreamassassin - Meshes and textures from Project Havok(TrueStatic display model resource)


You can use any of the wood and stone textures here, a lot of them are just reworked Bethesda textures any way used in different areas. The Asatru textures, the shield textures, cloth textures, etc and meshes though belong to the authors in my credit list and you will need to check with them for permission. Probably best to ask me first to make sure.