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A lore-friendly overhaul of Vlindrel Hall in Markarth

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Important Notes (at least read this!)
- When buying the house from the steward, only purchase the children's room decorations (only if you want to move kids in, obviously) - DO NOT purchase any other interior decorations, it will just waste your money!

- Purchasing the children's room will replace the bathroom...pick one or the other.

- Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

- Crafting: cookpot, forge, smelting pot, tanning rack, grindstone, armor workbench, alchemy lab and enchanter

- A bathroom with a tub for bathing mods (if you don't have a kid's room)

- Space for two kids

- Room for two followers

I didn't touch anything outside of the house, so it will be compatible with any Markarth overhaul mods.  It should be compatible with Open Cities.

Load this mod before Open Cities and after any lighting overhauls you are using.

     jet4571 (for the building kit)
     CD Projekt
     TESA Skyrim Resource Kit